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2 In 2008, we had unprecedented voter participation Voter Participation

3 The 2008 elections fostered a sense of hope that we could make major changes in America. A cleaner environment, job security, access to quality education, ability to own a home Hope for a Better America

4 Changes have been blocked by: Corporate lobbyists Conservative politicians Right-wing media Wall St. Banksters Tea Party vitriol Forces of Opposition

5 Widespread frustration, anger and dissatisfaction with the status quo Pervasiveness of the pain across the country creates conditions for change The anger and discontent can be channeled to and captured by the right or the left Seeing aggressive, energized and divisive and right-wing populist motion We need a vibrant, viable, progressive populist vehicle Forces of Opposition

6 Meaningful, stable jobs to provide our Families A home we can call our own The opportunity for our children to obtain a quality education regardless of economic Circumstances The chance to become an American citizen and contribute to improving America Make the American Dream Accessible to All

7 Equality is the basic foundation for any democratic society. The right to vote is the primary function in a society giving equal voice among its constituents. In 1920, the 19th amendment was added to the constitution giving women the right to vote. The movement for the right to vote, however, was started over 70 years prior in Seneca, New York. This movement is currently known as the Women's Suffrage movement. The Right to Vote: The Womens Suffrage Movement

8 In a sit-down strike, workers took possession of a premise and then refused to leave until demands were met. In March 1937, General Motors and Republican Steel contested the new sit-down's legality, calling for the Michigan courts to rescue their properties by ordering injunctions against sit-down protesters. Those actions caused a further rise in tension between the workers and factory owners, until Governor Frank Murphy's intervention successfully prevented widespread violence in the automobile industries. Michiganinjunctions Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act (1938), with the objective of the elimination of labor conditions detrimental to the maintenance of the minimum standards of living necessary for health, efficiency, and well being of workers.Fair Labor Standards Act Fair Labor Standards Act: The Labor Movement

9 February 1st, 1960, Greensboro NC. Four students from North Carolina A&T sit down at a "whites-only" Woolworth's lunch counter and ask to be served they were denied. The action by 4 students David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair, and Joseph McNeil kicked off a wave of student sit-ins and protests that flash like fire across the South. A fire for justice that no amount of beatings, jails, or fire hoses, can extinguish. Within days sit-ins are occurring in dozens of Southern towns, and in the North supporting picket-lines were organized at Woolworth and Kress stores from New York to San Francisco. The Student Non- Violent Coordinating Committee was formed in 1960 and help lead the sit in movementGreensboro NC Separate but Equal: Civil Rights Movement

10 Civil rights and labor groups are coming back together, using new tools, and providing a platform for people of conscience everywhere. Old Friends, New Tools


12 ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER is a multi-racial, civil and human rights movement. Our mission is to reorder our nations priorities to invest in our most valuable resource – our people -- because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream – a secure job, a safe home, and a quality education. We believes in an economy that works for all. We believe in good jobs, fair jobs, safe jobs, and more jobs. We believe in repairing our immigration system and reforming Wall Street. We want everyone in America to have the opportunity to contribute and strengthen our country. During this economic downturn, banksters and corporate lobbyists have made off with trillions of public dollars while small businesses cant get loans and cities are laying off teachers, police, and firefighters.

13 Goals of the ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER MOVEMENT ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER MOVEMENT To build the turnout for the march on October 2, 2010 To build strong local coalition To build activity leading up to October 2, 2010 (press, events, fundraising, volunteers) To build civic engagement activity To sustain work for after October 2, 2010 To build the movement for justice, democracy, and an America that works for us all

14 10.2.10 MARCH ON WASHINGTON National Day of Action We are going to March on Washington on October 2, 2010 (10.2.10). Whether we come by car, bus, plane or train, we will mobilize tens of thousands of people to march in solidarity at the Nations Capitol in order to protect our jobs, our education and our economy. We will recruit folks from every community, every race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, issue organization and politic affiliations to March on Washington for OUR agenda. Speakers, cultural performances, celebrities at the steps of Lincoln Memorial Inspire and invigorate our base and allies Send a message about the size and strength of our movement


