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VEHICLE MODELING TO ENHANCE YOUR LAYOUT Alan Olson Mays Landing Jamboree Jug Band by Mike Napoleon.

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1 VEHICLE MODELING TO ENHANCE YOUR LAYOUT Alan Olson Mays Landing Jamboree Jug Band by Mike Napoleon

2 Frank Ellison The DRAMA of RAILROADING is like a PLAY The TRACK is the Stage The TRAINS are the Actors BUILDINGS and SCENERY are the Setting The TIMETABLE/OPERATING SCHEDULE is the Plot And we can add FIGURES and VEHICLES are Props

3 Consistency X2f couplers, unpainted figures, and plastic cars

4 Consistency X2f couplers, unpainted figures, and plastic cars Or detailed models matching your scenes

5 CONSISTENCY Mike Canfalone's gravel pit March 2009 Model Railroader cover

6 Vehicle Modeling is Variety

7 4 MAJOR PRINCIPALS GENERAL BACKGROUND Model Vehicle History and Progress Model Media Model Sources References Tips for Tools and Paint MODIFICATIONS, DETAILS and FINISHING IDEAS GALLERY of EXAMPLES


9 SCALE Is it TOO BIG? Too small? Or Just Right?

10 SCALE Matchbox Commer and Williams 1950 Chevrolet 1982 Tomy Ford LN and 1998 Atlas version

11 ACCURACY Is it an accurate model or a caricature? Malibu 1955 Corvette Vs 1950's Blob Authenticast 1948 Chysler Alloy Forms 1949 DeSoto

12 ACCURACY Tyco Kenworth and 24 ft van Athearn White/Freightliner with scratchbuilt Allied Van

13 ACCURACY Real Prototype or Imaginary? CMW 1958 Chevrolet Impala 2 door hardtop Hot Wheels Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept

14 ERA Choose your Chevrolet 1958-1959-1961-1970-1977-1995 1947-1950-1951-1953-1955-1957

15 ERA 1960's or 1980's

16 ERA 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pickup Williams Bros Busch

17 PLACEMENT January 2009 Model Railroader

18 PLACEMENT The BEER LINE January 2009 Model Railroader cover

19 PLACEMENT Good Example ! Note wheels turned as if he backed in here Plus Correct Era and Consistent level of detail Earl Smallshaw March 2009 Scale Rails

20 PLACEMENT 1954 Mercedes 300 SL - Malibu 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door - CMW 1954 enginehouse scene

21 DETAILS AND FINISHING George Dutka White River Division March 2009 Model Railroader



24 1940's and mid-1950's Odo's cast plaster Authenticast cast metal Tootsietoy stamped metal Ulrich and Penn Line Varney Lesney Matchbox

25 early 1960's Dyna Models Wiking Jordan Revell 1958 Ford C 1961 Chrysler products

26 mid-1960's AHM Minitanks and Minicars Matchbox US vehicles Lionel (by Athearn) Tootsietoy More Wiking

27 Late-1960's 1970's Lindberg Mini-Lindy's and Gibbs/Mercury/Little Toy Athearn White/Freightliners and 40 foot Trailers

28 1980's Herpa (Con Cor)Magnuson resin Con Cor Alloy Forms Walker Praline' Eko ROCO (Military) Life Like Monogram Jordan

29 1990's Classic Metal Works (CMW) Gregs Garage resin Busch Life Like International tractors GHQ farm equipment CinC 1974 Chevrolet IHC and Con Cor U-Hauls Atlas Ford LNT Boley Internationals Stoney Mountain cars/trucks

30 21st st Century

31 2000's Sylvan resin Athearn Fords Atlas Masterpiece

32 2000's Low cost die cast Model Power – Malibu – Fresh Cherries – Reel Rides Winner's Circle NASCAR

33 MODEL MEDIA Die Cast Toys Matchbox Ford N Hot Wheels Oshkosh Plow

34 MODEL MEDIA Die Cast Scale Models Fresh Cherries – Malibu – Classic Metal Works Ready to plop in place – but can be improved!

