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5905 Grosvenor Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38119

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1 5905 Grosvenor Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38119
BALMORAL/RIDGEWAY ELEMENTARY School-wide PBIS Plan (Discipline Plan) Principal, Robyn Weiss-Liebenhaut 5905 Grosvenor Avenue Memphis, Tennessee

2 Guiding Principles We believe….
All students can learn, achieve and succeed. In using a variety of teaching strategies. In a safe learning environment. Parents, teachers and community help our school realize it’s mission. In cultural diversity and that our school will engage in international mindedness. Students will become independent thinkers, problem solvers and wise decision makers. Revised 7/10

3 Our Values Balmoral/Ridgeway Elementary is a small school with a big heart. With two schools merging into one, together we served the Balmoral and Ridgeway community for over 30 years. We are as dedicated to our mission as ever. Faculty members work to create a community that provides belongingness, significance, and fun. We value… Individuality Family Diversity Community Effort Learning Healthy Lifestyles Revised 7/10

4 Vision We see: Our students developing intellectually, socially, and emotionally as they become life long learners. Our parents supporting us, reinforcing us and loving their children. Our staff teaching, leading, coaching, and supporting our students and their families. Revised 7/10

5 Our challenge is to foster…
Mission Our challenge is to foster… A love of learning An inclusive environment Acceptance of self and others A commitment to healthy lifestyle choices Revised 7/10

6 Balmoral/Ridgeway Motto
We Believe that learning is a life long adventure. We Believe in facing each day with minds open to knowledge and hearts open to love. We Believe in the freedom to wonder, to ask, to explore, to imagine, to create. We Believe that success means doing our best, being our best and feeling proud of our efforts. We Believe that every one of us has special talents and that the talents of each of us helps all of us. We Believe in ourselves, in each other and in our school – Balmoral Ridgeway Elementary. Revised 7/10

7 Previous Results We met our goals for the school year.

8 Goals or Objectives Our goal is to decrease office referrals for behavioral concerns, tardiness, and absenteeism by 5%. Our goal is to decrease suspensions by 5%. Revised 7/10

9 MCS School-wide PBIS (Discipline) Team Worksheet 2010-11
Name of School: _________________ PBIS Team is representative of the school faculty and includes an administrator. Fill in the names of team members and designate counselor who will serve as Team Leader (TL) / Internal Coach *Indicates members mandated by MEA contract; others may be invited as needed See next slide for further instructions Principal* Robyn Liebenhaut Assistant Principal (recommended) Professional School Counselor* Marylyn S. Washington School Psychologist General Education Teacher(s) Patricia Griffin, Ruby Liggins, Samantha McGuire MEA Representative* Elizabeth Kluge Elected Teachers (2)* Special Education Teacher(s)* Patricia Breedlove Related Arts Teacher(s) Students Educational Assistant(s)/ Non-Certified Staff Community Member Parents (2)* ISS Assistant (recommended) Cafeteria/Custodial Staff Bus Driver External PBIS Coach Wesley Dorsey Revised 7/10

10 Meeting Schedule See Next Slide for Further Instructions on Names of Team Members
20 Day Reporting Period Approximate Dates of Reporting Periods All data for period entered into system (A) SW PBIS Team meeting dates (B) Faculty meeting dates to report interpretation of 20 day data (C) 1 8/9/10-9/3/10 9/10/10 9/16/10 9/22/10 2 9/7/10-10/4/10 10/8/10 10/7/10 10/13/10 3 10/5/10-11/3/10 11/5/10 11/4/10 11/10/10 4 11/4/10-12/6/10 12/10/10 12/9/10 12/15/10 5 12/7/10-1/19/11 1/21/11 1/20/11 1/26/11 6 1/20/11-2/16/11 2/18/11 2/17/11 2/23/11 7 2/17/10-3/24/11 3/25/11 3/31/11 4/6/11 8 3/25/10-4/21/11 4/22/11 4/28/11 5/4/11 9 4/25/10-5/20/11 5/20/11 5/23/11 5/24/11 Revised 7/10

