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Welcome to Bonita Vista Middle Home of the Crusaders

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1 Welcome to Bonita Vista Middle Home of the Crusaders
Incoming 7th Grade Parent Orientation

2 Counseling Center Counselors Mr. Armas Ms. Murchison Mr. Taeatafa
Mrs. King, Registrar Ms. Cosio, Secretary

3 Presentation Highlights
Registration Packet 7th Grade Curriculum Electives Adjusting to Middle School Support Services Q & A Mr. Balanay Principal

4 What is Middle School? Middle schools serves as a transition between elementary & high school. Elementary is behind you…high school & your future awaits… It is normal for students and parents to feel nervous, excited, anxious, scared, etc.

5 Registration Contact Mrs. King, BVM Registrar: 397-2220
Proof residency and online registration will be held in March/ April. More information will be provided when available Specific questions regarding: Proof of Residency Joint Residency Enrollment from private school Contact Mrs. King, BVM Registrar:

6 Transfer Zone Requests
Dates to Know Apply at the SUHSD District Office Call for application period and more information Parents will receive notification from the SUHSD office.

7 Course Selection Form (green)
Required Courses: Completed by Counselor Elective Options: Rank your top 5 selections Parent signature

8 Return to 6th grade teacher.
Green Form This form is used to identify the placement of your student and select elective classes. Please return the Green Course Selection Form by: Additional registration materials will be required before enrolling. More information to follow. February 7, 2011 Return to 6th grade teacher.

9 7th Grade Curriculum English* 1 Year World Cultures* 1 Year
Mathematics ** 1 Year Physical Education 1 Year Science/ Health* 1 Year Elective/ Support 1 Year *Accelerated courses offered to Gate & High Achiever students **Math 7 Accelerated and Algebra offered

10 Support Classes Students who have been identified as needing extra support in Math and/ or English, will be scheduled in a support class as their elective. 7th grade support classes include: Math 7 Support, English 7 Support, and Read 180

11 Student Placement Students will be placed in classes utilizing district-wide placement guidelines. Counselors will use data (CST scores, CELDT scores, etc.) from elementary district. All GATE students will be placed in at least 1 accelerated class unless parent “Opts-out”. High achieving students are encouraged to enroll in at least 1 accelerated classes. For students with an IEP, articulation meetings will take place between the BVM & elementary school psychologists. Indicate any specific placement concerns/ questions on the green “course selection form”.

12 1 Year Electives Yearbook* Exploring Technology Arts & Crafts Guitar
*High Achieving students with strong English Language Arts grades

13 Band (Advanced and Beginning)
Perform in Concerts! Travel to Competitions! March in Parades! Make New Friends! Advanced Auditions: Schedule an audition with Ms. Cruz. or

14 Chorus (Advanced and Beginning)
Advanced Auditions: Schedule an appointment with chorus teacher. Perform in Festivals & Concerts! Advanced Training for High School Choir! Make New Friends!

15 Spanish 1/2 Meets the “A-G” college admissions requirement
Responsible students who have strong language arts skills. 3-year commitment (7th, 8th, and 9th grade). “C” or better grade earns High School graduation & A-G credit. No previous foreign language required.

16 AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination
What is AVID Preparation for 4-year university Motivational Activities School Success Strategies Tutorials Field Trips Guest Speakers Who should apply? Students with academic potential 1st generation college student GPA Average to high test scores College potential with support Desire and Determination FACT: 95% of AVID Graduates are enrolled in a college or university

17 Early Planning for College
Attend the Compact for Success field trip to SDSU (fall semester) Attend the College: Making It Happen informational night at BVM (spring semester) Consider taking accelerated courses, Algebra in 8th grade, AVID and/ or Spanish. Set a goal to earn A & B grades in middle & high school.