35 MODEL MEDIA Older metal models - Ulrich and Penn Line examples Simple metal kits: Dyna Models 1947 Ford Alloy Forms 1949 Buick

36 MODEL MEDIA Craftsman White Metal Kits Lee Town (now Alloy Forms) Mack B-61kit – B-71 built up

37 MODEL MEDIA Plastic RTR Highly detailed Athearn Ford's and Macks Upgraded Kenworth and White/Freightliner trucks Trailers and Containers 1970's vs upgraded WFL

38 MODEL MEDIA Plastic RTR Busch GMC TDH5301 Eko 1956 Lincoln Continental Busch 1987 Dodge Caravan Wiking 1970's Beetle Varney 1950's Ford F-3 detailed and painted

39 MODEL MEDIA Plastic Kits Athearn Kenworth tractor Williams Bros 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pickup

40 MODEL MEDIA Resin Kits Magnuson – Walthers solid cast Greg's Garage clear cast Sylvan hollow cast

41 MODEL SOURCES Local Hobby Shops Walthers Truck Stop Models Ebay Swap meets Wal Mart

42 PROTOTYPE REFERENCES Automobile and Truck books Classic Trains magazine – esp. 'Car Stop' feature Your Favorite Railroad Color Pictorial book Personal Research and Photographs Internet Google and Google Images – ex: search 1953 Chevrolet Wikipedia – ex: search Ford C series

43 PROTOTYPE RESEARCH 1980 photo 1985 model

44 MODELING REFERENCES 1/87 Vehicle Club 355 Photo Galleries of HO vehicle models New model announcements Manufacturer directory with web links 1/87 Scale Info Group N Scale Vehicle Association Yahoo groups

45 MODIFICATIONS, DETAILS and FINISHING IDEAS MINIMUM LAYOUT QUALITY DETAILS Window Glass Headlights / Tail lights License Plates SIMPLE DETAIL UPGRADES Mirrors Mud Flaps Windshield Wipers Paint + Trim Wheel/Tire Upgrades Drivers/Passengers SUPERDETAILS and SCRATCHBUILDING

46 MINIMUM DETAIL – GLASS Micro-GLAZE.005/.010 Styrene Acetate

47 MINIMUM DETAILS – GLASS Solid Cast Resin Gloss Black – dry brush white/gray – transparent blue gloss Compare Gun metal/gloss – transparent blue – clear styrene

48 MINIMUM DETAILS - GLASS Varney clear cast 1953 Studebaker Masked and painted – or carefully hand painted Note chrome trim and posed front wheels Alloy Forms white metal 1947 Buick Micro-GLAZE with chrome trim/details

49 MINIMUM DETAILS - LIGHTS Headlights: silver with clear coat Markers: silver then Tamiya Clear Orange Spot lights: Micro-GLAZE with clear coat Beacons: Roco accessories

50 MINIMUM DETAILS - LIGHTS Turn Signal + Tail Lights Evergreen #222 1/16 rod Detail Assoc #2504.012 wire Drill #78 hole near end Cut 4-6 wide /or 2 thin Paint 1) black 2) silver 3) Tamiya clear orange or clear red Install with ACC

51 MINIMUM DETAILS LICENSE PLATES Microscale Decals MC-4168 (and other vehicle shts) Howard's Hobby Model Railroader, January 1989 (handout) Make your own!

52 MINIMUM DETAILS LICENSE PLATES Model Railroader paper licenses Color with markers Attach with Accent Glue

53 DETAIL UPGRADES Mirrors – west coast style DA #2504.012 (¾) wire EV #8108 styrene 1x8x918 Wipers – DA #2504 painted or #3504 stainless steel wire Trim Paint – including black window gasket door handles, etc – Testor's Model Master 'Chrome' License Plates – Blackened grille - Weathering

54 DETAIL UPGRADES ATLAS FORD LNT Stock - in process – detailed Turn signals, wipers, mirrors Blackened grille Wing window: pre-painted DA #2504.012 wire Painted wheels Chalk dusting

55 DETAIL UPGRADES Mud flaps DA #2507.022-1-1/2 wire Cut masking tape as wide as the rear duals 21 to 24 Wrap tape around wire Drill frame rails/install Cut to length - 24-30 Paint Grimy Black (white)

56 DETAIL UPGRADES Trailer Hook-up Cables DA #2503.010 (1/2) wire Coiled around #2510.040 wire Paint red and blue Install with cab hook or pogo stick Warning flags are tape on wire

57 DETAIL UPGRADES Wheel and Tire Replacements Matchbox 1964 Dodge on Roco 6x6 Chassis Yatming toy with Athearn wheels/tires Compare to current Athearn

58 DETAIL UPGRADES Add Drivers – and Passengers

59 FINISH UPGRADES Prototypical paint Flat – Floquil/Polly S Gunmetal with Glosscoat Eggshell-Semigloss Dupli-Color CMW Proto-color Trim – Testor's Silver or Model Master Chrome