11 Please insert names of Team members below:
Data should be entered promptly to enable review of accurate data. Deadline for data entry is the Friday following the end of the reporting period. Principal should identify person responsible for entering behavior data. Name and title of data entry designee: Michelle Yasinsky, General Office Secretary (B) Committee should meet within one week of final data entry for reporting period. Enter projected meeting dates in this column. Identify team member responsible for data summary to report to SW PBIS Team. Name and title: Marylyn S. Washington, Professional School Counselor Determine how you wish to examine your data: by location, by student, by infraction, by time of day, number of referrals per day per reporting period. Also consider office referral procedures and data integrity. (C) Faculty meeting to discuss behavior should be held within a week of the SW PBIS Team’s Meeting. Enter projected dates in this column. Identify persons responsible for sharing data trends for previous reporting period with the faculty. Team may wish to lead faculty in brainstorming intervention strategies based on data. Share successes and areas of continued efforts.

12 Monitoring Process Teachers meet weekly in professional learning communities. They look at data to determine who is experiencing academic difficulty. The principal will also monitor report cards. Students are monitored and referred to the School Support Team when necessary. Intervention for reading and math are available. Tier II students receive an additional 30 minutes of reading instruction from the teacher. Tier III students receive daily intensive instruction from the Interventionists. Students participate in Headsprout and Stanford Math weekly. Each Tuesday, SART meets and discusses issues related to attendance. The School Support Team meets on Mondays to plan and develop intervention strategies for students with behavior and/or academic issues. The PBIS team has access to all of this data to review, plan, and implement strategies needed to ensure success for all students. Revised 7/10

13 SAS/TIC Action Plan Schoolwide systems
To develop a Behavior Expectation Matrix Teach staff how to respond to “minor” behavioral infractions Train all staff to respond to appropriate and inappropriate behaviors according to PBIS program Nonclassroom settings systems Provide opportunities for staff to identify “problem areas” Staff observe transition periods PBIS team evaluate referral data related to nonclassroom locations Classroom systems Teachers develop lesson plans to teach all students the expected behaviors and routines All staff trained to identify and respond appropriately to “minor” and “major” behavioral incidences Teachers will work with IB Coordinator to ensure materials are available to assist in the differentiation of instruction

14 Sample SAS Tables Revised 7/10

15 Sample Analysis of School Wide System
Revised 7/10

16 Celebration Daily Intercom Announcements
Daily and Weekly Student Folders Weekly Parent Newsletters Bulletin Boards Weekly Kindergarten-Third Grade and Fourth/Fifth Grade schoolwide responsive classroom meetings PTO meetings Memphis City Schools Insider Revised 7/10

17 School Rules (Essential Agreements)
Respect self, property and others. Open hearts and minds to knowledge. Accept responsibility for actions. Demonstrate and display desirable behaviors. Revised 7/10

18 Behavior Matrix Revised 7/10 School Wide Rules Classroom Cafeteria
Hallway Restroom Bus Respect self, property and others. Be respectful to yourself, property and others by keeping hands and feet to yourself. Use an appropriate tone of voice. Stay to the right of the hall. Take care of business and exit quickly. Be on time. Use appropriate tone of voice. Keep hands, feet and property to yourself. Open hearts and minds to knowledge. Come prepared by having all materials including needed materials and homework assignments completed. Eat a well balanced breakfast and lunch. Eat your own food. Say positive comments to people and about bulletin boards. Take care of your business before school, during assigned breaks and as directed by your teacher. Be on time Be prepared Accept responsibility for actions. Follow classroom rules. Display positive actions including addressing adults appropriately and complimenting peers. Use appropriate conversational tones. Remain seated in your designated area and keep your area clean. Use appropriate tone of voice while transitioning through the halls and to support classes. Keep the rest room clean. Wash your hands. Stay in your seat. Be at your bus stop/area on time. Go directly to your designation. Demonstrate and display desirable behaviors. Greet your teachers and classmates daily. Stay seated and face forward. Use good table manners and pick up your trash. Walk in the halls. Wear allowable uniforms. Maintain positive and appropriate behavior by taking care of your business, washing your hands and exiting quickly. Stay in your seat and use positive and appropriate language. Revised 7/10

19 Develop Pre-referral Behavior Classification
Staff Managed Office Managed Inappropriate Language Inappropriate Language that is bullying or threatening in nature Physical contact related to horseplay Fighting Failure to return homework, progress reports, notes to parents Failure to respond to office request for conference. Failure to Respond to Adults Consistently failing to respond to adults Revised 7/10

