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Welcome to Crossroads Center Ms. Donna Vlachos – Principal Mr. Scottie Bowden – Assistant Principal, Grade 6-8 Ms. Laurie Fogleman – Assistant Principal,

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1 Welcome to Crossroads Center Ms. Donna Vlachos – Principal Mr. Scottie Bowden – Assistant Principal, Grade 6-8 Ms. Laurie Fogleman – Assistant Principal, Grades 9-10

2 D + L² = F The Crossroads Vision To connect students positive decisions with life, learning and the future.

3 Each student will have the opportunity to: Have a positive school experience Grow academically Build self discipline and coping mechanisms

4 The Crossroads Center: An Alternative Program A full school year, full day BCPS alternative program for students who need additional academic and behavioral support and have scored basic on MSA/HSA testing Students at Crossroads Center: Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Home schools located in the central, northeast, and southeast areas of Baltimore County BCPS grade level curriculum in math, English/reading, science and social studies with an emphasis on reading, writing, and math All Baltimore County Board of Education policies and procedures apply Supports positive student behavior and academics through the relationships of a smaller learning community model

5 Basic Information Regular school hours: 9:30 AM-4:00 PM *Every Wednesday 1:00 PM dismissal (community and staff academic support meetings) *First Friday of each month, Crossroads closed (staff development) PBIS based school wide Point/Level system for all students which includes incentive field trips and community based activities No extracurricular activities - No physical education, art or music within regular program

6 All students are transported by BCPS buses Free breakfast and lunch for all students Menus must be supported by our kitchen set up. No cafeteria extras but there are incentive snacks and meals. 2 choices for lunch. Students dress for success – business casual collared blue shirt and khaki dress pants

7 Crossroads Students Dress for Success

8 You will see… 5 Learning Community Areas: The aim of the smaller learning community model is to minimize distractions and increase student focus – fewer students and more adults in each classroom. Student remain within the assigned community throughout the day Lavatories and water fountains found within hallway connecting classrooms A community leader, paraeducator, counselor, and social worker available to deescalate problems A teacher and paraeducator in each classroom for academic support 4 technologically enhanced classrooms with wireless capacity, Elmo, LCD, and Promethean Board support for student engagement

9 A Typical Crossroads Day Begins at Home Attendance – Maryland State Law – states that for a student to be SATISFACTORY in attendance he/she must attend school 94% of the school year (2.5 or less absences per quarter = 10 absences or less in one school year) School Supplies – binder, pens, pencils (general school supplies) Personal Items – cell phones, cameras, iPods and other electronic devices should either be kept at home or in the students locker. Students may not bring skateboards, balls, or other athletic equipment to school Communications – communication between home and Crossroads is a priority (absence notes, newsletters, notes to teachers, phone calls, email) Assignments – all assigned homework is expected to be completed. All homework is written in the students daily planners

10 Transportation Bus stops are assigned Bus drivers, attendants, and bus cameras provide for student safety Expected behavior – Crossroads Center behavior expectations are maintained Avoid riding other buses Alert the office of change of address – means change in bus stop Student dismissal – 4:00 PM

11 Experiential Learning

12 Arriving at Crossroads Daily Routine Enter the building through the front entrance Report to your community for breakfast Prepare for instruction Listen to morning announcements Begin classes

13 Course Offerings 2010-2011 Middle School Language Arts 7,8 – Springboard, Language! embedded as needed Algebraic Thinking 1 Algebraic Thinking 2 Social Studies – Personal Development/Character Education Science - Lab/Study Skills All Classes are 90 minutes

14 High School Course Offerings 2010-2011 English 9 / Language! Language Literacy COPS / Study Skills *American Government / Personal Development/ Character Education *Algebra I *English 10 Language Literacy Environmental Science / Study Skills World History / Personal Development/Character Education Algebra II or Algebra I 9 th Grade10 th Grade *Denotes HSA tested course All Classes are 90 minutes Student schedule designed to meet individuals needs

15 Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Daily Point Sheet How are points awarded? How does a student move to the next level? When do level changes occur?

16 Parent Involvement Establish a partnership with all Crossroads staff – phone and/or email Stay connected. Please update contact numbers and email addresses Attend Crossroads parent meetings and workshops Utilize student support personnel – call us and we will call you Review communications received in the mail School phone number 410-887-2275 Visit our school website

17 Special Needs and Support Services IEP / 504 support services are offered in an all inclusive setting Guidance counselors assigned to each community Full time nurse and Pupil Personnel Worker Full time SRO ( School Resource Officer )

18 Social Work Services In the Field and at Crossroads Social Workers are assigned to each Crossroads Center community to support social, emotional development Social Workers assist in developing problem solving skills Social Workers are assigned to home schools by cluster areas to support former Crossroads students during transition to home schools

19 Itinerant Teacher Services More Support An Itinerant Teacher is assigned to each student upon return to the home school The Itinerant Teacher provides needed academic support to assist students in accessing needed services within home school setting acting as an academic liaison between the student home school staff and home

20 Crossroads staff schedules transition meetings by home school in the spring to prepare for students return. Pertinent academic and behavioral information is shared to ensure a successful return to comprehensive program. Return To The Home School

21 Assessment at Crossroads Center STAR PSAT assessTrax/Short-Cycle Assessments MSA HSA Final Exams Crossroads Centers goal is to have each student achieve proficiency or make marked gains toward that goal before returning to home school

22 Crossroads Center Connecting a students positive decisions with life, learning, and the future. Crossroads Center can be your path to success.

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