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Saber Robotics Team 2506 Syncing our teeth into Technology.

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1 Saber Robotics Team 2506 Syncing our teeth into Technology

2 This Year We are going to two regional competitions Updated Website ( Game: Aerial AssistAerial Assist

3 Regional Competitions Northern Lights Regional in Duluth, MN Part of a two regional event Midwest Regional In Chicago, IL New event for us (Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee, WI during Sp Break) Our home regional Always need volunteers All FIRST regionals are free and open to the public Many are broadcast onlinecheck event website

4 Team Expectations for travel(as outlined in Team Handbook) Active participation during pre-season and build season Absences were arranged through the online system Every effort was given towards team progress while present at meetings This really needed to be treated like a JOB! Grades are acceptable

5 Student Expectations before traveling Grades Teacher check-in Completion of work for return Special forms Athletic/Activities (should be in) STIMS registration on-line (should be done) Medication transportation

6 Student Expectations during travel Being on-time and active Gaming/music is not allowed at competition Doing what is asked Scouting Coverage Spirit Checking in with mentors Cleaning the stands/bus/hotel rooms

7 Student Expectations after competition Duluth Return to school and unload bus (this will be late SAT) Clean bus Be at school, prepared the following week Meetings? Chicago At school on time Clean bus Unload/unpack Meetings?

8 Student Expectations after competition After Chicago Depends on Nationals(qualify) Rockwell Event Mon 5/2 all day RSVP before Chicago!! Awards Dessert Banquet in May Usually do demos for elementary Other ideas Summer????

9 Fees Money comes from Sponsors and fundraising Competition registration ($9000) Rockwell, GE Volunteers, Ladish totaled $10,500 Rest will be refunded to team for robot costs/travel Duluth Hotel is $90/night Chicago Hotel is $200/night Duluth Bus is $3095Chicago Bus is $375 Robot costs ($4000 max) MSOE, Celera, Tri-City, Krones, Snap-On totaled $4000 Restaurant nights Recycling (went to new battery cart materials)

10 Fees Paperworklisted as complete/not complete Earned Fundraisers Initial payment Duluth Bus/hotel Prepay dinners Optional prepay lunches

11 Timelines Duluth Forms and Fees due FRIDAY 2/28 pm Youll have to talk to teachers Please remind them I need to know if you are planning on going to Chicago, but not the signed info (there is a spot on the Duluth form) If there are questions…please ASK! Chicago Forms and Fees due Friday 3/14 pm (note this is right before break, and I will NOT be able to track you down!)

12 Fees cont Chicago Bus/hotel Transit (still a question) Prepay dinners Optional prepay lunches

13 Other near-immediate things Wed 2/26 Jimmy Johns 12-3pm Sat 3/1 Spirit work day at Trejos Sun 3/2 Volunteer Opportunity at MSOE Chili contest

14 Thanks to Our Sponsors

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