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Community Support Services Elmira K Warren, Director 218 SE 24 th St. Gainesville, FL 32641 (352) 264-6704

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1 Community Support Services Elmira K Warren, Director 218 SE 24 th St. Gainesville, FL 32641 (352) 264-6704 Cooperative Extension CHOICES Crisis Center Social Services Veteran Services Victim Services Community Partnerships Partners For a Productive Community Poverty Reduction

2 Community Support Services Mission Statement To provide comprehensive health and human services and establish partnerships to positively impact the well-being of individuals, families and communities.

3 Community Support Services is Comprised Of The Following Divisions CHOICES Cooperative Extension Crisis Center Community Partnerships PPC – Partners For a Productive Community Poverty Reduction Social Services Veteran Services Victim Services

4 CHOICES Health Service Plan Senior Dental Health Education & Wellness Program Equal Access Clinic Helping Hands Clinic Community Mobile Health Clinic Flumist Program Meridian Mental Health Disease Management

5 Cooperative Extension Livestock Programs: Animal Nutrition, Animal Reproduction, Forage Production, Fertilization, Marketing 4H Programs: Leadership, Camping, Clubs, Volunteer Recruitment & Development, School Enrichment, Curriculum Development Community Horticulture Programs: Crop Production, Best Management Practices, Square Foot Gardening, Growing Mushrooms, Fruit Trees Family Consumerism: Nutrition, Food Safety, Housing, Financial Mgmt, Before You Tie the Knot, Home & Community. Environmental Horticulture: Marketing, Organic gardening, Fertilization & Irrigation, Master Gardener Program

6 Crisis Center 24/7 Emergency Response Crisis Line Crisis Counseling Care Team Rumor Control 311 Information Community Trauma Response Community Education Survivors of Suicide Support Services AIDS/HIV Support Services Regional Suicide Information Line

7 Community Partnerships Community Agency Partnership Program (CAPP) County funded non-profit agencies Foster Grandparent Program Volunteer services for seniors 60 + years old

8 2011/12 Community Agency Partnership Programs(CAPP) Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs Medical & Dental Clinic Alachua County Coalition for The Homeless & Hungry HOME & HOME Pantry Programs ARC of Alachua County Developmentally Disabled Elderly Day Program" Big Brothers Big Sisters Mid-Florida Bigs in Schools & Sites Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County Education & Career Development Bread of the Mighty Food Bank HOPE Preserved for Alachua Catholic Charities Weekend Hunger School Backpack & Arbor House Programs Child Advocacy Center Reducing Trauma to Abused Children Childrens Home Society Family Partners and Court-Monitored Visitation Programs Easter Seals Altrusa House for Adults with Severe Cognitive/Memory Impairment Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County School Readiness for Children of Employed Poor Elder Care of Alachua County Meals-on-Wheels & Alzheimers Day Center Programs Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Medical Care for the Indigent & Underserved with Epilepsy Florida Organic Growers (FOG) GIFT Gardens & Farmers Market EBT Project Friends of the Micanopy Library Micanopy Collaborators for Educational Excellence Homework Assistance & Tutoring Gainesville Harvest Surplus Food Rescue & Redistribution Girls Place After-School Academic Mentoring Interfaith Hospitality Network Shelter for Homeless Families Peaceful Paths Gallenkamp Accredited Emergency Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence Planned Parenthood of North Florida Teen Clinic for At-Risk Teens Rebuilding Together North Central Florida Emergency Housing Rehabilitation & Home Weatherization Reichert House Tutorial Assistance & Career Development St. Francis House Food, Housing & Case Management Three Rivers Legal Services Housing Advocacy & SSI/SSDI for Homeless Programs

9 Partners for Productive Communities (PPC) South West Advocacy Group (SWAG) Preservation and Enhancement District Community Revitalization - Beautification Prevention and Intervention Programs Alachua County Community –Wide Food Drive Partnerships Educational and Recreational opportunities for adults and youth in underserved communities Girl Scouting HUD Grant – S.E. 35 th Street and Chestnut Park

10 Poverty Reduction Respite Care for Homeless Emergency Sheltering for Homeless Annual Homeless Breakfast Homeless Veteran Stand-Down SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Assist w/homelessness, hunger, food and community development programs

11 Social Services Rent, Mortgage & Utility Assistance Transportation Assistance (Bus Passes) Primary Care Prescription Assistance Animal Services Fee Waiver Solid Waste Assessment Waiver Indigent Burials & Cremation Urgent Special Needs Self-Sufficiency Employment Training Initiative Vision Exams & Eyeglasses Information & Referral

