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Annual Meeting December 8, 2009. Agenda Call to Order Determination of Quorum Approval of last years meeting minutes Candidate Introduction Voting Presidents.

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1 Annual Meeting December 8, 2009

2 Agenda Call to Order Determination of Quorum Approval of last years meeting minutes Candidate Introduction Voting Presidents Remarks Committee Reports Finance Security Grounds ACC Gig Harbor Community Developers Report Election Results Open Forum Adjourn December 8, 2009

3 Presidents Report – Dennis Loewe 2008 Year in Review Restructured our staff & management company Resurfaced Canterwood Drive Installed gate swing arms Painted gates & installed new lamps Began new initiatives Website Video cameras Integrated security system Back flow testing discount program Gig Harbor Annexation The housing developments south of Canterwood have been on hold for some time now due to the economy. The City of Gig Harbor is cutting staff and is currently uninterested in our request to talk about annexation Ready for snow! December 8, 2009

4 Financial Report – Bob Finch 2009 - A turnaround year 10 month results $64,000 under budget on operations $809,000 Reserve account balance (after current expenses) $65,000 reserve expenditures YTD December 8, 2009

5 The Good News NO FEE INCREASE in 2009 Operating budget down to $606,000 annually Reserve contributions up to $213,000 annually Were getting … MORE BANG FOR OUR BUCKS December 8, 2009

6 Thanks To … Grounds committee Chris Sadoian Raciel Day Kathy Hardman Christine Wells Finance committee John Walsh Keith Galpin John Watt Jerry Lee Dennis Loewe HOA Staff Holly Miller And others Scott Young December 8, 2009

7 Security Update – Jerry Lee Seven fulltime officers Duties preformed include Home vacation checks Stop sign enforcement and studies Speed enforcement and studies with radar Security at the school bus stops when children are waiting for the bus and when they return home General patrol of the community Jump start service for disabled vehicles Alarm response to residents homes Response to calls for medical assistance Regular checks on the status of the elderly in Canterwood Maintain security at the Main gate Conduct inspections of Canterwood for HOA violations by contractors Placement of flyers in the mail receptacles at all of the mail boxes Direct traffic when necessary Providing rides for residents to and from the Main gate Frequent inspections of the RV lot Frequent inspections of the Country club including the tennis courts and swimming area Responding to all calls for service from the residents Taking crime reports and conducting further investigations to assist local LE Inspections of the HOA office as well as the stables and golf course maintenance building Sanding of the roads when necessary Securing packages for residents who are on vacation Delivering packages and reports to the HOA Board Inspecting predetermined locations throughout Canterwood on a regular basis Maintaining a geographical map of where incidents occur in Canterwood enabling them to concentrate their patrol efforts where needed December 8, 2009

8 Comparisons of 2008 to 2009 Incidents 2008 - 557 incident reports written 2009 - 533 reports to date December 8, 2009

9 Benefits : Improve Security Produce credentials for visitors Screen and Validate visitors and contractors Process vehicles with multiple passengers Accelerate the speed of processing visitors Improve Communications Pre-Registration of Visitors Notifications of Arrivals Advanced Reporting Logging and Tracking of all transactions Quick look up of visitor details CapSure, Inc. Visitor Management System

10 Flexible User Access WEB Access for all users Voice Mail Integration Easy to Use Officer Interface Touch Screen Interface Drivers License Scanner Enhanced Security Watch List Pass and/or Badge Printing Integrated Access Control (optional) Single database to manage visitor and authorized user access Real time activity monitoring Real Time Reporting Administrators Officers Visitor Management Features

11 Officer at the Gate Visitor Processing Officer WEB Security Incidents Searches & Reports Resident Pre-Register Visitors Update Own Profile Administration Manage All Aspects of the Program from the Web Organization or Vendor Manage Clubhouse Employees Builders, Contractors

12 DL Scanner makes it easy to gather information from visitors and contractors Optical Character Recognition captures name, address, DL #, expiration date, and even picture Far superior to Mag stripe reading, as OCR reads all 50 states and (optional) passports and other IDs Transaction logging stores all of this information for historical needs

13 Passes printed on high speed thermal transfer printer Will not fade! Prints in 4-5 seconds Passes Include: Directions Visitor Name Host name Expiration date Optional bar code for egress tracking Actual size 4 X 10 Up to 5 X faster than laser and inkjet!


