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The Right Dog For The Job

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1 The Right Dog For The Job

2 What genre is “The Right Dog for the Job?”
“The Right Dog for the Job” is narrative nonfiction. It tells about people, things, or events that are real. It is factual information that tells a story.

3 How are Ira and his brother and sister different from other puppies?
Ira and his siblings were born for a special purpose. By the time they are two years old, they will have jobs as service dogs.

4 How old are the puppies when they meet their puppy raisers?
The puppies are eight weeks old when they meet their puppy raisers.

5 What is the first task Ira learns?
Ira learns how to retrieve dropped keys.

6 Why do you think it’s important to paint the wheel chair access symbol on the plastic lid?
Dogs cannot read, but they can recognize symbols. Service dogs will need to push these buttons for their human companions, so it is important that they learn the symbol.

7 Why do the dogs spend the day riding a bus?
The dogs must learn how to get on and off the bus. They must also learn how to stay calm while on the bus.

8 How do the students in Sandy’s classroom help train Ira?
They must leave Ira alone so that he does not get distracted from his job. They also help him learn to reliably come when called by giving him treats when he comes and puts his head on their laps when he is called.

9 Where did Ira go when his facility was not ready
Where did Ira go when his facility was not ready? What change happened there? Ira went to Guide Dogs for the Blind when his facility was not ready. They changed the spelling of his name to Irah because they already had a dog named Ira; and each dog there has to have a different name.

10 What is intelligent disobedience?
Intelligent disobedience is the dog knowing when not to obey a command for the safety of the dog’s human companion. For example, not crossing a street when a car is coming.

11 Who does Irah get assigned to? What does this person do for a living?
Irah gets assigned to Don Simmonson. Don is a piano tuner. Irah learns to lead him to the piano when they enter a room, and Irah waits patiently while Don does his work.

12 What special trip to Irah and Don make?
Don takes Irah to Sandy’s students’ graduation ceremony.

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