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We’ve been waiting for you!

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1 We’ve been waiting for you!
Welcome Class of 2016 We’ve been waiting for you!

2 School-wide Expectations
SHELTON HIGH SCHOOL CLIMBER Hard work, done well, feels great! Accepting responsibility for your choices Always striving for a consistent and quality effort Interested and engaged in school-wide community Consideration for self, others, and property P o W E R Pride Ownership Work Ethic Enthusiasm Respect How does your set of classroom expectations fit with T-Wolf P.R.I.D.E.? School-wide Expectations

3 What POWER Looks Like… Shelton High School-- Home of the Highclimbers
CLASSROOM Produce quality work Always show your best effort Ask for help and be willing to try Be an engaged and motivated Help yourself and others learn WALKWAYS Keep free of garbage and graffiti Show sensible personal behavior and attire Move purposefully and keep paths clear Encourage considerate actions Keep appropriate physical boundaries LANGUAGE Think before you speak Use positive words and language Be tolerant and use non-threatening language Be encouraging and supportive Be positive when speaking to or about others ELECTRONICS Recognize the benefits of electronics Treat equipment as if it’s the only one Be productive and avoid disruptions Assist others with less skill Follow guidelines of use (where, how & when) ASSEMBLIES Wear school colors and show spirit Treat others how you want to be treated Attend on time and follow directions Find ways to positively participate Demonstrate courtesy toward others’ beliefs CAFETERIA Leave it better than you found it Make healthy food choices Be mindful of and include others Show appreciation of options Honor people, space, belongings BUS Keep bus clear of graffiti, trash and damage Follow directions, be safe and look out for others Be on time and prepared for bus Keep voices and music low Show tolerance and respect to driver and riders How does your set of classroom expectations fit with T-Wolf P.R.I.D.E.? What POWER Looks Like…

4 What your school counselor can do?
Support you in academic, personal, social and educational situations. School counselors: advise post secondary planning, refer to outside resources, mediate conflicts, intervene (re: harassment), help with situations that seem too big to handle alone. You can sign up to see us by visiting the counseling center and signing in, ing us, or calling for an appointment. We are glad you are here!

5 The Registration… A L T E R N A T E S
COURSE REQUEST FORM NAME: _________________________________________________________________ (Please print) LAST FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL Please read the reverse side first. Refer to the SHS course catalog for elective course descriptions and pre-requisite information. Refer to the Course Availability Listings for course numbers. It is the sole responsibility of the student to be aware of the graduation requirements and to take the necessary courses and credits required for graduation. A L T E R N A T E S Alternate courses are selected in case you cannot be scheduled into your primary elective choices as a result of closed sections or other conflicts. Alternate courses should be classes that you are willing to take because you will be placed in your alternate selection if necessary. It should not be courses that you have selected as a primary choice or a course you have already taken.

6 The Course Catalog Sophomore English Grades: 10; full-year course; 1.0 credit(s) Fulfills:  Elective  Meets Requirement  Occupational Ed Course Description: Sophomore literature, grammar and writing. Sophomores not placed in a reading class are required to take this course or Sophomore Honors English. A major focus of the course will be on the skills to prepare for the Reading and Writing State HSPE exam. Prerequisite: None.

7 Standard information to start to a Sophomore Schedule
Math (as recommended) full year course Health (if not previously taken) one semester Computer Applications (if not previously taken) Honors Sophomore English OR Sophomore English full year course AP World Studies OR World Studies full year course Biology OR Honors Biology one semester full year course Two additional credits based on grad req and student interest

8 Shelton High School Graduation Requirements
Students must earn a total of 22 credits in required areas. Students must pass/complete all state testing requirements. Students must complete a culmination project and creating a beyond high school plan.

9 Credit Requirements to Graduate
English 3.5 credits Math 3.0 credit: 1.0 Alg, 1.0 Geom, 1.0 Adv. Science 2.0 credits Social Studies 3.0 credits: PNW * 8th grade * Pacific Northwest History (PNW) must have been completed in Junior High or High School and is not included in the 3.0 Social Studies credits. World Studies 1 and 2 U.S. History 1 and 2 Civics Physical Ed/ Health 2.0 credits Occupational 1.0 credits inc. Computer Applications Fine Arts 1.0 credits Then enough elective/extra credit to equal 22

10 Testing expectations No more WASL… still have HSPE… and now for the EOC as well…leave it to education to find an acronym! LMNOP  EOC: End of Course Exam Required to pass in Algebra, Geometry, and Biology Class of 2016 will take the Alg EOC in June of 2013, the make-up in Jan of 2014, and continue to test at the end of each semester until satisfactorily passed HSPE: High School Proficiency Exam Given in the early Spring of 10th for both READING AND WRITING Students on an IEP will be tested based on their accommodations and in coordination with their case manager.