15 Video Camera Surveillance – Dave Shaw The need - Gate runners and crashers Vandalism Sporadic theft Home invasion Deter potential of increased crime as area population increases A secure community is vital to our family safety and to maintain our property values

16 Leverages technology to augment our security staffs surveillance of community Frees up staff for other less repetitive tasks Captures sporadic incidents in a way that augments traditional emergency response and intelligence gathering Potential full interoperability with local and area law enforcement assets Leads to a safer and more secure community – Invisible Fence Reduces cost of increased personnel to monitor and protect the community Full audit trail – better risk management

17 Notification of real time alarms Capturing odd events at odd times Behavioural triggers – minimise checking data Many systems and functions integrated into one Swiss army knife approach Save power weight and space Train for one system to deliver many functions Resource & equipment sharing – true interoperability Extensive forensics and audit trail - risk management True cost of ownership – minimal on going costs Flexibility for the future – expandable - reusable

18 ADSECC – Community Surveillance Systems Lancaster, PA Tacoma, WA Hilltop Surveillance System Video Capture – incident monitoring Significantly reduced crime and increased value of homes and commercial entities Tukwila, WA Key to reducing crime where installed and increased commercial business


20 Long Range Wireless Network Multipoint Meshed Network High Powered Routers Directional Antennas Far more bandwidth than cable modem

21 Security Central Control CWD System Remote Location IP Cameras Owned By Others Remote PTZ & Static Cameras Owned by HOA Local Service Contracted by HALO Remote Analogue Cameras Owned By Others Remote Location IP Cameras Owned By HOA Remote Sensors Owned By HOA/Others Internet Browser Access To Video

22 Access Control CWD System RFID GPS Sensor Data Video Multiple Users Multiple Systems Can Talk and Work with Each Other

23 Main Gate 3 Cameras + Server Peacock Gate2 Cameras Nuthatch Park (next to HOA Office)2 Cameras HOA Parking Lot/ Maintenance Lot1 Camera RV Lot1 or 2 Cameras Baker Gate2 Cameras Resident Gate2 Cameras Club Parking Lot2 Cameras HOA OfficeBackup to Server Total Cost = $25,000

24 December 8, 2009 QUESTIONS?

25 Garden & Grounds Committee – Chris Sadoian 2009 Projects Main Resident Gate Tree and Miscellaneous Plant Material Replacement and Enhancement Baker Way Gate Area Re-landscaped Relocated many existing plants December 8, 2009

26 Baker Way Triangle Re-landscaped Added boulders and Dry Rock Riverbeds Relocated Many Existing Plants Towhee Circle Re-landscaped Added Boulders and Rock Riverbed December 8, 2009

27 Peacock Monument Area Re-landscaped Added Boulders New Monument Spotlights Gates All Four Gates Painted Black New Black Light Fixtures December 8, 2009

28 Seasonal Flowers Foxglove Retention Pond Added Boulders and Shrubs Foxglove and 53 rd Removed Poplar Trees December 8, 2009

29 Nuthatch and Nuthatch Pond Areas Pruned Laurel Hedge Removed Damaged and Dying Plum Trees Nuthatch Playground and Tennis Courts Island on 47 th and the Stonebridge Circle Landscaping Improvements December 8, 2009

30 Irrigation and Grounds Maintenance Gate Area Maintenance Holiday Lights December 8, 2009

31 Seasonal Flowers at all Entrances and Gate Areas The Point at Baker Way and Old Stump Nuthatch Island at Canterwood Drive Re-landscape, Add Boulders, River Rock and Up Lighting December 8, 2009

32 Nuthatch Park Improvements HOA Office Improvements Exterior Trim Paint, Canopy, Landscaping Foxglove and 53 rd New Trees (Maples) Remaining Trees to be Planted in 2011 December 8, 2009

33 Additional Plant Material at Gate Areas Irrigation and Grounds Maintenance December 8, 2009

34 New Image and Access

35 Old Website poor image of community Difficult to access and navigate Could not upgrade with revised data

36 Home Page

37 Sample Banner Ad

38 Domestic Animal Rules

39 News Letters

40 Canterwood Services

41 Architectural Control Committee – George Milliken Many thanks for the cooperation we have been given by the homeowners and the good nature by which you take our comments, suggestions and decisions. Our only goal is to keep Canterwood as beautiful it can be and to adhere to our chartered standards and practices. The one thing we really need in the coming year is a few more volunteers for our committee. All it takes is about an hour and a half at 9:30 in the morning two Wednesdays a month and when necessary about the same amount of time those afternoons at 3:30. Right now the responsibility falls on the shoulders of a very small number of us and we would sincerely appreciate a greater participation. Please call Holly at the HOA office if you are willing to volunteer. December 8, 2009

42 Results of the Vote December 8, 2009

43 Emphasis for 2010 Complete website construction Install video cameras Install integrated security system Continue to monitor & control costs December 8, 2009

44 New Business Open Discussion Call for Adjournment December 8, 2009

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