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INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE Family Night for 7 th -10 th Graders.

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1 INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE Family Night for 7 th -10 th Graders

2 Tonights Agenda F The IB Programme at MRHS F A Student Perspective F MRHS Enrollment F Question and Answer Session

3 Part 1:IB Programme Overview

4 Characteristics of IB F A broad, skill-based university preparatory education F A program of choice reflecting student interest and ability F A program promoting international awareness and community involvement

5 Uniqueness of IB F A package curriculum F The Core: Theory of Knowledge/Extended Essay /CAS F Assessment

6 Language A English HL English Language and Literature HL/SL Language B French SL/HL Spanish SL/HL Mathematics Math Studies SL Math SL Math HL Experimental Sciences Biology SL/HL Chemistry SL Physics SL/HL Individuals and Societies History SL/HL Business & Management SL Sixth Subject Visual Arts SL/HL Music SL/HL or 2 nd science course or IB Bus & Man. Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge CAS- Creativity Action Service

7 Option 1 F Six exams (24 points) 3 Standard Level + 3 Higher Level 2 Standard Level + 4 Higher Level F Three other requirements Theory of Knowledge Extended Essay (~3500 words = Sr. Project ) Creativity, Action, Service (150 hours) Diploma

8 Option 2 F One certificate earned per year F Lists all exams and scores for each subject successfully completed F No additional requirements Certificate

9 Probable IB Course Sequence

10 IB Math Sequence Options These sequences prepare for an IB Math SL exam. 10 th 11 th 12 th Geometry Math Studies 1,2 Math Studies 3,4 (Alg. II/pre- Calculus)(intro to Calc/Stats & IB Project) Algebra II Math SL Math SL (Math Analysis/Trig)(survey of Calc/Stats & IB Portfolio) This sequence prepares for the IB Math HL exam. 9th 10 th & 11 th 12 th Algebra II Math HL Math HL (Calculus 1,2) (Stats, IB Portfolio,& IB Exam prep)

11 IB Assessment Overview F Internal and External F Performance-based F Based on specific exit criteria F Each subject culminates in an exam F Sample exams at ssessment/exampapers/index.c fm

12 Part 2: Benefits and Challenges The International Baccalaureate is the best secondary curriculum in the world, bar none. Elizabeth Verney Director of Admissions Bryn Mawr College

13 Skills vs. content Study habits and time management skills Challenging, stimulating, and motivating curriculum Produces well-rounded students via CAS Internationally recognized College entrance and scholarship Benefits of IB classes

14 College Admissions UniversityAcceptance Rates all applicants IB applicants Harvard University11%14.4% Stanford University12.6%16.9% CalTech21%40.7% University of Virginia38.1%63.3% Reed College55%90.9% BYU60%86.2% Emory University42%82.1% Statistics for Fall 2002 – from SUPERtest by Jay Mathews and Ian Hill, 2005.

15 IB University Recognition F For Scholarships follow: For Credit Recognition follow:

16 Challenges of IB F Students are sometimes unprepared for the rigor of IB F Student and teacher vs. IB NOT student vs. teacher F Time Management F Maintaining a social life

17 How can you help your student? F Plan 4 year course sequence early for IB Diploma students(see next slide) F Get them planning tools and model how you manage your time. F Be sure they maintain a social network and prioritize some down time. F Nutrition and exercise are important. F Be sensitive to the challenges they have taken on…listen. F Maintain open communication with their teachers.

18 Steps to Planning for an IB Diploma F Plan possible exams (3 HL/3SL) from slide 6 F Use slide 9 to plan classes in reverse from senior year F For grades 9 and 10 use next slide F Fill in credit check form on slide25

19 Grade 9Grade 10 English 9 English 10 History 9 History 10 Math (see slide 15) Integrated Science 9 Integrated Science 10 World Language World Language Spanish 1+ Spanish 2+ French 1 Music or elective* Music or elective* * If your student elects to take music for 4 years they must test Music SL/HL. *Due to programmatic restraints we cannot promise the availability of French 4 for IB Diploma students so they should plan to start studying French in 10 th grade. *Complications or Questions – Call the IB Coordinator at 206-631-7068.

20 Part 3: Exams and Fees

21 IB Exams & other deadlines F Exams are recommended. F Exams are given the first 3 weeks of May. F Each exam is generally taken over a two day period. F Results are published online in early July. F Internal Assessment, Extended Essay, and other deadlines are in February, March and April.

22 IB Exam Fees (itemized) May 2012 Registration fee (one time fee for Diploma Candidates) $151 Subject fee (each exam) $104 Diploma Candidate Taking 6 exams $775 ***NO FEES ARE REFUNDABLE***

23 Fee Waivers and Payment Plans F Free and Reduced Lunch qualified students receive a 90% fee reduction F Confidential F Installment payments available upon request

24 Part 5: MRHS Enrollment

25 In-District Transfer F Deadline for transfer paperwork is the last day of school, BUT priority selection happens April 15th F Transfer form at F Transfers are granted on a space available basis according to District transfer protocols 1) Hardship 2) Sibling 3) Special Subject/Program

26 Mt. Rainier IB Program Information rainier/Pages/InternationalBaccalaureate.aspx Contact Chris Wilder at: 206-631-7068

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