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Cruising Western Australia FACET Cruise Forum. World Cruising In 2008 world cruising markets increased USA 5% UK 12% Australia 26% In 2009 despite the.

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1 Cruising Western Australia FACET Cruise Forum

2 World Cruising In 2008 world cruising markets increased USA 5% UK 12% Australia 26% In 2009 despite the GFC Australia recorded an 11% increase according to International cruise council figures

3 2011 2011 Oceania Marina - 1258 Oceania Marina - 1258 Costa Favlosa - 3000 Costa Favlosa - 3000 Carnival Magic - 4631 Carnival Magic - 4631 Celebrity Silhouette 2850 Celebrity Silhouette 2850 Aida Sol – 2050 Aida Sol – 2050 Seabourn Quest – 450 Seabourn Quest – 450 New ships on order 2013 New ships on order 2013 Princess cruises Princess cruises 2012 2012 Oceania Riviera - 1258 Oceania Riviera - 1258 Costa Fascinosa - 3000 Costa Fascinosa - 3000 Carnival Breeze – 4631 Carnival Breeze – 4631 Celebrity Reflection 2850 Celebrity Reflection 2850 MSC Fantastica – 3959 MSC Fantastica – 3959 Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruise lines New ships are being built New ships are being built to cater for the growing demand to cater for the growing demand

4 Ships Cruising in Australia 2011 Pacific Pearl Pacific Jewel Pacific Sun (Fremantle) Pacific Dawn Dawn Princess Sun Princess (Fremantle) Diamond Princess Sea Princess Rhapsody of the seas Radiance of the seas Volendam Zaandam Celebrity Century ATHENA (Fremantle) 2012 Carnival Spirit 2667 Celebrity Solstice 2850 HAL Oosterdam 1926 Oceania Regatta 758 Visiting ships 2012 Regent seven seas Voyager Crystal Serenity Sapphire Princess Seabourn Odyssey 450 MV Discovery 700 Costa Deliziosa

5 Cruising WA Key Points Strength of the Australian economy Demand for Australia by worldwide markets Warm climate and diverse destinations Australia is considered a sophisticated cruise market Newer ships being deployed here from 2012 Celebrity Century (2850) built 2008 Carnival Spirit (2667) built 2001 Holland America Oosterdam (1926) built 2003

6 Cruising WA How to attract more ships to WA Consider the economic benefits A coordinated approach Work with Tourism WA and CDU Ensure we provide a positive experience to encourage return visits

7 Cruising WA We are well placed to attract more ships Fremantle can accommodate big ships Lets work on attracting more vessels Then we can develop infrastructure As required Lets put ideas on the table for discussion

8 QM2 in Sydney



11 Presented to FACET By Thor Elliott Trade Development Manager ~ Fremantle Ports March 2011 WA CRUISE SHIPPING

12 Western Australian Destinations – Port & Tourism Aspects W.A. SWOT & 2009/2010 Regional Economic Benefits Seatrade Miami 2011 TODAYS PRESENTATION

13 Broome Exmouth Monkey Mia Christmas Island Geraldton Fremantle Bunbury Albany Esperance Port Hedland WA Destinations

14 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 2 2010/2011 – 3 2011/2012 – 5 Esperance

15 Impediments Esperance Port can only accommodate cruise vessels up to 250 metres. Esperance can not accommodate vessels with projecting balconies & decks Disembarkation & embarkation facilities Esperance

16 Current Initiatives Providing the best possible opportunities for visitors to see many of Esperances attractions Future Improvements Access to the mining industry sites with flights from Esperance to Kalgoorlie & Ravensthorpe Spring visits to the Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve, Cape le Grand & Cape Arid National during wildflower season and whale migrating season Esperance

17 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 15 2010/2011 – 9 2011/2012 – 9 Albany

18 Impediments Security requirements from regulatory bodies could jeopardise regional ports. Difficulties in promoting Albany and tourism products on board the vessel prior to arrival. Inbound Operators aggressive approach to selling highly marked up products on board Future Improvements A mini Terminal at Albany would assist with attracting more vessels Albany

19 Current Initiatives Meet & Greet facilities at the Port area Free Shuttle Bus from the Port to the CBD. Festival Atmosphere for larger vessel visits Albany

