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Sam Livingston School Kindergarten Orientation Evening May 26th, 2011

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1 Sam Livingston School Kindergarten Orientation Evening May 26th, 2011
Welcome and Introduction Dallas Wheeler School Hours / Opening Dallas Wheeler Kindergarten Program Heather Dyson Brigite Fournier Andrea Frohlick Vanessa Hanneson Parent Involvement & Dallas Wheeler Volunteer Registration Transportation Dallas Wheeler Questions Dallas Wheeler Class Visit

2 Information for Parents
Our school newsletter and information is posted on our school website at: An important website for information about the Calgary Board of Education is The school office will reopen on August 29th. The phone number is You may also us at

3 School Hours 2011-12 Gr. 1-4 8:09 -11:30 12:24 - 2:36
Morning Kindergarten 8:09 AM – 10:47 AM Acadia, Lake Bonavista/Downs, Deer Run/ Ridge, Diamond Cove, Douglasdale/glen, Fairview, Mapleridge, McKenzie Lake, Riverbend, Ogden, Parkland, Quarry Park, Queensland and Willow Park Afternoon Kindergarten 11:58 PM – 2:36 PM Auburn Bay, Copperfield, Cranston, McKenzie Towne, Mahagony, and New Brighton

4 Staggered Entry Staggered entry will begin on September 1st and 2nd. Half of the students in each class will attend during the first 2 days of school. A letter will be sent by to confirm your staggered entry time in June. Please contact the school office if you have not received your letter by June 30th. Bussing for Kindergarten students will not be available during staggered entry. Administration will be available to answer questions and help fill out forms while the children are in class during staggered entry. First full morning or afternoon of Kindergarten will be September 6th.

5 A Typical Day in Kindergarten

6 Le tapis Carpet time

7 Daily Activity Literacy Mathematics Art Science Social Studies

8 La musique Music specialist Bonnie Kvicala takes the students to music class Twice per six day cycle

9 La bibliothèque Book exchange at library

10 Le gymnase Physical Education In gymnasium In the field
At the playground In the classroom

11 La technologie Kindergarten students have access to: Computer lab
2 computers per class SMART technology Headsets and voice recorders Digital cameras Video camera

12 La collation The best time of day…..SNACK TIME! Healthy Small
Peanut Free

13 Les centres Centers Exploration and learning through hands on activities Small group or individual instruction with teacher Independence encouraged through free choice Learning social skills and curriculum

14 Les centres… Blocks Sand/water Fine Motor Lego Literacy
Imaginative Play Computers Puzzles Books Listening activities Painting Puppets House Math

15 La maison Dismissal Students who take the bus are walked to the bus.
Students who are picked up are released to an adult at the SE doors.

16 Communication Each child will receive a blue or yellow laminated folder with their name on it. It will be used regularly to send correspondence between the school and home. Please check for notices, artwork and notes from your child’s teacher each day after school and then return the “mailbox” (folder) to your child’s backpack. If you have information for your child’s teacher, please send it in the folder as we check for “mail” each day. and the Kindergarten blog on our school website are also used to communicate between home and school. Not only are they environmentally conscious but very efficient too.

17 School Supplies The CBE Instructional Supplies and Materials Fee of $15 covers the cost of classroom supplies. Fees will be collected in September. Students will require an indoor pair of shoes, which they leave at the school, a container for their snack, a change of clothes and a backpack.

18 Field Trips and Special Guests
Curriculum-related field trips and special guests are scheduled throughout the school year. An activity fee of $65.00 per student is due in September along with the ISM Fee.

19 Parent Involvement Parents are our partners in learning
Volunteer Opportunities School Council Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

20 School Council Consults with and advises the principal on any matter relating to the school Works for the collective good of students Interested? Come to the June 6th meeting at 7pm in the Library, or contact Jennifer Cochran at or

21 Volunteering in the classroom
Our volunteer program begins in October. A classroom representative will contact those parents who wish to volunteer. We will ensure there is a fair rotation of volunteers, so all who wish to do so, will have the opportunity to help along the way. Please make alternative arrangements for younger siblings when you volunteer in your child’s classroom.

22 CBE Volunteer Registration
All volunteers must complete an annual registration form. All volunteers must obtain a security clearance from the Calgary Police Service which is valid for 5 years. There is no charge for this process. You will need to present two pieces of identification when you complete the application form in the office.

23 Safety and Security We ask that all parents and visitors enter the school by the front door only. All visitors must first report to the front office, sign in and pick up a nametag. Parents are asked to drop off and pick up students at the SE Door. Students who need to leave during the school day must be “signed out” at the office. If your child will be absent or late, or will not be taking the bus home, please call the office attendance line and let us know ( ).

24 Kindergarten Transportation

25 Bus Packages Bussing contract packages are available for you to take with you this evening. They include registration forms and information for parents. The cost for bussing this year is $200.

26 Bus Schedules and Maps Bus schedules and maps will be available here at the school beginning August 29, 2011. We will ask you for information about your child’s bus stop or stops during staggered entry. Bus schedules will also be available at that time. Please note that your child will have two different bus schedules and maps. The lunch time buses taking the AM Kindergarten home and bringing the PM Kindergarten to school are different buses than the buses that bring AM students to school in the morning and PM students home after school. In the morning and after school Kindergarten students ride the buses with the other students from Grade 1-4.

27 Where are the bus stops? A bus stop will be placed within 800 meters of your home. If your child will be going to childcare before or after school, you can access the nearest bus stop that is already in place. A bus stop will not be created to be close to a dayhome or a daycare.

28 Bus Safety The safety of our children on the bus is very important to us. Children will not be dropped off at a bus stop unless someone is there to pick them up. For most of the year Kindergarten children are escorted between the bus and the school by a school assistant or a “bus buddy”. In May they become more independent and go to the buses on their own after school. Super bus buddies and supervisors are ready to help if needed.

29 Bus Buddies Bus buddies are children in Grade 3 or 4 who ride the same bus as their kindergarten buddy, or they are an older sibling if applicable. In the morning they escort their buddy to the school door where kindergarten students meet their teachers. After school they meet their buddy in the kindergarten classroom and walk with them to the bus.

30 First Ride Program This program is offered by the Calgary Board of Education and the bus companies that provide transportation. The objective of the First Ride Program is to educate parents and kindergarten children about how to ride the bus safely.

31 First Ride Program The First Ride Program will be offered between 9:00 - 4:00 on: Saturday, May 28 at St. Cecilia School Sunday, May 29 at Mount View School Each session lasts about one to one and a half hours. Registration is required, please call

32 Bus Rules Sit on your bottom on your seat Stay seated at all times
Keep your hands and your feet to yourself Use quiet voices in the bus Always be respectful

33 Questions?

34 Come for a classroom visit !!

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