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Orientation to Martin High School Martin Handbook Arlington ISD Code of Conduct Revised 8-15-12.

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1 Orientation to Martin High School Martin Handbook Arlington ISD Code of Conduct Revised 8-15-12

2 Attendance To excuse an absence – Must call the attendance office on the day of the absence Sign out whenever you leave campus for any reason Bring back documentation for any appointment when you leave early If you become ill during the school day, you must get permission to go to the clinic; you must check out through the nurses office Unexcused absences could result in a loss of credit - @ 5 unexcused absences you lose credit College Visits for Seniors – 2 allowed; must follow guidelines; parents must notify the attendance office at least two days in advance

3 Exemptions Semester Exam Exemptions –Juniors and Seniors 1. Grade Average of 80 or above 2. No more than three excused absences 3. No unexcused absences 4. No more than 2 tardies in a class 5. No assignment to AEP

4 TARDY POLICY For every set of three tardies, a student receives an unexcused absence. Five unexcused absences result in loss of credit for a class. It is important to be on time… consequences increase every time a student is referred to the office for tardies.

5 TARDY POLICY Students go directly to their Assistant Principals Office when tardy to class – Consequences are cumulative, not by period: 1 st & 2 nd tardies – warning 3 rd tardy – 3 detentions 4 th & 5 th tardies – 1 additional day of detention, 6 th – Wed. School 7 th & 8 th – 1 additional detention 9 th – 2 Wednesday Schools 10 th & 11 th – additional detention 12 th – 2 Wed. School 13 th & 14 th – additional detention 15 th tardy = 2 Days of OCS

6 Truancy -- Mr. Nyhus May result in a summons to court May result in a fine May lead to loss of credit in school Will result in school disciplinary consequences May keep you from receiving your VOE form required for a drivers permit


8 Clubs and Organizations at Martin Join one of the many clubs or organizations currently available at Martin High School Students who are actively involved in high school feel connected and are more successful Currently have approximately 40 choices including:

9 Clubs/Organizations: Academic Decathlon Academic Quiz League Academic UIL AVID ClubBand Cheerleaders Choir DECA French Club Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Future Farmers of America (FFA) German Club and German NHS Hispanic Students Association Key Club Knights Chess Club Latin Club and Latin NHSMulticultural Awareness Club Literary Club National Honor SocietyOral Interp and Debate Orchestra PALSPhoenix Yearbook Physics ClubReady, Set, TeachSeekers Spanish Club, Spanish NHSSteppers Student Council/LeadershipSundancers Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE)The Coup Visual Arts ClubWarrior PostWorld Affairs Council World Geography ClubYoung Americans for Political Awareness

10 Other reasons to be involved: Start now – keep track of your activities at school – Why? Student involvement in and out of school is required for membership in the NHS – signatures eventually required by employers and/or school sponsors Student involvement in and out of school is expected for college admittance

11 College T-shirt Day on Wednesdays – Support the college of your choice!

12 Homework Help Have a quiet study area at home Set aside time each day for study – even if there is no official homework, read through your notes and just read! Let your teacher know if you need tutorial help Always do your A Day Homework on A Day; B Day on B Day

13 Lunch Freshmen/Sophomores – Closed Campus Off-limit areas at lunch – the courtyard, gyms, the upper & lower gym lobbies, library lobby, Little Theater lobby, front reception area and the upstairs front balcony by the railing Throw away trash and clean up area Juniors/Seniors – Open Campus; must return from lunch on time; no transportation excuses accepted

14 IDs I.D. must be worn at all times ; needed for cafeteria line, to enter sporting events, check-out in the library, for admittance to the clinic, class, counseling office and to attend detention hall. See Mr. McQuitty in the upper gym lobby or the library if you have not had yours made. Students may purchase temporary IDs - $1.00 per day in your attendance office; replacement IDs cost $5.00

15 Dress Code No spaghetti straps – strap must be 2 inches in diameter, no midriff shirts where torso is exposed; the display of cleavage is unacceptable No caps or head coverings in the building Facial hair must be neatly trimmed

16 Dress Code Dresses and skirts must be half the distance between the fingertips and the top of the knee when the students hand is extended Shorts/Skorts must be no shorter than the tip of the longest finger Shirts – no longer than the tip of the longest finger when extended down the students leg No cut-offs; no holes or rips in jeans No spike jewelry or long wallet chains No house shoes

