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THE WYBUNBURY ACTION GROUP. The Shavington Triangle.

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2 The Shavington Triangle

3 The Wybunbury Triangle

4 Background A proposal by Mactaggart & Mickel (December 2010) outlining the development of the Shavington Triangle with up to 561 homes, as part of Cheshire Easts Spatial Vision and All Change for Crewe. Progress so far… 20 th May 2011 Public meeting called to discuss the development proposal. 7 th June 2011 Interested residents meet to form a committee to fight the proposal. Chair is Mark Donlon. 15 th & 22 nd June 2011 Committee meetings held to allocate areas of responsibility. In excess of 6,000 pages of evidence and related paperwork already collected.

5 Stop the proposed development of the Shavington Triangle Key Objection

6 Communications – Kris Chesworth Ecology – Martin Langhorn History & Culture – Aleta Steele Schools & Local Services – Ian Scott Technical – Mark Donlon (Chair) Transport – Ron Gartside The Committee

7 Timeline for Action Cheshire East Planning will begin to look at pre-planning proposals at the end of August Letters of objection must be logged with the Planning Department by mid-August. Committee actions as follows:-

8 The Triangle contains diverse varieties of wildlife, mature hedgerows, grassland and scrub which encourages biodiversity 9 species of birds recently recorded on the Triangle are listed as RED on the Birds of Conservation Concern list 12 animals seen in the Triangle are Species of Principal Importance on the England Biodiversity List, including Hedgehogs, Common Toads, House Sparrows, Song Thrushes and Lapwings Planning Policy Statement 9 states that The aim of planning decisions should be to prevent harm to biodiversity and geological conservation interests Once building work commences, these species will leave the Triangle and will not return. For example, M&M proposals to retain ponding and green areas will not retain sufficient quantities of small mammals to supply the Sparrowhawks and Kestrels Ecology

9 Wybunbury has over 1,000 years of recorded history as a rural village Wybunbury is a separate entity from Shavington and includes the Stock Lane / Dig Lane triangle History & Culture

10 All Primary, Secondary and Special Needs schools in the catchment area are over-subscribed - validation required Without expansion, this must result in increased class sizes Roads to and around the schools are already congested. Walking to Wybunbury Delves CP school is not an option due to lack of pavements, so congestion is increased Rope Lane Health Centre will receive an influx of patients, increasing appointment times still further Schools and Local Services


12 Increase in number of homes in Wybunbury from 620 to 1, additional private cars using local roads as a result Pedestrian & cycle facilities are well used for leisure but will not serve commuter purposes. Main hubs of employment are not served adequately by existing cycleways and footpaths Infrequent bus service availability – hourly and two-hourly. Does not encourage new residents to use public transport Proposal to calm traffic will mean other roads used as rat-runs, eg. Stock Lane, Dig Lane, Haymoor Green Road, Wybunbury Lane, etc. Safe route to schools compromised by the additional traffic Traffic volumes already exceed DfT guidelines for urban roads Transport

13 The Triangle is a Greenfield site. There were 7272 units achievable on Brownfield sites according to Cheshire East's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Nov In the same document the CEC's 5 year target figure is CEC should be utilising these existing resources before considering developing Greenfield sites. There are currently 3,000 empty homes in Cheshire East that should be utilised before any development Other Factors

14 Committee will make door to door calls on all residents to provide bullet point lists and advice for objection letters where necessary Where possible, residents to complete their own letter of objection. Letters will be collected by the Committee for delivery en masse to Planning. PLEASE REMEMBER We are not objecting to the MacTaggart & Mickel proposal. We are objecting to any development of the Triangle in any form. Next Steps

15 Support and advice does not need to be technical Assist with letter drops and collection Write an objection letter (the Committee can provide proforma letters if required) Talk to your neighbours and anybody else who may be affected and cannot attend the meetings – be vocal! Give us your contact details Tel: Mark Donlon How can you help?


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