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South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominees 2011-2012.

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1 South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominees 2011-2012

2 14 Cows for America Presents an illustrated tale of a gift of fourteen cows given by the Maasai people of Kenya to the U.S. as a gesture of comfort and friendship in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001. By Carmen Agra Deedy

3 About Penguins: A Guide for Children By Cathryn Sill An introduction to the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitats of penguins.

4 All the World By Liz Garton Scanlon This book follows a group of family members and friends through the course of a day as they learn the importance of all things great and small.

5 Back of the Bus By Aaron Reynolds From the back of the bus, an African American child watches the arrest of Rosa Parks.

6 Bridgets Beret By Tom Lichtenheld When Bridget loses the beret that provides her with artistic inspiration like other great artists, she thinks she will never be able to draw again.

7 Frankie Works the Night Shift By Lisa Westberg Peters In this counting book, Frankie the cat's night prowling causes a ruckus, waking sleeping neighbors who do not share Frankie's love of the "night shift."

8 The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School By Lisa Westberg Peters A young girl's talented but untamed tresses do not impress her strict first-grade teacher, who has rules for everything, including hair.

9 The Hallelujah Flight By Phil Bildner In 1932, James Banning, along with his co- pilot Thomas Allen, make history by becoming the first African-Americans to fly across the United States, relying on the generosity of people they meet in the towns along the way who help keep their "flying jalopy" going.

10 Hot Rod Hamster By Cynthia Lord A hamster, with the help of a canine junkyard dealer and his mouse assistants, builds a hot rod and drives it in a race against some very large dogs.

11 Jackson and Buds Bumpy Ride: Americas First Cross-Country Automobile Trip By Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff Tells the story of the first cross- country automobile trip in 1903 by Dr. Horatio Jackson and mechanic Sewall J. Crocker.

12 Lets Do Nothing! By Tony Fucile Young friends Frankie and Sal, believing they have "done it all," decide to do nothing for a while, but Frankie has a little trouble with the concept and it is not long before the boys realize there is no way to do nothing.

13 LMNO Peas By Keith Baker Busy little peas introduce their favorite occupations, from astronaut to zoologist.

14 Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I dont) By Barbara Bottner A first-grade girl-- who does not like to read--stubbornly resists her school librarian's efforts to convince her to love books until she finds one that might change her mind.

15 My Garden By Kevin Henkes After helping her mother weed, water, and chase the rabbits from their garden, a young girl imagines her dream garden complete with jellybean bushes, chocolate rabbits, and tomatoes the size of beach balls.

16 Panda Kindergarten By Joanne Ryder Photographs and text follow sixteen panda cubs at the Wolong Nature Preserve, where they are raised and observed by scientists and workers while they learn survival skills that will allow them to be re-released into the wild.

17 Ready for Anything! By Keiko Kasza Raccoon is nervous about all of the things that could spoil a picnic, from bees to dragons, until Duck convinces him that surprises can be fun.

18 Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth! By Sarah Weeks A disgruntled big sister reveals unpleasant facts about babies.

19 By Sharon Robinson As a testament to his courage, Jackie Robinson's daughter shares memories of him, from his baseball career to the day he tests the ice for her, her brothers, and their friends. Testing the Ice: A True Story about Jackie Robinson

20 Under the Snow By Melissa Stewart Describes how different animals survive the long, cold winter months.

21 Were All in the Same Boat By Zachary Shapiro After being on the ark for months and months, the ants get antsy, the bees bored, and the llamas livid, and Noah must find a way to make everyone get along.

22 Happy Reading!! Thanks to Folletts Titlewave for the use of the book cover pictures and text.

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