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Sales Force Development How does it work Peterson Company & OMG.

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1 Sales Force Development How does it work Peterson Company & OMG

2 The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell. According to Jay Abraham Copyright Peterson Company 2010

3 25 years of experience 22.000 sales people assisted 18.000 (sales) managers assisted Multi industry International active (NL-BE-DE-FR-UK-RU) Sales & management focussed Sales leadership involved Reliable and experienced Peterson Company Copyright Peterson Company 2010

4 Established 1989 > 500.000 sales personnel evaluated > 12.000 sales forces evaluated > 8.500 companies use their assessments Multi industry International active Uniquely Sales Focussed Reliable and valid Accuracy 97% Objective Management Group Copyright Peterson Company 2010

5 QualitiesBenefits ExpertiseQuick delivery of hands on results ProvenPositive revenue growth Focus and accuracy Reliable & validEliminates guess work Saves time and money Reduces waste Forecasts resultsR.O.I. Triple plus!! 888 Sales strategies delivered Team Peterson & OMGAnalysis Ü Solutions Ü Action = Quick results Why engage us? Copyright Peterson Company 2010

6 First some questions... How will we achieve this? Copyright Peterson Company 2010

7 Do you know exactly the value of your sales pipeline at any given time? Pipeline Copyright Peterson Company 2010

8 Do you know exactly who is trainable and who isnt Do you know who is coachable and who isnt Do you know who can be developed who cannot be? Training and development Copyright Peterson Company 2010

9 How exactly do you know the potential of your sales people and their team? Potential Copyright Peterson Company 2010

10 Do you have the right sales people on the bus? Are they in the right seats? The right people, the right place Copyright Peterson Company 2010

11 Figures suggest that 40% of sales people cant sell! Figures suggest few sales teams have hunters and closers on board! About selling and hunting Copyright Peterson Company 2010

12 Buyers report the following: 26% dont follow my companys buying process 17% dont follow-up 15% pushy, aggressive and disrespectful 25% dont listen to my needs 30% dont explain solutions 22% neither create nor demonstrate value Sales challenges Copyright Peterson Company 2010

13 Exactly how do you know they are selling? Do these issues come as a surprise to you? What questions are you seriously asking about your sales force? About your sales force… Copyright Peterson Company 2010

14 21 competencies measured Who will actually sell? Who is trainable What price level your sales people will not sell beyond Who sells in the manner they buy? How effective is the sales pipeline? Effectiveness of processes and systems A forecast of business that can be gained in & % Sales managers priorities targeted Identify sales organisations issues Identify specific training needs – no more guessing Accurate, reliable and valid Value of sales force evaluation Copyright Peterson Company 2010

15 Client ideal sales profile Client sales strategies Client systems and processes Pipeline analysis Sales persons self assessment Sales managers self assessment Impact Analysis Report How the Sales Evaluation works Copyright Peterson Company 2010

16 Desire Commitment Responsibility Outlook Need for approval Talking money Coping with rejection Major Sales Competencies Copyright Peterson Company 2010

17 Executive Summary Impact Analysis Report (Detailed) Guidance On Interpretation Next Action Steps Key evaluation outputs Copyright Peterson Company 2010

18 Sales development Sales management tools Sales optimization Growth initiative Sales re-organisation Recruitment Cultural change Good to great challenge Execution organisational re-direction Sales Applications Copyright Peterson Company 2010

19 Ask us and we will tell you. Or 0031 (0) 206673405 Who uses the system? Copyright Peterson Company 2010

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