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Databases and Landwor k WebEx Broadcast October 4, 2013.

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1 Databases and Landwor k WebEx Broadcast October 4, 2013


3 What is a database? a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer

4 Phone book Dictionary Index books

5 Per definition, database is simply the data A Program or System is what facilitates entry and processing of that data The terms Database and Database System are essentially interchangeable Database vs. Database Program or System

6 Courthouse Indexes Printed and electronic State Mineral Websites (Sonris, NDIC, etc.) Search Engines Google Bing Social Media Facebook Linked In Everyday databases in land work

7 And of course… Spreadsheets Simple but powerful Sorting Arithmetic We will revisit spreadsheets when we discuss design options Everyday databases in land work

8 Image files may contain metadata State Mineral Websites Well and production data Vs. Associated image of document Images and Associated Files vs. Data

9 Benefits of an Electronic Database Speed Accuracy Convenience Control Standardization Normalization

10 Benefits of Electronic Databases Speed Generally real-time Data is already normalized (see below) Info not only gathered but manipulated instantly Accuracy Not subject to human mistakes

11 Benefits of an Electronic Database Convenience Dont have to handle paper sources Web access even better Database program gathers and manipulates data for you

12 Benefits of an Electronic Database Control Very easy based on User IDs, authority levels Types of authority Degrees or areas of access Prospects States Divisions Standardization Users select from options Normalization Table structure and general design tailored to task

13 Drawbacks of an Electronic Database Security, Security, Security Users Hackers Viruses Failures Disasters

14 Two Types of Databases Flat Spreadsheets Easier to set up, more difficult to maintain Has orientation as described below Much data repetition Relational Related tables More difficult to set up, easier to maintain

15 Two Three Types of Databases Worth mentioning… Object Oriented Tables not directly related Usually best for very large amounts of data with relatively few tables

16 Database Permission Types Four broad types of permission Read Write Edit Delete Much of what we have discussed is read access only

17 Divided into 2 broad categories Acquisition/Tracking Tract-oriented database Concerned with % signed, restrictions, etc. Management Contract-oriented database Concerned with rights and obligations Databases for the Land Industry

18 Several companies TotaLand iLandman Land Boss Commonly tract-oriented Document generation (leases, reports, etc.) Real-time reporting Linking to GIS Data Gathering Field Acquisition and Tracking Systems

19 Tract-Oriented Design Note the repetition of records

20 Leading companies Tobin Quorum Land Pro Generally contract-oriented Tracking of rights, obligations over time Deaths, sales, expirations WI, RI, ORRI, NPRI Division Orders Joint Interest Billing Asset Management Systems

21 Contract-Oriented Design Again, note the repetition of records

22 Non-Oriented Design Cross Tables as opposed to Sub Tables

23 Each design has pros and cons All systems attempt to relate key data Tracts Contracts Parties Units Wells Instruments Projects Payments Etc., etc. Common Thread

24 Flat – Tract OrientedRelational – Tract Oriented Flat – Contract Oriented Relational – Contract Oriented N/ARelational – Non Oriented Review - Electronic Databases

25 Tract-oriented Contract-oriented Non-oriented

26 Databases are all around us Electronic databases are critical to everyday life, and the land industry is no exception Generally speaking, the front end side of the land industry has been slow to embrace significant integration of databases Solutions are getting better, prices are coming down Get on the bus or get left behind… Closing thoughts…

27 Please type in questions Questions

28 Bill Justice CE Credit Affidavits

29 The recording of this webinar will be posted on our WebEx portal shortly after complete. Thank you! Databases and Landwork

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