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Sycamore Spartan Lady Track Philosophy, Expectations, Guidelines.

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1 Sycamore Spartan Lady Track Philosophy, Expectations, Guidelines

2 Team Philosophy Track & Field is unique sport that utilizes the team concept through individualized performance. Team Philosophy will attempt to emphasize BOTH teamwork and individual performance. Commitment, Cooperation, Accountability, Reflection, Goals, Trust Every athlete and her performance indicative of teams success.

3 Eligibility IHSA guidelines/ SHS student athlete eligibility:IHSA –passing 4 classes to practice/ compete Maintain good grades, good study habits School and Studies should be managed: –make-ups before school or study hall when possible. –Make every attempt not to schedule during practices (Team depends on everyone present)

4 Sportsmanship Athletes, Parents, and Coaches will conduct themselves in appropriate and respectful manners: Represent the school and the community. No athlete shall attend function where alcohol or illegal drugs are present. Excluding family functions (weddings, etc) Consequences may result in removal of team

5 Sportsmanship Athletes will refrain from acts of hazing, bullying, etc. We are a team: Pick each other up, help each other out. Remove yourself from potentially damaging or dangerous situations, environments. You and your actions are labeled by who you associate with

6 Practices--Meets Be on time, Leave on time (330-530) Excused Practices: must have parental notification (signature) Or leave message: –Phone message (815)899-8299 –Email: Practices & infield during Meets: –Closed to non- athletes, parents, out of season coaches: creates confusion, conflict. –Help ensure continuity in program, success of athletes –Excludes anyone asked to assist in running an event.

7 Winter Practices Expect to run in COLD. Dress appropriately, cover mouth = warm air before it enters lungs Continuous running 20 min.+ = warm body temp., regardless outside temp. Canceled Outdoor Running –heavy winds –Obstructed/slippe ry pathways –EXTREME cold (wind chills, etc) –Thunder, lightning –Any condition that poses a risk/threat to athletes

8 Injuries It is imperative that all injuries be reported to Coaching Staff and Trainers ASAP. If removed from practice by doctor, admitted to participate only w/ same doctors agreement. (in writing) Please report any Pre-Existing conditions that may limit, hinder, or otherwise affect your ability to participate.

9 Transportation All athletes are expected to ride to/from meets on school bus. Quality and valuable experiences and friendships are cemented in the team trips to/from meet. Please keep non school transportation to a minimal ADs office must be notified 24 hrs advance to excuse athlete from bus ride.

10 Facilities/Responsibility A squad room w/ lockers will be provided Must supply own Lock SHS NOT responsible for lost/stolen items from squad room Squad room will be opened prior to school & practice. Will be LOCKED during school and practice.

11 Participation Girls Track unique to other SHS sports 2 Levels (V and JV) –Freshmen could run V –Seniors could run JV –Limit 4 entries per meet, may move b/w levels Coachs criteria for who participates where: –Health –Ability –Attitude –Team Needs –Attendance –Others

12 Lettering/Awards Point System: athlete determines what she will get out of season Objective (all numbers) 100 points=Varsity letter Totals posted throughout season Points Earned: Practices/Meets Place finishes School Records Goal Recording Team Captain Fund Raiser

13 Other Awards Everyone deserves recognition/awards Certain circumstances (friendships, hardships, obstacles, etc) may inspire coach/team for unique recognition. Often used to reflect on enjoyable moment or experience of the season

14 Communication Talk to your daughter 1 st ! How does your daughter see her role in the team, how does this role compare with your perception. Are they the same? www.Ladyspartantrack. comwww.Ladyspartantrack. com Twitter: @lady_track Contact Head Coach 815899-8299 or email Please refrain from communicating concerns prior to or end of practice or meet. ADs office after all other avenues

15 Roles Referee/Starter: enforces IHSA codes, rules of the sport Coaches: motivates, prepares athletes for competition. Budgets and purchases equipment Student-Athlete: performs to her best ability, displaying teamwork and sportsmanship. Gracious in victory or defeat Parents: support your daughters and the program in positive manner.

16 Recent Rule Changes from IHSA Please note that athletes viewing taped performances during a meet has always been a violation. IHSA has added to that the use of digital cameras (stills) An athlete may NOT view her performance while the even is open for that day. She may view once the event is closed for that day. Parents and Coaches may view at any time No watches are to be worn during any performance or race. No electronic devices in shoes may be worn or any electronic communication b/w athlete and other

17 Lets Lead the PAC! Parents, Athletes and Coaches Working together = Success of program, of community, and of the development of young women. Thank you for your support of SHS Girls Track and Field See you at the Meets

18 Track Beyond High School Key points to consider if you desire to compete after high school –During/After Junior Year: register with NCAA Clearinghouse ( ncaa/NCAA/common/index.html) ncaa/NCAA/common/index.html –Review eligibility rules –Take ACT and send scores to clearinghouse code 9999 –See your Guidance Counselor

19 What School is Best for Me? Division I, II, III Division I member institutions have to sponsor at least seven sports for men and seven for women (or six for men and eight for women) with two team sports for each gender. Div. I schools must play 100% of the minimum number of contests against Div. I opponents -- anything over the minimum number of games has to be 50% Div. I. Div. I schools must meet minimum financial aid awards for their athletics program, and there are maximum financial aid awards for each sport that a Div. I school cannot exceed

20 Examples of D-I schools Big Ten Conference:U of I, U of W, Iowa, etc. ACC Conference:UNC, NC State, Duke, Virginia SEC Conference:FSU, Florida, Georgia PAC 10 Conference:UCLA, USC, Oregon Independent:Notre Dame

21 Division II Division II institutions have to sponsor at least four sports for men and four for women, with two team sports for each gender, and each playing season represented by each gender. For sports other than football and basketball there are no scheduling requirements.. There are maximum financial aid awards for each sport that a Div. II school must not exceed. Division II teams usually feature a number of local or in-state student-athletes. Many Division II student-athletes pay for school through a combination of scholarship money, grants, student loans and employment earnings. Division II athletics programs are financed in the institution's budget like other academic departments on campus. Traditional rivalries with regional institutions dominate schedules of many Division II athletics programs.

22 Examples of Div II Schools Lewis University (Romeoville, IL) Kentucky State University Minnesota State University (Moorehead) University Southern Indiana (Evansville) University of Wisconsin, Parkside Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville)

23 Division III Schools Division III institutions have to sponsor at least five sports for men and five for women, with two team sports for each gender, and each playing season represented by each gender. There are minimum contest and participant minimums for each sport. Division III athletics features student-athletes who receive no financial aid related to their athletic ability and athletic departments are staffed and funded like any other department in the university. Division III athletics departments place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on the spectators. The student-athlete's experience is of paramount concern. Division III athletics encourages participation by maximizing the number and variety of athletics opportunities available to students, placing primary emphasis on regional in- season and conference competition

24 Examples of Div. III Schools Anderson University, Indiana Augustana College, Rock Island, IL Aurora University, Aurora,IL Beloit College, Beloit, Wis Benedictine College, Lisle, IL University Chicago, Chicago,IL Concordia University, River Forest, IL Illinois Wesleyan College, Bloomington,IL

25 Power Point Presentation on Clearinghouse, Rules, etc Visit slide show @ oint/i-e_presentation.ppt

26 Thank You Please feel free to contact me or meet with me for any further questions.

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