20 Flow Chart for Dealing with Problem Behavior
Observe problem behavior Is behavior staff managed? Find a place to talk with student(s) YES NO Ensure safety Problem solve Write referral & Escort student to office Determine consequence Problem solve Determine consequence Follow procedure documented Follow documented procedure NO Does student have 3? YES Follow through with consequences File necessary documentation Send referral to office File necessary documentation Follow up with student within a week Revised 7/10

21 Teach the Rules, Expectations and Procedures
Matrix taught first week of each semester Matrix reviewed weekly during morning meetings Weekly folders sent to parents Each grade level develops lesson plans Students receive E’s for following rules Essential agreements (rules) posted in every classroom Students receive Character Counts coupons Students behavior monitored continuously

22 Code of Conduct Post test Information
School: Balmoral/Ridgeway Elementary Principal: Robyn S. Liebenhaut School Enrollment: 344 Number of Post-test administered: 344 % of students scoring 80% or above: 97 Date make up/retest scheduled (for absentees and students scoring below 80%): August 27, 2010 Name of Person Submitting Form: Marylyn S. Washington Title: Counselor Phone: Revised 7/10

23 Annual PBIS Kick-off Teach MCS Code of Conduct
Administer Code of Conduct Post-tests Teach Schoolwide Rules and Behavior Expectations from matrix When district and school universal rules and expectations are understood, celebrate the beginning of a new, positive school year Revised 7/10

24 School Procedures Students enter at 8:00 for breakfast or line up outside until 8:15 supervised by staff member (inclement weather wait in cafeteria) Classes escorted to restrooms before morning work, after support class, or before or after lunch Students always escorted by adults to support classes, cafeteria, and assemblies Students dismissed by groups (bus riders, after school CARE, walkers, car riders) Friday morning schoolwide responsive classroom assemblies (8:30/Grades Kindergarten-3; 9:30/Grades 4 and 5) Revised 7/10

25 Classroom Procedures SLANT (Sit up, Look Interested, Ask important questions, Name key information, Track on the teacher and test) Buddy Teachers Positive Time Outs Hall Passes System for returning homework and make up work Communicating with parents through Parent Link, phone calls, s, progress reports, newsletters Revised 7/10

26 School Wide Incentives
Weekly E Parties – E stands for Excellence in all classes – students must attend school daily, return homework, and arrive at school on time – students receive 20 minutes of free time (Kindergarten-Second and Third- Fifth) Character Counts Coupons – given by any staff member -weekly and end of nine weeks random drawing for prizes Tardy Free Day – at end of each 10 day period students who were not tardy are eligible for an uniform adjustment Roadrunner Good Behavior Club – each semester students with zero referrals will participate in a school wide activity

27 Character Counts Coupon
________C.A.R.E.S. Name of student Cooperation Assertiveness Responsibility Empathy Self-Control Recommended by:___________________________ Revised 7/10

28 Resources for Incentives
Ridgeway Baptist Church Balmoral Presbyterian Church Target (Ridgeway Loop) PTO Embassy Suites Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store Revised 7/10

29 Communication with Parents & Community
Daily and weekly student folders Weekly parent newsletters Website PTO meetings WatchDOGS Revised 7/10

30 Character Education Morning announcements spotlight IB learner profiles and attitudes for the week Weekly Health and P.E. lessons for all grades taught by P.E. teacher MCS Character traits incorporated into IB learner profiles and attitudes Friday morning schoolwide responsive classroom meetings include learner profiles and attitudes Revised 7/10

31 ATOD Prevention Classroom lessons for all grades taught by the professional school counselor D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) lessons taught to fifth graders by Memphis Police Department Officer School wide activities for Red Ribbon and Healthy Choices Week coordinated by professional school counselor and P. E. teacher Revised 7/10

32 Bullying Prevention September 18, Peer Mediation Training for selected fifth graders by Professional School Counselor November 17, 2010 – Bullying and Intimidation Training for staff by Professional School Counselor Ongoing classroom lessons taught by Professional School Counselor Revised 7/10

33 Violence Prevention Programs
Second Step classroom lessons taught to kindergarten through second graders by the Professional School Counselor Peer Mediation Training taught to select fifth graders by Professional School Counselor Peer Mediation sessions available to all students Revised 7/10