20 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 9 2010/2011 – 7 2011/2012 – 7 Bunbury

21 Impediments Upgraded walking paths needed from Port to the CBD Lack of Signage Lack of Shelter & Seating at Port Area Communication is difficult in promoting Bunbury tourism products Bunbury

22 Current Initiatives Meet & Greet facilities at the Port area Free Shuttle Bus from the Port to the CBD Welcome Band at the Port Cruise Ship Markets VIP & Mayoral welcome for inaugural visits Media Tours Enhanced public awareness for Bunbury as a cruise vessel destination Bunbury

23 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 39 2010/2011 – 29 2011/2012 – 38 Fremantle

24 Current Initiatives Fremantle Tourist & West Oz Welcomers provide meet & greet at Passenger Terminal and at Kings Square Free Tram Shuttle service to Kings Square in Fremantle CBD, location of Visitor Information Centre New directional signage at Passenger Terminal Major destination for international cruise ships. Working with Tourism WA on future state strategy. Fremantle Ports is long time member of Cruise Down Under management committee. Fremantle Ports is the chair organisation for Cruising WA since 1998. Fremantle

25 Impediments Contracted shuttle buses not wanting to drop off passengers at Visitor Centre in Fremantle Number of passengers on pre-booked tours not being provided prior to ships arrival Incorrect tourist information given to passengers Future Improvements A Find Yourself in Fremantle Tourist Saver Card Encouraging ships shuttle buses to utilise shuttle parking bays at Kings Square Fremantle

26 YearShipsDisembarkEmbarkTransitTotal 97 - 98 34594871,8622,808 98 - 99 97509936,0007,743 99 - 0071,2411,4902,2344,965 00 - 0171,1621,3952,0934,650 01 - 0251,0561,2602,0244,340 02 - 031885095020,49222,292 03 - 04133,6691,74510,38615,800 04 - 05253,7754,0604,95412,795 05 - 06162,9332,9918,18114,105 06 - 07163,7003,5002,92010,120 07 - 082511,50012,5009,00033,000 08 - 092812,08012,36613,78838,234 09 - 103937,12737,64417,76392,534 10 – 11*2716,66516,67211,09544,432 * As at 24 March 2011 Fremantle Pax Numbers


28 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 20 2010/2011 – 19 2011/2012 – 19 Geraldton

29 Impediments Berth Allocation for Cruise Vessels can not always be guaranteed Vessels over 260metres in length can impact on cargo vessels Geraldton encourage vessels to go to Anchor with more than 300 pax and/or 150 metres in length rather than berth alongside Ships berthing alongside, bus direct from Port to a town location due to security requirements. Meet & Greet can not be done in proximity to the vessel Currently no funding for the coordination roles for cruise vessels visits. Geraldton

30 Current Initiatives Currently working on a marketing strategy which includes funding for a new Cruise Coordinator Meet & Greet works well at Batavia Marina Purchase of two marquees for visitor information Future Improvements Possibility of a new multi purpose floating jetty for the vessels tenders instead of the public jetty. 3 phase power on the board walk is being considered Signage and seating in and around the Marina Geraldton

31 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 0 2010/2011 – 2 2011/2012 – 7 Exmouth

32 Impediments All vessels must anchor. No jetty infrastructure Weather conditions and ability to transfer passengers off the cruise ships Retailers/cafes etc employ additional staff or stay open to cater for visitors when weather turns and they are not able to land. Current Initiatives The Exmouth Game Fishing club has been opening to provide a venue for visitors while they are waiting for tours etc and the Visitor Centre provides staff to welcome visitors to Exmouth Exmouth

33 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 12 2010/2011 – 15 2011/2012 – 25 Broome

34 Impediments Heat during wet season Distance from Port to Chinatown / Visitor Centre Shops not being open in wet season Shipping ground operators not dropping passengers off at Visitor Centre, rather dropping off at another location without shade, water, toilets, maps or information Broome