11 C.S.I can really help! C.S.I= Climber Success Institute… the same teacher for three years with same group of students to support each other. Meets twice weekly to help with important planning and graduation expectations including culmination project, high school and beyond planning. Is a direct link with scheduling in the spring and monitoring progress including student and family access. Is advised by Brian Faire in consultation with the counselors to give post secondary planning information. Has a clear and accessible link on the SHS webpage for references and assistance. 3 Big Tasks: Job Shadow, Culminating Project, High School and Beyond Plan

12 Community College and Technical Schools
The entrance requirements are normally to be a high school graduate and take an placement exam. Visiting websites, touring through an admissions department, and asking about placement/transfer services are wise steps to take in making CC and TC your plan.

13 4 year College Admission Information
Students are responsible for ensuring that they are appropriately scheduled in classes for college admission. Typical Subjects Required for College Admission: Two (2) credits of the same World Language Four (4) credits of English Three (3) credits of Mathematics Three (3) credits of Social Studies A full-year of Chemistry or Physics Admissions offices of universities will post the requirements to help you confirm these suggestions.

14 College and High School Together??
Tech Prep courses- you may have some already. For 11th and 12th grade students options include: Running Start program Newmarket Skills Center College classes at SHS by SHS faculty Remember, it starts a college transcript while adding to your high school one.

15 Speaking of Planning… it’s all in the fine print…in the course catalog
POST-HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING Four-Year Colleges and Universities SAT or ACT Most four-year colleges have similar entrance requirements. Review individual college requirements carefully by going online to the college(s) of your choice. Community and Technical Colleges A placement test is required for placement in English and math classes and needs to be completed before registering for classes. If your test level does not indicate college level competencies, remedial courses will be required. To qualify for financial aid, a person either has earned a high school diploma or a GED. Apprenticeship An apprentice is a wage-earning worker who learns a craft or skills through planned, supervised work on the job. Admission requirements to apprenticeship programs vary, depending on the characteristics of the occupation. Generally, a prospective apprentice needs to be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma. Specific information can be obtained from the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training, U.S. Department of Labor, and the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Apprenticeship section. See Washington State Registered Apprenticeship programs at

16 Here’s more…. Military Program All military programs, enlistment, ROTC and academies require the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and a high school diploma. For ROTC programs and academies, the four-year college and university admission requirements listed above must also be met. Academy applicants must obtain a Congressional nomination in order to be considered for an appointment. Students interested in ROTC or the academies must contact their school counselor to apply in the spring of their junior year. AmeriCorps The AmeriCorps program offers opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance or helps protect the environment, you will be getting things done through AmeriCorps. Participants can choose a variety of options from tutoring, environmental jobs, building houses, etc. Full time participants who complete their service will receive compensation to go toward their education.

17 Can we just say?? Most plans after high school take planning and funding. Carol English in the Career Center can help with scholarships. It is not too early to have a account for scholarships. has an estimator so you can have (closer to realistic) financial information for your situation.,, and CareerCrusing are wonderful resources as well.

18 Hard Work, Done Well, Feels Great!
What you’re doing: Making Friends Taking Challenges Trusting Yourself Trusting Each Other Trying Harder Setting Goals Asking for Help Lending a Hand Being your Best Self How you are doing it: Getting Organized Staying Motivated Meeting Deadlines Attending Every Day Balancing Home and School Putting in Extra Time Saying ‘I don’t know’ Asking for a Challenge You Rock!

19 Shelton High is a Great Place to Learn!
You have creative teachers. You have caring students. You have motivated mentors: Climber Crew. You have interesting classes to learn thoughtfully prepared content. You have a great school and you get to be a part of it. Clubs, activities, sports, events - get involved and share what is great about our school, the students!

20 You Have a TEAM! Your Team Roster: Your Friends Your Family
Your CSI Teacher Your Climber Crew Leader Your School Counselor Your Administrators Your Six Teachers Your Office Support Staff Your Coaches and Advisors P.S.- You are not alone

21 Get Involved A-Z! *Aqua Club ** ASB ** ASL Club
Band** Baseball **Basketball BigBuddies**Bowling** Cheerleaders**Choir/Illusions **Cross Country**Dance Team **DECA** Drama Club**Fastpitch**FFA **Flag Team **Football **French Club **German Club **Golf **Honor Society **Key Club **Knowledge Bowl **Native American Club **Outdoor Fitness **Power Lifting**Rifle Club **SADD Club **Soccer. **Special Olympics ***Spring Musical **Swim Team **Tennis **Track ** Volleyball **Watts Up/Skills **Wrestling **Yearbook will get you to the SHS website where you will find the handbook and information many families find helpful!

22 Climber Crew Video Kindness Boomerang
Our Crew Envisions a campus this year where Kindness catches like a disease! Check it out, then join in!

23 We will see you soon! It won’t be long until your 1st year of high school is done. Be sure you have the 6.0 credits you were offered or pay yourself back in summer school if you need to. Climber Crew leaders will be calling you to remind you of our Sophomore Orientation day but you will have flyers sent home and probably an or two too. Be sure to attend!

24 This Year’s Climber Crew Picked a Quote For You:
Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. Princess Diana

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