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As you may have heard, the Rocket just signed a three year lease extension to keep the team in Charlottetown. Over the past few seasons, we have really.

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2 As you may have heard, the Rocket just signed a three year lease extension to keep the team in Charlottetown. Over the past few seasons, we have really tried to improve every single aspect of our operation in ensuring that we truly are a great corporate citizen. We are extremely proud of the accomplishments we have made in this regard. In looking forward to next season and beyond, we need a continued commitment from organizations such as yours. As a sponsor/partner of the Rocket, you are a tremendous asset to us and to the community as a whole. Your support is vital to our success as an organization. Cities such as Charlottetown need exciting activities to attract and retain people from all walks of life. Rocket hockey games offer top notch sports entertainment to all people. Our organization has a substantial economic impact for the community and the province, estimated in the $7-8 Million range on an annual basis in both direct and indirect spending. You are an important part of this community and so are the Rocket and it certainly would be great to continue the partnership for the betterment of both of our organizations.

3 In the following pages, we have outlined all of the various sponsorship opportunities that exist with the PEI Rocket. Keep in mind that some of these opportunities are currently reserved for existing sponsors, but we would love to know which areas of sponsorship are of most interest to you. We will CUSTOMIZE any package to meet your specific needs and wants. Give us an opportunity to work with you to maximize the potential for a win-win situation for both of our organizations.

4 Ice Logos Ice Logos have become one of the premier areas of advertising. Simply put, Ice Logos are a great vehicle for guaranteeing high exposure and media access from spectators, television, newspaper and magazine coverage all season long. Cost Pair - $7,800 / Single - $4,000 Face-off Circles - $5,000 Plus GST and Production

5 Rink Boards Ice level rink boards put your respected logo front and center in a hockey game! The rink boards serve as one of hockey`s highest visible advertising mediums with your presence being viewed by spectators, television broadcasts and in newspaper photography. It is high profile exposure at an economical price. Rink boards are advertising panels that are mounted along the boards enclosing the ice surface. Cost Pair - $7,000 Single - $3,500 Goal Posts - $4,000 Plus GST and Production

6 Player Benches/Penalty Boxes The signage opportunities behind the player benches and penalty boxes provide a significant opportunity for high profile. Home Player Bench and Visitor Player Bench Home Penalty Box and Visitor Penalty Box Cost Rocket Bench - $6,500 Visitor Bench - $5,000 Penalty Box (Both) - $5,000 Plus GST and Production

7 Backlit Signs Light up the Stands with your company name and logo Offers Year Round exposure for your Company as signage is visible for most Civic Centre events through-out the year Cost Backlit 4 x 10 - $3,500 Exit Signs - $2,500 Plus GST & Production

8 Clocks Add your companies Logo to one of our clocks Offers year round exposure for your company as signage is visible for Civic Centre events through-out the year Score Clock 4 Rotating Panels – Cost: $5,000 (per panel) 4 Fixed Corners- Cost: $5,000 (all) Fixed Center Panels (2 sets of 2) – Cost: $2,250 Plus GST & Production Other Clocks Time of Day – Cost: $1,500 (both) Shot Clock – Cost: $2,250 (both) Plus GST & Production

9 Fridge Magnetic Calendar Find your way on to the fridge of Hockey Fans across PEI. These calendars become the go to reference for all Rocket Fans as they keep track of their team. 2500 Magnetic Calendars Produced and distributed annually. Cost $3,500 plus GST

10 Season Ticket Booklet Advertise on the back of Season Tickets or Sponsor the Front Cover by adding your logo Adding an offer to the back of a ticket gives you the chance of drawing fans to your establishment. You will receive game day announcements regarding your coupon on that games ticket. 1600 – 2000 season ticket booklets printed Cost Front Cover - $5,000 Back of Each Ticket- $200 each Plus GST

11 Pocket Schedule & Team Calendar Rocket Pocket schedules can be found in pockets, wallets and purses of almost all Rocket fans. Team calendars are handed out to Rocket fans annuallyand have become a collectors item for many fans. 30,000 pocket schedules printed annually 2,500 Team Calendars printed annually Cost Pocket Schedule – $3,500 plus GST Team Calendar - $3,500 plus GST

12 There are many special advertising opportunities within the Rocket Organization and of course we are always open to new ideas. Listed below are a few ways you can get your company involved: Game Night Sponsorship : Sponsor a specific game night and use it as an opportunity to promote your business with game day announcements, intermission activities, game day give-aways and a promotional booth in the lobby where your staff can interact with fans. Cost: $1,000 Game Intermissions: Sponsor a game intermission and have the opportunity to have prize give-aways or on-ice promotions between periods Cost: $250 each Audio Game Broadcast : Sponsor our audio broadcasts and receive on air recognition for both home and away games. We will also provide PA Announcements for your organization at each of our home games. Cost: $750 Rocket Scientists Program: This program allows you to provide complimentary tickets to schools on Prince Edward Island to use as rewards for their students. These could be provided for: excellence in academics; excellent work ethic; leadership qualities; or for whatever is deemed appropriate by the administration of the particular school. Costs: Gold Level $2,000, Silver Level $1,000, or we can customize a package for you. Jr. Flight Crew : This program is offered to children 12 years of age and younger. The membership package for becoming a member of the Jr. Flight Crew includes many benefits to our young fans. Cost: $2,500 Special Promotions