35 Impediments The port has very high tides and for reasons of navigational safety, arrival and departure times generally coincide with the times of high water. The tidal issue is only for the larger vessels. The port has no dedicated cruise terminal No shoreside security screening capabilities. Towage limitations mean that we will generally have a wind limit of around 25 knots for larger cruise ships. There has been a visit cancelled due to wind. The port is obviously in an area prone to cyclones. This has only occurred on two occasions since 2007 Broome

36 Current Initiatives Cruise ship committee run by Broome Visitor Centre (BVC), members include Port, Chamber of Commerce, Broome Shire, Australias North West Music and welcoming committee Media alerts to ensure retailers stay open Free courtesy buses from BVC to Chinatown Manufactured and developed gangways suitable for cruise ships taking the tides into consideration. These gangways an be manoeuvred dependent upon the height of tide. Greater interaction with the tourist coordinators in town Broome

37 Future Improvements More volunteers More air-conditioned buses from port More of a carnival atmosphere with stalls, music etc Broome

38 Cruise Ship Visits 2009/2010 – 2 2010/2011 – 2 2011/2012 – 3 Christmas Island

39 Impediments Landing Platform unsuitable for all weather conditions Limited shore excursion availability due to limited buses/vehicles/personnel on the Island Current Initiatives Mooring buoy infrastructure now complete – Mooring System Capabilities - LOA: 224m Beam: 27m Draft: 7.6m Air Draft: 50m Gross Tonnage: 48,000t Future Improvements Future plans for more suitable all weather landing platform Expansion of transport capabilities to increase shore excursion availability Christmas Island

40 Strengths - Close to SE Asia. - Established Tourist destinations. - Extensive range of quality land and water activities. - Safe destination. WA Strengths

41 Opportunities - Cruising remains the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry. - New cruise ships = redeployment opportunities for WA. - Demand for fresh new destinations. - Carnival and Classic International Cruises are seasoned turnaround operators. WA Opportunites

42 Weaknesses & Threats - Home basing in SE Asia. - Economic downturn – ongoing in USA and Europe. - Inadequate infrastructure in regional WA. - Regulatory constraints – gambling. - Weather during cruise season. WA Weaknesses & Threats

43 WA Regional Economic Impacts of Cruise Shipping

44 2011/12 -14 vessels (10 destinations) 2010/11 - 11 vessels (9 destinations) 2009/10 - 15 vessels (9 destinations) 2008/09 - 14 vessels (7 destinations) 2007/08 - 9 vessels (8 destinations) 2006/07 - 6 vessels (5 destinations) 2005/06 - 10 vessels (6 destinations) 2004/05 - 9 vessels (4 destinations) 2003/04 -7 vessels (6 destinations) 2002/03 - 6 vessels (5 destinations) 2001/02 - 5 vessels (3 destinations) 2000/01 - 7 vessels (3 destinations) 1999/00 - 6 vessels (3 destinations) 1998/99 - 9 vessels (2 destinations) 1997/98 - 3 vessels (2 destinations) No. of Different Cruise Vessels visiting WA Destinations


46 Total Ship Calls to WA Destinations

47 Seatrade Miami is the worlds largest cruise line convention which is held annually and attracts 1000 exhibitors from 100 countries with over 2000 delegates. SEATRADE MIAMI

48 Cruise Lines are bullish on outlook post recession However, new buildings will slow. More refurbishing is likely as lines manage their cash flows Lines strategy to reduce fares and suspend dividends during 18 months recession resulted in full capacity and profits for all Lines. SEATRADE MIAMI 2011

49 Optimistic the North Americans will again return to the Cruise Market. Australia was mentioned as a growing destination with lines like Holland America and Carnival committing vessels full time to compete against P&O. Emission controls and sulphur reductions along with fuel prices and lots of regularity bodies looking at the cruise industry were highlighted as watch points. SEATRADE MIAMI 2011

50 European growth is 163% over 10 years sees that destination becoming the New Caribbean The drivers continue to be value for money, quality cruises, increased capacity and competition. Average growth in Australia is 17% and penetration is 1.7% (USA is 3% and Europe is 1%). Penetration is the % of the population that has cruised in the last 12 months SEATRADE MIAMI 2011

51 1 ship call = 12 x 737/800 Passenger Jets – 2000 passengers Cruise Ship Scale Cruise Ship Scale =

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