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Valley Elementary School

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1 Valley Elementary School
Field Trip Training 2013

2 Traveling to and From the Field Trip
Students will ride the school bus to the field trip and back to the school after the field trip. Chaperones may have the option of riding the bus with their child for trips to the Symphony or Children’s Theater. On trips where more than 2 chaperones are needed, parents will be asked to drive their own vehicle. Chaperones will not be allowed to transport children to and from a field trip in their vehicle.

3 Responsibilities of a Chaperone
Chaperones may be responsible for 4-5 students. Chaperones will stay with the students at all times and follow the schedule given to them by the teacher. Chaperones may not purchase items (souvenirs, candy, food, etc.) for their child or the children in their group. Cell phones are not to be used during a field trip unless there is an emergency.

4 Responsibilities of Chaperones
Chaperones should arrive at least 20 minutes before the field trip is scheduled to depart. Chaperones may be asked to go to the lunchroom and collect lunches, ice-chests with milk, etc. for the trip. Chaperones may be asked to carry these items in their vehicle due to lack of space on the buses.

5 Chaperone Rules Chaperones may take pictures of their own child on the field trip. Chaperones may not take pictures of other students on the trip. This is a confidentiality issue. As a chaperone, you do not know who has asked to not have their child photographed. To avoid having pictures posted on facebook or sent to the newspaper, only teachers have permission to take pictures of the students attending the field trip.

6 Chaperone Rules cont. A field trip is considered a school event. Therefore, the field trip is a tobacco, drug, and alcohol free zone. Chaperones may not smoke on a field trip. Dress appropriately, please! No shorts, low cut shirts, or tight clothing on field trips. We are role models for our children at all times.

7 Follow-Up Quiz Please complete and return the attachment. You may this to or return it to your child’s teacher. The follow-up quiz ensures you viewed the PowerPoint and understand the rules and procedures for chaperoning a field trip. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Campanotta at or by at Thank you for volunteering to chaperone our trips this year. Your child’s safety is our number one concern!

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