16 We will march because we are frustrated and unsatisfied with the status quo. We have a chance to galvanize a movement for the majority of people for justice in America. We can build a movement that both looks like America and resonates with all segments of the American family. We can build an authentically diverse coalition of our Black, Brown, Red, and White Brothers and Sisters that is rooted in our countrys democratic and progressive traditions. We will reclaim American themes and traditions - a more perfect union, common good and justice for all. We are building a Movement

17 12 Hour Radius

18 Building the Coalition It is essential to the success of ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER that we build strong community based coalitions with like-minded organizations to create long lasting power within our communities.

19 ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER CAMPAIGN Field Plan-turnout Pledge Cards within 2 days of receipt Members of all coalition Organizations Phone Banking Pledge cards within 3 days of receipt Members of all coalition organization Low and Middle Income and High Unemployment Communities Canvassing Plan Community Events to EXCITE people about 10.2.10 Table at member organization Events Have small scale events at flea markets, grocery stores & other venues Events Table at grocery stores, unemployment offices & other places people congregate Build relationships with churches and schools Community Outreach


21 Gathering Pledge Cards and data basing them will be essential to this campaign In order to build a database of your community for recruitment to the ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER CAMPAIGN, your operation should use the pledge cards If you set a pledge card goal for everyday you can use them to phonebank, canvass and remind people of 10.2.10 We will provide reporting and tracking forms on GOOGLE documents for your coalition volunteers to update daily. Pledge Cards

22 Transportation Options Bus/Van TrainAirplane Public Transport Personal Vehicle Transportation Option

23 Transportation 1199SEIU, UFT & TWU are creating a comprehensive transportation plan which will be sent out to all partners in the coming weeks. Number of People Number of Buses Departure & Arrival Locations Food Cost

24 Print –Sign Up Cards –Stickers –Fliers –Posters –News Paper Ads –Billboards Paraphernalia –T-Shirts –Flags –Wrist Bands –Fans Marketing & Communications

25 Social Media Organizing –Face Book & Twitter Content Syndication Community Engineering –Personal Email Targeted Messaging –Mobile Text Message Communication Application

26 Use a online and social media strategy Facebook Twitter Update information on organizational website You can visit for up to date information You can also visit for field If you have questions email Website and Web Resource

27 HOW YOU CAN HELP? STAFF, MONEY AND BUSES Endorse the campaign and lend your branch, affiliate, or member organization name and other organizations you are affiliated with Spread the word at conferences and community events by distributing materials Get to work on turnout Now! Reserve Buses Plan Canvasses Coordinate Train Rides By August 16 th, Pull together local coalition of progressives for One Nation Working Together Mobilization The week of August 29 rd, the local steering committee should a hold local media launch for the ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER MOBILIZATION

28 STAFF: Organizing/Mobilizing and Communications Dedicate one or more FTEs (also interns/vols) Quantify time commitment of other staff Help build our state, local and constituency structure MONEY: Sliding scale, Special Appeals to donors BUSES: Organizing people to fill buses a top priority Political education on way there, finalizing GOTV plans on way back HOW YOU CAN HELP? STAFF, MONEY AND BUSES

29 1.Fundraise 2. Building Coalitions within the interfaith community, youth, students, business community, civil rights and labor 3.Fill buses and be ready for Bus Captain packets on August 23, 2010 4.Building for our turnout goals for the ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER movement and The Turn out focus communities 5.Materials and tools will be available to help you organize such as : T- shirts, Posters, Toolkits, Fans, Flyers, Bumper Stickers 6. Updates and coordination local work with the Regional Field Directors TO DO LIST



32 ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER CAMPAIGN Plan of Action Strengthen the unity and coordination of our groups so we can serve as a vehicle and platform for broad progressive populist activity Engage in multi-month organizing, mobilization and communication to attract allies and impact public opinion Make major show of force of our numbers, vision and energy GOTV for November elections Multi-dimensional, multi-media communications plan to complement all of the above activities Phases / 2010 Plan: Organizing, Mobilizing, GOTV

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