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Off-Shore Windpark Projekt Kaliningrad

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1 Off-Shore Windpark Projekt Kaliningrad

2 The Squad Gilbert Duee Berno Hellauer Max Mueller Andreas Rembold
Prof. Andrey Nikishin Gilbert Duee Berno Hellauer Max Mueller Andreas Rembold Aurelio Schug Abbas Seifeddine Moritz Schneider Kevin Weber Sebastian Westphal

3 Table of contents 1 - Aims of the project
2 - What we did in the project 3 - Installation Site Selection 4 - Power production assessment 5 - Environmental Review 6 - Interconnection Studies 7 - Financial Aspects 8 – Conclusion and Proposals

4 1 - Aims of the Project convince Russia to build offshore windfarms
basic planning of 115/130MW windfarm in Kaliningrad region feasibility study

5 2 - What we did in the project
Collect information: - technical - legislative - financial aspects Basic planning and feasibilty calculation of offshore windfarms for Kaliningrad region Conclusions and proposals

6 2 - What we did in the project
Our project includes: Installation Site Selection Power production assessment Environmental Review Interconnection Studies Financial Aspects

7 3 - Installation site selection

8 3 - Installation site selection

9 3 - Installation site selection

10 3 - Installation site selection

11 4 - Power production assessment
Annual wind speed m/s Wind speed m/s P, kW fy,i %

12 5 - Environmental review
EIA and ecological assessment EIA procedure promotes decision making on realization of planned activity taking into account: possible adverse effects and environmental consequences; public opinion; working out measures of decreasing and prevention of effects EIA is carried out in few steps. 1. Preliminary assessments for requirements specification development of EIA. 2. Requirements specification making. 3. EIA investigations. 4. Preparation of preliminary EIA. 5. Public discussions.

13 6 - Interconnection studies

14 4 – Financial aspects Pnom - Ins. Cost - Payback period –

15 Data WF1 WF2 Pnom: 115 MW n-ntur: 58 Van: 9.2 m/s Ean: 489 GWh
Total cost: 192 Mio € Paybackperiod: In Rus: ca. 8 Years In Ger: ca. 3 Years Ins. costs: 1717 €/kW Pnom: 130 MW n-ntur: 65 Van: 8.5 m/s Ean: 562 GWh Total cost: 225 Mio € Paybackperiod: In Rus: ca. 7 Years In Ger: ca. 3 Years Ins. costs: 1718 €/kW

16 8 – Conclusions No offshore wind energy development program;
No standards for evaluation of environmental and other impacts; No other guiding documents; No stimulation for production of wind electricity; No one-desk policy; Favorable wind conditions; Enough place in suitable depths Minimum environmental conflicts Economically feasible Growing interest by investors Possibilities for connection to the grid Kaliningrad region has a good perspectives for offshore wind power development

17 8 - Proposals Use the experience of EU to prepare normative documentation and standards. Financial stimulation for green power in Russia. Encoureging the local people to accept such projects. Use the modern wind power technology

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