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Get Outside and Connect with your Island Home Program (GO)

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1 Get Outside and Connect with your Island Home Program (GO)

2 Linking Old Tasmanians AND New Tasmanians to Place

3 Getting people to GET OUTSIDE, safe, supported, make friends, experience nature.

4 New Tasmanians Asylum seekers on BVs Refugees International students Pontville teenagers Wildcare GO Team Wildcare Facilitator Volunteer team Members from the Aboriginal community Friends of groups Parks and Wildlife Service GO Program Coordinator Discovery rangers Field staff Service Providers Polytechnic UTAS Red Cross MRC TASS SERCO


6 New Tasmanians - A supported, safe nature experience - Connections to Tasmanians - Increased knowledge, skills and confidence - Increased ability to lead trips Wildcare - Engage with new Tasmanians - Share loved activities - Feel good factor for making a difference - Increased understanding of different cultures Increase volunteer membership and support for Friends groups Increase Wildcares multicultural profile and capacity PWS - More diverse people visiting and learning about our reserve system - Increased social capital and promoting accessibility in parks -Aligns to Healthy Parks, Healthy People and Social Cohesion foci - Increases Tasmanian PWS's national profile in supporting disadvantaged communities through extensive media coverage General Community - Benefit local bus operators - Increased multiculturalism in the community -Increases MRC, UTAS, POLY, Councils ability to support CALD people out into natural areas Benefits

7 Clothes, food, shoes, fun.

8 The Pathway First supported nature based experience Repeated support experience Independent nature experience Getting connected






14 From Participant to Leader New and Old Tasmanians join together to form a GO Wildcare group New Tasmanian leaders identified and trained to become confident and competent New GO Wildcare group with New Tasmanians leading undertake the next round of excursions




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