17 Dress Code Violations Time out of class due to dress code violation/s are coded unexcused Detention hall (d-hall) initially assigned with more serious consequences assigned for continued violations

18 Library Policy Unless you are with your class, you must have both a pink pass and a student ID Student ID required for checking out books or to use a computer Library computers are for research only; no recreational Internet use is permitted

19 Important Policies to follow Overview 1. Cell phones 2. Parking Procedures 3. Illegal Substances 4. Harassment Policies 5. Crimestopper Program 6. Bus Service


21 Cell Phones/Electronic Devices Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) - teacher discretion when technology may be used or put away in the classroom Students may use technology before school, at lunch and after school Violation of BYOT will result in confiscation of technology; non-compliance will result in a minimum consequence of OCS.

22 Consequences for phone use If violated, device will be confiscated and returned only to a parent with a $15.00 return fee for a telecommunication device – first time Second offense – 2 days OCS will be assigned for a along with parent pick up and another $15.00 fee for telecommunication device For a third offense, loss of privilege/s to possess device, 2 days OCS, parent pick-up and another $15.00 fee for telecommunication device Fourth offense – all above plus Choices instead of OCS

23 Social Media Many discipline incidents at school are connected to social media Spending an inordinate time texting and/or on social media affects your performance in school Know the law in regards to appropriate messages and pictures

24 Parking Procedures Purchase sticker from Ms. Harper, Ms. Prices attendance clerk, in the office next to Room 294, before or after school only: bring proof of insurance, your drivers license, & license tag number Juniors and seniors park on the east and west lots Sophomores park only in the north lot and receive a reduced price Stickers may be revoked for reckless driving or other violations

25 Parking (Cont.) Parking in faculty spot will result in d -hall. Do not park in band practice area (blue grid area on west parking lot) after 3 p.m. Student vehicles without parking stickers are subject to towing. Permits are nontransferable. Fraudulent use of stickers will result in a loss of parking privileges.

26 Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco Use, possession, or delivery of alcohol or drugs on campus results in placement at an alternative campus Off-campus use, possession, or delivery of alcohol could result in suspension of privileges from extracurricular activities Possession or use of a tobacco product (including e-cigarettes) results in school consequences and may result in a police citation

27 Harassment/Bullying Harassment/Bullying of any type (sexual, racial, or hazing) will not be tolerated.

28 Consequences for Any Type of Harassment/Bullying Police action will occur School consequences ranging from On-Campus Suspension to assignment to Turning Point Fighting – Results in a two-day suspension, a 2 days OCS assignment, and possibly a police citation; second offense may result in a Turning Point assignment

29 Crimestoppers Program Cash rewards for crimes committed on campus Tips are reported anonymously. Go to the nearest office where instructions for doing that are given. Tips are investigated and if they are accurate, the informant will receive a cash reward up to $500.00.

30 Bus Service Bus routes are located on the AISD website All students who ride the bus must fill out a form. It requires the student to give his/her name, address, and ID number. Bus students may not use the bus as transport for their friends.

31 Help Services: PEP Counselor – Ms. Josie Torres Drewett – available for parenting education services for all students Intervention Specialist – Mrs. DeborahVation – on Martin campus on Wednesdays through Fridays; works specifically with students for drug/alcohol counseling and information

32 Reminders: Watch your belongings at all times. Do not leave your purses, book bags, cell phones, electronic equipment or any other valuables unattended. Do not bring large amounts of money to school. Clear the building each day by 3:00 p.m. unless you are under the supervision of a teacher. Our School Resource Officer is Officer Adam. His office is located in the complex with Mr. Johnston and Mrs. Yates.

33 SENIORS Remember the significance of your last year of high school. Do not jeopardize any opportunities or events that are important to you – including prom, graduation, extracurricular activities, and college admissions. Focus on making strong grades and keeping good school attendance. Make wise decisions!!

34 Final Word to all Students: While all the staff is here to supervise you, we are also here to help you. We want what is best for you and what will make you most successful while you are a student at Martin High School. If you have any questions regarding procedures, school policy, or anything else, please ask any member of the staff, but most especially feel free to contact me or your school counselor. Now your counselor will share some information.

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