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I-Education For Management Student Teacher Parents Services Library Management System Time Table Management System Attendance System Admission Management.

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1 i-Education For Management Student Teacher Parents Services Library Management System Time Table Management System Attendance System Admission Management system Payroll Management And more

2 A BOUT I -E DUCATION SERVICES i-Education is a School Management Application Software or Web Application, Which is unparallel and comprehensive School Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian etc

3 It is designed for better interaction between Students, Teachers, Parents & Management. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management. The school management system being web based can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, parents & the management be in touch with each other at all times. Right School Management Software can provide a great relief to the district superintendents, principals, teachers, students, and parents to enhance their performance exponentially. Our i-Education is the only School Management, which is first truly Enterprise and Online System in the globe. A BOUT I -E DUCATION SERVICES

4 1.View/Take Attendance 2.Report Cards 3.Online Fee submission/details 4.School time-table generator 5.Alert Monitor 6.Assignments 7.Homework 8.Tutorials 9.Online Quiz 10.Calendar/Events 11.Appointments 12.Student/Teachers Profile 13.School Bus details 14.Online leave application 15.SMS 16.Discussion Forum 17.Internal Messaging System 18.Online Query M AIN F EATURES

5 Admittance Management Admittance Management is a state-of-the-art scholar admission management software that is quick and easy to use. It is a comprehensive desktop-based user-driven admission processing tool that takes only a few hours to install, learn and implement. It permits both online and over-the-counter filing of applications, quick short listing of eligible candidates, creation and sending of automated eligibility status reports via SMS and/or e-mails, customized reports -- all at the click of the mouse. We make the most complex task -- the process of selective admission -- simple.

6 Admittance Management

7 Fee Management Fee Administrator monitors every fee receipt -- old, current, as well as those that need to be issued in the future. It maintains a comprehensive record of dues/receipts under relevant heads systematically, highlights fee defaulters/excesses credited, send e-reminders, provides a summary of fees collected at any point of time or over a specified period as well as seamlessly link it to your financial accounting system 1.Assign fee particulars commonly -- school-wise, class-wise, division-wise, etc. 2.Deductions/concessions class-wise/individual. 3.Refundable fee management. 4.Advance fee remittance option 5.Fee collection -- total summary/item-wise 6.Detailed reports 7.Fee e-alerts -- for dues/payments 8.Transportation fee payable 9.Multi-point access 10.Easy to incorporate with bank / net banking. 11.Credit card payment 12.Online payment processing through institution website. 13.Pack data record locking with 100% firewalling Features:

8 Fee Management

9 Attendance Tracker Attendance Tracker is an ingeniously smart and 100% failsafe attendance tracking single point interface, which not only keeps an eagle's-eye on the number present and leave minutiae of every enrolled scholar but also that of staff, management and faculty on the institution's rolls Student attendance Employee turnout Easy attendance student Staff leave application & approval Staff day end process Academic calendar Exam module compatibility Holiday scheduling Customized reports & graphical representations Integration of smart card or biometric system Alerts Features:

10 Attendance Tracker

11 Payroll management Salary setting Basic pay, increment, deduction setting Salary calculation, pay slip Staff leave calculation and deduction Over time calculation Tax calculation i.e. TDS Gratuity Allowance and deduction (PF, HRA etc.) Option for linking deduction with loan and transportation charges Staff advance /loan recovery Salary statement/ statement for bank Pay slip generation Salary posting alert Customized report for management purpose

12 Library management Library Management designed to search, and circulate all library collections including books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs, documents, equipments, manage member/patron information, keep track of the library circulation data, manage fine transactions, generate missing/damaged material reports and much more. Programmed to issue membership cards, send e-alerts on due dates of return/new arrivals coupled Media creation management Media supplement entry supervision Member administration Library member card issuer Material reservation Issue collection Accept/ renew issues Damage and missing book report Fee/auto fine collection Search vide media/member Generate comprehensive reports Features:

13 Library management

14 A COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL WEBSITE WITH A C ONTENT M ANAGEMENT S YSTEM (CMS). School Website Image Gallery Homepage Slideshow News & Events Create content on the fly Easy to use Content Management System E-School Application Integrated School Notices Website Admin Your own school domain name Add/edit pages dynamically Multilevel Menu Multiple Website Templates FAQS Contact Us.

15 CMS HAS FOLLOWING SECTIONS 1.Student 2.Parents 3.Teachers 4.Class teachers 5.Admin 6.Principal 7.Staff 8.Guiding Counsel 9.Online Visitor

16 Address: B-43, Bhagwati Garden Dwarka More, New Delhi-110059 Phone No: 9716442520, 8285248542 Website:

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