34 Tier 2/Intervention Team
Team composed of school counselor, administrator, classroom teacher, school psychologist, school social worker, external PBIS coach All of the team members will meet weekly Team will meet at regularly scheduled intervals during the year to evaluate interventions such as group counseling and Check in Check out Revised 7/10

35 Intervention Strategies
Anger management, social skills groups and issue driven groups such as divorce, grief, incarcerated parents, led by counselor, social worker, and/or behavioral specialist Check In/Check Out with counselor for students who need daily support Mentoring program for selected fifth grade males by WatchDOGS or male staff coordinated by counselor Behavior plans as needed developed by social worker

36 Additional Tier 2 Interventions
Peer Mediation Kindergarten – Second grade MCS Interventionist Third – Fifth grade Title I funded Interventionist Parent training upon request by professional school counselor Behavioral Contracts developed by professional school counselor with assistance from teacher and parent Revised 7/10

37 In-School Suspension Plan
We do not have an in-school suspension program available to us for the 2010/11 school year. Revised 7/10

38 Secondary Intervention (Tier 2) Evaluation
Number of office referrals Teacher anecdotal reports Student surveys Report to Families and Children – Kindergarten – Second Grades Report cards – Third – Fifth Grades Revised 7/10

39 Tertiary Interventions (Tier 3)
School Support Team (S-Team) meets after a teacher and/or parent referral School social worker or resource teacher will develop comprehensive behavior intervention plans as needed School social worker will complete a Functional Behavior Assessment as needed Success of interventions will be monitored through S Team or IEP meetings

40 Green zone 0 – 1, yellow zone 2 – 5, red zone 6+ office referrals
6+ occurrences=1 1 % 2-5 occurrences=26 8 % 0-1 occurrences=273 91 % of Students Revised 7/10

41 Documentation & Monitoring
Verification of administration of Code of Conduct Post-tests due August 27, 2010; fax to September 30, 2010 submit School Wide PBIS Plan & documents below electronically to District Coach for your area. Includes: Team Members and Team Leader/Internal Coach Meeting Schedule for year Also submit separate forms as part of SWPBIS Plan: SAS Summary Action Plan (based on SAS, SET & TIC results) TIC (also submitted to Coach Jan. & Apr.) Ratification-acceptance form faxed Minutes & agenda (with task list) submitted monthly Ongoing training for Team Leaders/Internal Coaches and others will be provided throughout the school year

42 Center for Safe & Drug Free Schools
District PBIS Coaches Northeast Region, Regional Supt. Kevin McCarthy Northwest Region, Regional Supt. Catherine Battle Brady Henderson, Southeast Region, Regional Supt. Dr. Terrence Brown Southwest Region, Regional Supt. Willie Rhodes Carolyn Matthews, Center for Safe & Drug Free Schools , fax: Revised 7/10

43 Additional CSDFS Staff
James Bacchus, Chief of Student Support Kenneth Pinkney, Director, Student Intervention & Behavior Linda Delaney, Emergency Management Janice Johnson, Student Leadership, Peer Mediation Charlotte Baucom, ISS Assistants & Behavior Specialists Adrian Stitt, Special Project Assistant for ISS Robert Williams, Technology Project Administrator Ruth Watson, Program Project Specialist Brenda Harper, Program Project Specialist Shanddeikka Beecham, Clerical Dorinita Clark, Clerical District Behavior Specialists: Morrice Apprey, Willa Broom, Ptorey Crutchfield, Dana Gaston, Angeletta Giles Center for Safe & Drug Free Schools, Loc. 172, Rt. 2 220 N. Montgomery, Memphis, TN

44 Resources MCS PBIS Data Website MCS Website
User Name: Principal is prinloca (no space, insert your location number), Assistant Principal is aprloca (no space, insert your location number and a, b or c depending on the number of AP’s), Team Leader is tlloc (no space, insert your location number) Password can be reset by calling Help Desk at MCS Website Forms will be under PBIS site (Go to Student Support, then Student Behavior and Intervention, then PBIS or go to Student Heading on MCS homepage and Schoolwide Discipline Plans) TN PBIS links & Maryland PBIS PBIS

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