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1 Overview

2 AGENDA iProcedo Consulting Service LLP Introduction to

3 iProcedo: Get Inside The Mind Of Our whiz kid Consulting Solution.
About Us Our Offerings: (One Stop Shop) Our Solutions iProcedo was founded in by a team of HR , Marketing and Technical Professionals from leading Global Companies We have a global force of more than 150 professionals who are directly or indirectly working for us Consulting Solution division of iProcedo provides end to end solution to diversified company or institutions. Expertise across a wide array of industries and segments. Our expertise are: Innovative IT Consulting Winning Edge Facility Management Solution Brilliant HR Consulting Services Our Solutions are: Scalable and Robust Modular and Integrated IT Efficient And Cost Effective WHY CHOSE US ? Experience the energy, flexibility and 'can-do' attitude of a boutique-style agency, coupled with the, processes and expertise of a global group which delight our customers, always. iProcedo has built a solid knowledge base in various business domains. Our skills in high-end technologies help our clients to find a solution for their business needs exceeding their expectations, with a lengthier on-the-shelf life of the products and very low effort of support requirements. OUR MISSION- Our mission is to level the playing field for small, mid-market and Big companies/ Educational Institution by providing access to the highest quality Consulting Service at the most affordable deal in the marketplace with Capability to deliver on stringent timeline, with exceptional quality while maintaining flexibility. OUR VISION - Our vision is to be "Lend a hand to keep you proceeding in your business”. We help you to keep proceeding into your business with our expert Consulting.

4 SMS sent to parents when the child Enter s and Exits the School Campus
THE BASIC PROPOSITION OR SCHOOL COMPONENT One stop shop for Schools/Collages to creates Automatic seamless attendance monitoring system. SMS sent to parent when the child boards and exits the bus SMS sent to parents when the child Enter s and Exits the School Campus COMPONENTS RFID based ID Card – Worn by all Students around the neck for identification RFID Reader – with pole mounted Antennas for detecting the ID-Card of the students iProcedo E-School Software iProcedo E-School Software for Automatic generation various report for school administration

5 Feature s And Working Protocol
RFID BRIEF PROPOSITION TO DEPLOYMENT COMPONENT OR THE NEED RFID BRIEF – THE NEED – More efficient student attendance-automates the student and staff attendance hence; reducing irregularities in the attendance process arising due to human error. Saves important administrative, educational resources and Time. Better Parent/Guardian information system – parent/guardians are better informed about their wards whereabouts with automatic SMS facilities. This Attendance management System is a biometrics and Proximity Card based comprehensive attendance management system for schools and colleges. This provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management system for both, students and staff. This system has built on cutting edge modern technology and designed to help schools and Parents/Guardians to deal with problems of truancy/absenteeism. This attendance software has an inbuilt facility of sending automatic SMS alerts to the Parents/Guardians of the students. Feature s And Working Protocol FEATURES SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE SETUP TIME OR INSTALATION Web Based Interface can be monitor from anywhere from world. Daily absentee Report / Real Time Monitoring Less administration work Customize Report Active/Passive White Card “ n” Nos. [Printing , Lace not included] Go Through Active Reader . Daily Attendance SMS Contain . RFID I Card System [Depends upon School as per they provide the Data] Testing Time [7 days after installation]

6 DEPLOYMENT SENARIO GPS Bus Tracking unit School Applications
Read Range 10 meters RFID reader to identify student entering the bus Remote SMS Gateway Inside The Campus Inside The Bus School Applications GPS Used for school bus Tracking For timely arrival/ dep breakdown RFID used for tracking library Books RFID used for enforcing security/ no-go zone in School RFID used for student tracking /monitoring

7 iProcedo E-School Software Application Features And School Feature or Benefits
iProcedo E-School Software Features School Features Accurate Student Attendance Automatic Attendance Collection Daily Absentee Report Automatic SMS alert to Parent/Guardian of absent student Daily attendance Register Monthly attendance Register Login/Logout Alerts to Parent/Guardian Meeting alerts to parents/guardians Event alerts to students Login/Logout through RFID Card Reader Bulletin Alerts Lecture & Test scheduling Test result entry Test result reports Visitor entry Reports in Excel and PDF format RFID + GPS combination ensures seamless end to end student tracking from the school bus to the campus and back home- delivers instant alerts without any human intervention. Within 30 minutes of the school commencement - SMS sent out to parents about the safe arrival of their wards within the campus Automatic, error free attendance gets generated using iProcedo School Software for Instant reference of the teacher/ periodic MIS No Manual intervention of the student or the teachers - seamless, automatic operation School Benefits Over all this system will increase security, accuracy , and efficiency of daily operations in the schools. School benefits by adopting this seamless, efficient attendance and overall student monitoring system- saves on huge amount of human effort- this system is a primary attendance reference for students and staff members School benefits from the real time nature of the system- all actions can be instantly taken without any time lag- faster detection, better addressable of any administrative problem on a day to day basis.

Engagement Model for Schools Commercial Model- Scalable Lifecycle We propose to provide all solution components to the school as a service provider model, licensing model. We will provide the following services :- Supply and installation of the product and commission it for GO-LIVE Supply the printed ID cards to the school with student data printed Connect the RFID readers via a LAN to the school host computer Install the SCHOOL software and provide all reports needed Send SMS to parents on student arrival/departure Provide s to school management on bus movement reports/violations etc Provide a technical person onsite who will visit 3-4 times a week for any field assistance required post the initial setup period, the schools will be billed on a PER STUDENT/PER MONTH BASIS for the solution In the Initial PACKAGE, we offer the GPS RFID and the RFID attendance as the first phase deployment for X cost per student /month In the next phase , we can build campus access security module , creating go/no go zones for children, various other access control processes for an incremental cost In the subsequent phase, we can tag the library books for its tracking and monitoring using RFID Every year we can design a new service which will enhance value to the school and deliver more features to the management. The price to the school increases only by a small incremental percentage on a per student per month basis Schools can charge a corresponding fee from the students for covering the costs incurred on this system 8

9 Alliance With us iProcedo Consulting Service LLP New-Delhi – 110092
“The Fist ever System that builds public image and the brand for your School” Why this ? Tools & Technology we Use GPS Satellite Technology Wi-Fi I-Activity Systems Easy Economical Smart Reliable Zero Carbon Go-Green Alliance With us iProcedo Consulting Service LLP New-Delhi – Contact No , +91 – URL - T

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