13 Snow Crew: The Snow Crew is a group of kids that remove snow from the ice during the 45 second break in each period. The group can wear a jersey sporting your logo and announced as the Your Business Name Snow Crew. Cost: $2,500 7 th Player of the Game: This offers a memorable experience for a young hockey fan to be able to skate out on the ice with the team and be recognized as the 7 th player. Cost: $7,500 Skills Competition: This event is loads of fun for fans and players alike. A great source of entertainment which allows the players to show off their individual skills and interact with the fans. Cost: $2,500 Street Hockey Festival: This event has quickly become a popular attraction for young hockey fans across the island. Allows young players to enter a team and play street hockey in the streets of Charlottetown while interacting with the Rocket players Cost: $2,500 Rockethon: This event has raised great amounts for PEI Minor Hockey over the years. It gets minor hockey players from across the island out and raising money for their local teams all for a chance to spend the day skating with the Rocket. Cost: $10,000 Minor Hockey Breakaway Challenge: Lets get the minor hockey teams involved and rival for the bragging rights of the Breakaway Champions. A competition amongst local minor hockey teams to be held during intermissions. Cost: $7,500 Special Promotions

14 Other Advertising Opportunities Replay Screens Starting Line-Up – Cost: $3,000 Highlights – Cost: $3,000 Player Profiles - Cost: $3,000 Coaches Corner – Cost: $3,000 Wireless Fan Cam – Cost: $3,000 Power Play – Cost: $3,000 Rolling Ads - Cost: $50 / spot Game Program Front Cover – Cost: $2,500 Back Cover – Cost: $2,500 ½ Page Ad – Cost: $1,000 1/3 Page Ad – Cost: $750 ¼ Page Ad – Cost: $500 Naming Rights Rocket Blimp– Cost: $6,000 Centre Ice Lounge – Cost: $3,000 Stats & 3 Stars Board- Cost: $3,000 Team Bus (Logo)– Cost: Negotiable Fan Zone – Cost: $6,000 Birthday Zone– Cost: Negotiable Player Entrance- Cost: Negotiable Dressing Room – Cost: Negotiable Building Name Rights - Cost: Negotiable

15 Game Day Sponsors PA Announcements In stand contests Giveaways Product samples Team Gear Sponsors Team Track Suits– Cost: $3,500 Team Winter Jackets – Cost: $5,000 Team Travel Bags- Cost: $3,000 Other Advertising Opportunities

16 Summary of Opportunities DescriptionCostDescriptionCostDescriptionCost Ice Logos (Pair)$7,800.00Replay Screen Features$3,000.00Season Ticket Booklet (Cover)$5,000.00 Ice Logo (Single)$4,000.00Replay Screen Rolling Ads$50.00/adIndividual Ticket Backs (Offer)$200.00 Face-Off Circles$5,000.00Rocket Blimp$6,000.00Game Program (Various)$500-$2,500 Rinkboards (Pair)$7,000.00Arena Columns$15,000.00Fridge Magnet Calendar$3,500.00 Rinkboard (Single)$3,500.00Zamboni$10,000.00Pocket Schedule$3,500.00 Goal Posts$4,000.00Centre Ice Lounge$3,000.00Team Calendar Poster$3,500.00 Rocket Bench$6,500.00Stats & 3 Stars Board$3,000.0050-50 Tickets$3,000.00 Visitors Bench$5,000.00Team Bus (Logo)Negotiable7 th Player of the Game$7,500.00 Penalty Box (Pair)$5,000.00Fan Zone$6,000.00Breakaway Challenge$7,500.00 4 x 10 Backlit Signs$3,500.00Birthday ZoneNegotiableSnow Crew$2,500.00 Exit Backlit Signs$2,500.00Player EntranceNegotiableSkills Competition$2,500.00 Scoreclock Panels (Rotating)$5,000.00Lobby Banners$7,000.00Rockethon$10,000.00 Scoreclock Corner Panels$5,000.00Dressing Room Naming RightsNegotiableGame Night Sponsorship$1,000.00 Scoreclock Centre (set of 2)$2,500.00Building Naming RightsNegotiableIntermission Sponsorship$250.00 Time of Day Backlit Sign$1,500.00Rocket Scientists – GOLD$2,000.00Audio Broadcast Sponsorship$750.00 Shot Clock Backlit Sign$2,250.00Rocket Scientists - SILVER$1,000.00Junior Flight Crew$2,500.00

17 Season Tickets/Flex Packs 2011-2012 Early Bird Season & Flex Pack Ticket Pricing (before June 30, 2011) Season Ticket PriceCost per GameRegular Gate PriceSavings Adult$440.00 $12.22$16.00$136.00 Senior (55+)$380.00 $10.56$14.00$124.00 Student (ID Required)$250.00 $6.94$9.00$74.00 Youth (12 and Under)$200.00 $5.56$7.00$52.00 After June 30, 2011 Season Ticket PriceCost per GameRegular Gate PriceSavings Adult$475.00 $13.19$16.00$101.00 Senior (55+)$415.00 $11.53$14.00$89.00 Student (ID Required)$275.00 $7.64$9.00$49.00 Youth (12 and Under)$225.00 $6.25$7.00$27.00 Prices include all applicable taxes and administrative fees. Custom Payment Plans Available Season tickets and flex packs can be included in any sponsorship package. Season tickets provide reserved seating for each and ever game, while flex packages can be redeemed in any quantity for any game. Flex coupons need to be redeemed in advance at the CCC box office prior to games to avoid lineups.

18 For More Information or to customize a program for your company please contact us: Kent Hudson – GM Business Operations – Nathan Baker – Director of Sales & Marketing – Lisa Savard – Special Projects Coordinator – Paul Hughes – Operations Manager – PEI Rocket Hockey Club 46 Kensington Road Charlottetown, PEI C1A 5H7 Phone (902) 892-7349 Contact

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