18 The changes you can expect
Middle School: The changes you can expect Big transition from elementary school. Some students have been in same school for 7 years! Making new friends & social changes More teachers: 6-7 per day Letter grading system (A-F Grades) Emotional changes/ Pre-teen development Establishing identity, anxious for independence, etc Physical Changes, puberty, hormones Increased academic & personal responsibility Today’s choices affect tomorrow Planning for high school, college & career choices Daily/ increased homework

19 The concerns of your children
Middle School: The concerns of your children The concerns of your children Lockers & combination locks Changing in PE/ showering Getting lost Homework & Teachers 8th graders & bullies Making friends Fitting in with peers/ being popular No playground? No recess? New routines: classrooms, teachers, bus, cafeteria, library, main office, counseling center, nurse, etc… Change is more difficult for some students

20 Help your child make a smooth transition to middle school
Reassure your child that it’s normal to feel excited and/ or nervous. Share your experiences. Highlight the positive More independence New opportunities: friends, sports, clubs, dances, field trips Opportunity to learn new subjects Take a tour of campus over the summer Attend orientation in July (date TBA) Attend “Back to School” night in August Reassure your child that BVM is a safe campus with many caring students and adults.

21 How to be SUCCESSFUL in middle school
Daily Routine Organized Time Management Good Study Habits Seek Help Involved Parents Have Fun!

22 Parents are the most important teachers
Even though your child is expressing their independence, they still want your support and guidance Talk to your child about school and his/ her personal and school life Know your children’s friends Help your child be their own advocate. Encourage them to discuss concerns directly with their teacher. Be prepared to help as needed. Praise your child’s effort and achievement Always feel free to contact the school (teacher, counselor, administrator, etc) when concerns arise.

23 Parent Involvement Opportunities Parents are always welcome at BVM
School Website Back-to-School Night College: Making It Happen! SDSU Compact for Success field trip Parent Involvement Day Parent/ Teacher Conferences Meet your child’s counselor School Site Council GATE Parent Activities English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) Interested in Volunteering? Contact BVM Volunteer in class, library, club, coach a team… Your involvement matters more than ever as your child gets older.

24 Student Activities Most activities announced in the morning bulletin
Lunchtime Activities Intramural Sports Clubs Assemblies Field Trips Dances ASB (8th grade) East Coast Trip (8th Grade-Optional) The BVM ColorGuard marching in a parade

25 Summer Tours for student & parents
Principal, Bernard Balanay, will be available during the summer for tours of the campus. Contact BVM in late May for the summer tour schedule.

26 Campus Safety & Support Services Nurse Counselor Assistant Principal
School Resource Officer , Officer Sherard Nurse Counselor Assistant Principal Tutoring School Resource Officer 2 Campus Safety Assistants Campus Safety Assistant, Ms. Evans

27 Meet your child’s counselor
Counselors are available to assist with a variety of academic, behavior & social issues Selecting the appropriate academic placement Questions regarding planning for high school, college, and future. Ongoing academic, behavioral, and/ or emotional concerns Other questions/ resources on campus

28 Be a Buddy, Not a Bully! Bullying is NOT accepted at BVM!
If you witness bullying, talk to a counselor, teacher or parent. Help make BVM a friendly & safe place!

29 Sample Daily Schedule 5 minutes between each class 1 English
PERIOD SUBJECT TEACHER ROOM TIME MINUTES 1 English Mr. Schroeder 202 8:05-9:05 60 2 Science Ms. Cardenas 604 9:10-10:02 52 Nutrition 10:02-10:12 10 3 PE Ms. Sellers 10:17-11:09 4 Math Ms. Caldwell 503 11:14-12:06 Lunch 12:11-12:41 30 Advisory Mr. Kumabe 603 12:46-1:16 5 World Cultures Mr. Martinez 305 1:21-2:13 6 Elective/ Support Ms. Pollard 610 2:18-3:10 5 minutes between each class

30 ASB Student Store ASB Items Available PE Clothes (Shirt & Shorts)
Spirit Shirts Combination Locks Yearbook ASB Discount Sticker More information will be provided in late Spring/ early Summer.

31 What to Expect the First Day of School
School starts at 8:05am Minimum Day/ Special Schedule- Ends at 12:50 Pick-up your schedule/ locator card by your last name Many adults available to help students What to bring Backpack Small Notebook Pen & Pencil

32 Dates to Remember February 7th, 2010 Deadline to submit registration forms to your student’s 6th grade teacher Late July 2010 (TBA) 7th Grade Orientation July 20th, 2010 (tentative) First Day of School Mid-August Back-to-School Night The Main Office

33 Some words of encouragement…
Transitioning to middle school may feel a little scary. Remember all new experiences can be frightening at first. If you have a positive attitude and solid information about what to expect, you will be a middle school pro in no time! Many great resources on the internet. Search “transition to middle school”

34 Questions??? For more information, please contact the BVM counseling center: Visit our school website

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