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Student Advisory Program: Fostering Relationships, Building success. Bulkeley High School.

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1 Student Advisory Program: Fostering Relationships, Building success. Bulkeley High School

2 Lets Mix It Up Each salad must include the following vegetables: Lettuce Carrot Broccoli Tomato Onion Cucumber Radish Mushroom Celery Avocado First group to have all the ingredients should say Salads Ready and sit with their team.

3 Key elements needed as we incorporate an Advisory Program at BHS: Team Work Creativity Communication Determination Leadership Exceeding your comfort level Open-mindedness Everyone matters Every INGREDIENT counts when building something meaningful.

4 BHS Faculty Survey Results Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree 1. I feel advisory period is an effective way to connect to students. 50% 47% 3% 0% 2. I am comfortable building relationships with students. 69% 31% 0% 0% 3. I need support when building relationships with students. 13% 25% 41% 22% 4. I would like to have a peer mentor for advisory period so 16% 53% 22% 9% we can collaborate and offer each other support. 5. I would like to have professional development to assist me in 47% 44% 6% 3% implementing the advisory curriculum. BHS Faculty Members answered the following survey questions:

5 Staff indicated they needed the following supports to be an effective advisor: Program Goals Materials/Resources A written plan/Curriculum A list of clear expectations for advisor Valuable topics that students are interested in Someone to refer to when questions arise A small number of students consistently Access to and training on Power School to track attendance/grades A peer mentor to collaborate with A framework to guide advising Food, music, technology, & website Students that I had in class before

6 The key elements that staff indicated where necessary for an effective advisory Student engagement Clear/realistic goals and expectations Strong leadership A strong advisor/advisee connection A focus on academic success, community involvement, and improving lagging social skills Students buying into it Empowering students with information that will help them succeed A well-structured period (not free time) A small group setting Attendance/grade tracking, and organizational planning Continuity of curriculum Commitment to building relationships Objectives with open ended means to accomplish them Good ratio of student to staff Academic counseling/Life coaching Making students feel comfortable Trust, open mindedness, and good listening

7 Bulkeley High School Advisory Program

8 BHS Core Values The Bulkeley High School community believes that all students can become responsible, independent individuals possessing the academic, social, and civic competencies for the 21st century. We value high academic standards, individualized learning experiences and specialized programs of study that meet the needs of a diverse student population.

9 BHS Learning Expectations Social Utilize time and manage work load efficiently Interact and collaborate with diverse populations Civic Obtain knowledge and skills to become an involved, responsible citizen Understand and apply civic and personal rights within a democratic society Academic Read, write, and speak effectively in a variety of forms and contexts Apply critical and emergent thinking skills in a global community Effectively analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments and theories

10 Yamiliz.MOV Adults show they care when… They push you Dont Let you slip

11 What is an Advisory Program? Intended to build meaningful relationships Informal, safe and relaxed environment Each student will have an adult advocate Advisors will facilitate participation Advisors will celebrate individuality Strengthens Relationships Foster a sense of belonging Assists students in tracking their academic progress and creates shared accountability

12 Tatiana.MOV Adults show they care when… Relate to students Understand Positive Attitude Smile

13 Research suggests that Advisory Programs… Connect students and staff Decrease dropout rates Raise four-year graduation rates Improve the trajectory for students to continue academic pursuits and post- secondary training after high school Keep students coming to school Can reduce student substance abuse Increase healthy decision- making Provide opportunities for successful student development

14 The Goal of Advisory The purpose of the advisory program is to foster intellectual growth and habits of commitment by: Promoting interpersonal relationships between staff and students Providing social interactions with peers in a safe environment Mediating between academic and social concerns Facilitating communication (student-teacher-parent) Addressing students self-esteem Personalizing each students experience at BHS

15 Advisory will Enhance Relationships at BHS by: Allocating specific time for individual needs Facilitating the transition from middle to high school Continuing the development from 9 th to 10 th Grade Providing a means for community building Coordinating services, activities, and opportunities Granting students a place to feel grounded

16 Marjorie.MOV Adults show they care when… Show respect Reach out

17 Advisors Roles and Responsibilities Collaborate with school personnel to address specific student needs Facilitate delivery of curriculum Advocate for advisees Serve as a positive role model Communicate with parents Monitor academic progress and student needs

18 Ketzy.MOV Adults show they care when… Ask questions Pay attention to you

19 If students disclose information during advisory period... Remember you are a Mandated Reporter Abuse (child, domestic, sexual) Intent to harm self or others Suicidal Ideation Cheating Criminal Activity Bullying/Cyberbullying NOT CONFIDENTIALCONFIDENTIAL Family Illness or problems Pregnancy Substance Abuse Psychiatric Treatment Sexual Activity Deaths

20 Advisory at Bulkeley Introduction to Advisory Program for students o 9 th /10 th grade assembly to discuss program implementation

21 What Advisory at Bulkeley will look like: Small group of students with 1 staff member Staff will include teachers, administrators & support staff Grade specific curriculum(9 th /10 th Grade) To provide continuity, the 9 th graders will continue on to 10 th grade with the same advisor/group

22 Meet 1 time per week 30 minute period All year long What Advisory at Bulkeley will look like:

23 Theme-based curriculum with suggested lesson plans o Every advisor will be given a binder with a written curriculum, student list, schedules, and other helpful resources o Modifications/Adaptations to lessons may be incorporated as needed What Advisory at Bulkeley will look like:

24 Theme-Based Curriculum Freshman Themes Getting to know you/getting organized* Team Building* Character Building* Appreciation/Gratitude Self-Awareness Goal Setting* Academic Readiness Stress/Self-Esteem* College Preparation* * Denotes 9 th and 10 th grade Sophomore Themes (Based on 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens) Get in the habit Paradigms and Principles The Personal Bank Account Habit 1: Be proactive Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind Habit 3: Put first things first The Relationship Bank Account Habit 4: Think win-win Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood Habit 6: Synergize Habit 7: Sharpen the saw Keep hope alive!

25 Delivery of Curriculum Round table discussion format Encourage full participation Conversation vs. Lecturing Positive Feedback Respect Individuality

26 Collaboration among advisors is encouraged

27 Someone whose name begins with a J… ______________ Someone who has traveled outside of Connecticut… ______________ Someone who has flown on an airplane… ______________ Someone who speaks 2 languages… ______________ Someone who plays a sport… ______________ Someone who lives in the North End… ______________ Someone who walks to school… ______________ Someone that has 2 brothers… ______________ Someone who plays an instrument… ______________ Someone whose favorite color is red… ______________ Someone who was born in the winter… ______________ Someone who wears glasses… ______________ Someone who is good at math… ______________ Someone who lives in the South End… ______________ Someone who likes to read… ______________ Someone who was named after someone… ______________ Someone who rides the bus to school… ______________ Someone who likes to draw… ______________ Someone who has swimming class this semester… ______________ Someone who has a sister… ______________ Someone who has a sibling at Bulkeley… ______________ Someone who likes to dance… ______________ Someone who was not born in Hartford… ______________ Someone who was born in the summer… ______________ Sample Lesson – Peer Bingo

28 Chasdoris.MOV Adults show they care when… Express concern Ask Are You Ok?

29 Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be. - Karen Ravn Questions

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