12 Veteran Services Adaptive Equipment Aid & Attendance Appeals Automobile Grants Burial Benefits Children's Benefits Clothing Allowance Death Pension Dependent's Benefits Disability Compensation Domiciliary Care Drugs & Medicines DV Plates Education Benefits Employment Homestead Tax Exemptions Hospital Care Housebound Benefits Housing Loans Insurance Medical Care Military Discharge Review Mortgage Protection Insurance Nursing Home Care Pension Benefits Prosthetics Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Devices Specially Adapted Housing State Bonuses Travel Allowances Tutorial Assistance Unauthorized Medical Expenses Vocational Rehabilitation Wheelchair Plates Widows Benefits

13 Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center 24/7 Emergency Crisis Intervention Outreach 24/7 Emergency Hotline Face-to-Face Counseling & Therapy Sexual Assault and Homicide Survivor Support Groups Criminal Justice Support & Accompaniment Assistance With Crime Victim Compensation Emergency Legal Advocacy Personal Advocacy Awareness, Education & Risk Reduction Activities Confidential HIV/AIDS Testing Assistance With Urgent Special Needs Transportation Child Protective Team (CPT)

14 Community Support Services 2012 Adopted Budget $18,822,800

15 Total Budget for Department $18,822,800.00 CHOICES- $8,476,227.00 MSTU- $190,100.00 Grants, Donations, Special Revenue- $1,094,787.00 Mandated Services Medicaid - Medical Examiner - Indigent Burials - (HCRA) - (CPT) - $2,509,120.00 Sub total$6,552,566.00 CAPP- $1,167,315.00 Health Department- $909,875.00 Meridian- $695,556.00 Remaining Balance $3,779,820.00 66 Total Staff in 10 Divisions 23Funded in part or fully thru Grants, Surtax, State 43Funded through General Fund Breakdown of Community Support Services Budget

16 Grants, Donations, Special Revenue Child Care - $12,000.00 Child Care - $12,000.00 Choose Life - $60,000.00 Choose Life - $60,000.00 Sugarfoot P&E District – $43,000.00 Sugarfoot P&E District – $43,000.00 PPC Donation Fund - $500.00 PPC Donation Fund - $500.00 Crisis Center Donation Fund - $4,000.00 Crisis Center Donation Fund - $4,000.00 FGP Grant - $498,793.00 FGP Grant - $498,793.00 RSVP Grant – $199,063.00 RSVP Grant – $199,063.00 Victim Services Grant – $273,931.00 Victim Services Grant – $273,931.00 Victim Services Donation Fund - $ 3,500.00 Victim Services Donation Fund - $ 3,500.00 Total Grants, Donations, Special Revenue$1,094,787.00 Total Grants, Donations, Special Revenue$1,094,787.00

17 State Mandated Costs Medicaid - $1,547,250 Medicaid - $1,547,250 Medical Examiner - $727,600 Medical Examiner - $727,600 Indigent Burials - $94,270 Indigent Burials - $94,270 Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA) - $20,000 Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA) - $20,000 Child Protective Team (CPT) - $120,000 Child Protective Team (CPT) - $120,000

18 Volunteer Hours FY10/11 DivisionHours Cooperative Extension 18,034 Crisis Center 41,800 Partners For Productive Communities 700 Poverty Reduction 1,500 Community Partnership Programs175,367 Social Services 595 Veteran Services 1,050 Victim Services 7,314 Total Number of Volunteered Hours246,360 Value of Volunteer Hours at $21.36 per hour ( $5,262,250

19 Disaster Response ESF-6 - Lead Agency for the Countys Emergency Operations Plan re: Shelters ESF 14 - Rumor Control ESF 15 – Volunteer & Donations ESF17 – Ag & Livestock

20 Policy Issues Child Protection Team (CPT) Child Protection Team (CPT) CHOICES ending 12/2013 CHOICES ending 12/2013 Health Department Health Department Indigent Burials & Cremation Indigent Burials & Cremation Medicaid Medicaid Medical Examiner Medical Examiner Meridian Meridian Pharmacy Program Pharmacy Program Poverty Reduction Program Poverty Reduction Program

21 Department Budget WorkshopFriday, April 13, 2012 Division Directors meet with staff and Prepare budgetMonday, April 16 th & Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Presentation of Core services and Division BudgetWednesday, April 25, 2012 Department Director Deliberates on BudgetThursday, April 26- May 1 st Final Budget Meetings with Administrative Team, Division Directors and Program Managers Wednesday, May 2, 2012 CSG Meeting with DCSS Management Team and Court Services Management Team Thursday, May 3, 2012 Administrative Team Completing Budget Input Into Gov- Max Friday, May 4 Monday, May 14, 2012 Submission of Budget to OMBTuesday, May 15, 2012 Presentation of Tentative BudgetTuesday, July 10, 2012 Set Tentative millage rate for TRIM requirementsTuesday, July 17, 2012 TRIM public hearingsTuesday, September 11th & 17th, 2012 Budget Meeting Schedule for FY 2012

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