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San Gabriel Outdoor Adventures, LLC presents Youth Leadership & Travel - Adventure Camps.

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1 San Gabriel Outdoor Adventures, LLC presents Youth Leadership & Travel - Adventure Camps

2 Who we are Ron & Rhonda Smith – Founder/Owners Professional Educators! Experienced parents! Ron is an Earth Scientist Rhonda is a counselor 512.869.8929 512.635.6129

3 Professional Associations American Historical Association Boy Scouts of America Camping Association for Mutual Progress Federation of Fly Fishers Science Teachers Association of Texas National Earth Science Teachers Assn. Natl. Society for Experiential Education

4 What we do Fort Smith is an outdoor, travel-camping adventure filled with leadership and learning for guys ages 11 – 17. Camps run from one-day educational excursions to 21 day expeditions throughout the western US, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. The mission of the Fort Smith Mountain Men is to provide safe, unique, outdoor travel adventures that combine leadership insights, history, natural science learning, fun and camaraderie that results in increased knowledge, confidence and appreciation for life, family and country. Camp in operation since 1958!


6 Mountain Man I


8 Magnificent Camping!

9 Great Hiking!

10 History & Earth Science in the Amazing West!

11 Exploring Everything!

12 Fishing…Always!

13 Enjoy GREAT food and camaraderie in amazing places!

14 Make New Friendships

15 2013 Camps The TEXAS TREK! Spring Break, March 9 – 15, 2013 BIG BEND / Trans-Pecos Join the Mountain Men for: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, Exploring, History of the Fort Davis National Monument, Astronomy at the McDonald Observatory, Natural History and Geology of the Big Bend National Park, water balloon and egg launching experiments atop the Mountain Man bus, Native American and Mountain Men activities! $600 / all inclusive!

16 Join the Mountain Men for a lifetime adventure of exploration and learning! NORTH to ALASKA! June 30 – July 20, 2013 Camping, hiking, history, swimming, exploring; Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Rock Creek, Montana the fabled inside passage, and guided fishing in Ketchikan! All this and leadership too rolled into one incredible learning adventure! Nothing like it anywhere! $3600 all expenses paid! 2013 Camps



19 REFERENCES / CONTACT US We have an extensive list of advisors, parents and camper references available for you to learn about our staff and program. We are happy to put you in touch with these people as they will offer you direct insight into the quality and value of the program for your young man! THANK YOU for your interest in Fort Smith ! Ron Smith Ryan Lynch 512.869.8929 / 512.635.6129 512.554.2831 CONTACT US!



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