60 FINISH UPGRADES Unpainted AHM MiniCar 1959 Edsel Alloy Forms 1949 DeSoto – Floquil Gunmetal Con Cor 1931 Ford AA - finished with Rustall and Floquil Driftwood

61 FINISH UPGRADES Glossy vs Dull White walls and wheel covers vs painted wheels + hub caps Unfinished Lionel vs chrome trim and wheel covers

62 FINISH UPGRADES International Farmall Model M Life Like painted with Rust-Oleum Farm implement color plus Oddball decals Life Like stock plastic Life Like refinished GHQ metal kit - finished

63 PAINT Railroad Colors: Floquil/Polly S flat - Scalecoat gloss Plastic model paints Testors / Model Master spray cans Automotive paints – Dupli-Color / IH Red / JD Green / Cat Yellow White primer – Floquil Crystal Cote - Dullcoat Walthers Magic Masker – Tamiya Clear Red / Orange over silver Model Master Chrome / Metalizer Magnesium Apply with 10/0 to large brushes - round toothpicks Scribe lines and clean flubs with a sharp #11 blade

64 SWAP TRUCK BODIES Simple body swap Original Mini-Lindy'sBecome 1968 Ford F-600 RyderChevrolet 13 ft box van 1967 Chev C-60 dumpFord tandem dump

65 SWAP COWLS Mini-Lindy 1964 Ford bus changes to a 1953 Dodge with a new cowl from a Walther's resin REA truck Paint is School Bus Yellow Meanwhile, the Walthers REA truck gets a CMW 1950 Ford cowl And a second one becomes a 1956 Ford (Alloy Forms)

66 SWAP CABS Boley International 4300 Tank Truck / Trailer Remove cab and interior – extend chassis to fit Athearn Kenworth cab (tractor kit) Sratchbuilt interior with driver

67 SWAP CABS Chassis painted Cab detailed and painted Interior finished Completed truck

68 OLD vs NEW Idaho Oil 1950's Ulrich Kenworth Slam-dump metal kit Rebuilt with scratchbuilt tanks for Idaho Oil Transport Now fleet upgrade with new Boley/Athearn Kenworth

69 NEW TRUCK BODIES Scratchbuilt bodies Wood grain box on Stoney Mountain resin 1948 Ford Styrene beverage body on Matchbox 1965 GMC hand painted/lettered

70 REBUILT TRAILERS 32 ft CMW van trailer Sides cut out New styrene sides 32 ft Walthers van Sides filed smooth Styrene ribs added Airbrushed Champ decals

71 BODY MODIFICATIONS 1950'S Varney Fords Painted Top removed with scratchbuilt convertible interior Top reused to create a station wagon

72 BODY MODIFICATIONS Checker Cab fleet Airporter built from two Walthers resin Checkers Dirt track 1940 Ford

73 JEEP MODIFICATIONS Roco Mini-tanks Jeep Conversions Silver CJ-7 with roll cage and working suspension Post Office Jeep: scratchbuilt body / sliding door Winch/windshield details on CJ-7 vs original Roco

74 FIRE TRUCK MODELING 1970 Mack CF 1250 gpm pumper IHC Mack CF Modified/stretched to match prototype

75 FIRE TRUCK MODELING 1974 Chevrolet/Boyertown Scratchbuilding in clear styrene to simplify windows

76 TOOLS & SUPPLIES Blue Shop Towels – toothpicks CMW cards for glue and plastic for windshields Pin vise - Pin holder / burnisher Accent glue for license plates Resin Prep - Micro-GLAZE

77 GALLERY Richard Olson – Jeep CJ-7 with working suspension

78 GALLERY Mack MC / Schwing Concrete Pumper Kibri kit, new Mack MC cab, fully-working boom and piping positionable outriggers

79 GALLERY Alloy Forms 1955 Chevrolet 2 Ton Scratchbuilt body & details – Scale Scenics mixer Hand lettering matches prototype

80 GALLERY Remember Tonka Toys? 1957 State Hi-Way Dept dumps Big Mike and 3-way, with V-plows

81 GALLERY Can't find / Can't afford a real Tonka? No Problem. Make your own HO scale version! Magnuson resin Ford F-600 tractor with scratchbuilt bodies


83 GALLERY Chester Fesmire – 1950 Chevrolet Stake (Busch)

84 GALLERY Joe Enriquez – 1945 Mack FCSW including the Cummins engine

85 GALLERY Chester Fesmire – Maine Garage

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