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Mark Magee Registrar & Director for Regulation, Standards and Development.

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1 Mark Magee Registrar & Director for Regulation, Standards and Development

2 UK implementation Driver CPC was introduced for bus (PCV) drivers in September 2008 Driver CPC was introduced for lorry (LGV) drivers in September 2009

3 UK - the requirements All professional bus, coach and lorry drivers must hold a certificate of professional competence as well as their vocational driving licence All new bus, coach and lorry drivers to complete an initial qualification All drivers to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years

4 UK implementation - aim To allow flexibility in training delivery – so that businesses and individuals can train in a way which gives them the most benefit To allow businesses to maximise the benefits that Initial qualification and Periodic training would generate

5 Initial Driver CPC qualification Tests Only option was preferred Split into four parts, building on the existing test regime. Minimised unnecessary upheaval Allows individuals to pass the test and drive professionally for a year if they are studying a recognised NVT qualification - earn whilst you learn

6 Acquired Rights drivers Require a Driver Qualification Card This means that they will need to have completed 35 hours of recognised periodic training: For PCV drivers - by Sept 2013 For LGV drivers - by Sept 2014

7 Periodic training Only approved training centres can deliver DCPC periodic training The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) –supports and advises DSA in the approval and quality assurance of Driver CPC centres and courses –uses expertise from the Sector Skills Councils

8 Periodic training approvals Centres are required to provide JAUPT with evidence that their trainers hold appropriate qualifications or experience/knowledge in both training delivery and subject area 1,247 approved training centres 3,157 approved training courses

9 Periodic training courses There is no pass/fail assessment at the end of periodic training – agreed with industry representatives during consultation

10 Periodic training audits Increased and recruited a dedicated team of auditors All centres now audited All new centres now audited in the first year of approval Thereafter prioritisation based on Risk Complaints about training can be notified to DSA via dedicated email address

11 Nature of audits Where centre audits or other intelligence raise concerns DSA will conduct Late Notice centre audits with 1 or 2 days notice to prevent doctoring of records Course audits focus on quality & compliance – all unannounced

12 2011/12 audit findings Good quality training Competent and knowledgeable trainers Some weak management controls - ID checks/attendance record/fair processing notice Some concerns about course content and duration

13 On-line Driver Enquiry Launched March 2012 Extremely valuable in terms of further intelligence and self-policing Highlights poor processes and systems Also highlights potential intentional non-compliance e.g. delivery of non- approved courses

14 Number of audits 2010/11 – 278 audits 2011/12 – 1,108 audits undertaken (388 centre audits and 720 course audits) 2012/13 – 1,100 audits (300 centre audits and 800 course audits)

15 Post-audit actions Two investigations have led to Police involvement One centre is no longer trading One centres approval has been revoked

16 Progress towards Sept 2014 key facts and trends Estimated that there are 500,000 to 750,000 professional drivers in the LGV and PCV sectors Since September 2008: –44,409 initial qualifications completed –111,001 Driver Qualification Cards

17 Progress towards Sept 2014 key facts and trends 543,298 active drivers* 9.5 million hours Periodic Training hours logged to July 2012 Estimate to September 2012 10.66 million hours logged – actual = 10.6m Estimate 20.1 million hours logged by September 2014

18 Feedback on Driver CPC Driver Hire Commercial Vehicle Show Survey 87% believe that Driver CPC is a good thing 90% believe that the Driver CPC training itself was useful 50% have completed two or three days of training

19 Thank You

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