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Great Global Qualifications......Great Marketing Career.

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1 Great Global Qualifications......Great Marketing Career

2 Do you know… …How to MEASURE MARKETING performance? …How to design an INTERNAL MARKETING PLAN for better strategy execution? …How to conduct a MARKETING RESEARCH project? …How to conduct a comprehensive MARKETING AUDIT ? …The key steps in effective BRANDING ? …How to INTEGRATE your MARKETING COMMUNICATION initiatives? … …... Solving MARKETING problems with BEST PRACTICE TECHNIQUES ? …How to exploit E-MARKETING strategies?

3 AGENDA 1. The Leading Marketing Knowledge CentreThe Leading Marketing Knowledge Centre 2. Do you know…Do you know… 3.Our Strategic PartnerOur Strategic Partner 4.Who We Are…Who We Are… 5. CIM Accredited Study CentreCIM Accredited Study Centre 6. About CIM…About CIM… 7. Chartered Marketer, The Peak of…Chartered Marketer, The Peak of… 8. 3 Good Reasons to study with CIM3 Good Reasons to study with CIM 9. Is this you?Is this you? 10. Professional Certificate in MarketingProfessional Certificate in Marketing 11. Professional Diploma in MarketingProfessional Diploma in Marketing 12. Professional Postgraduate Diploma in MarketingProfessional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing 13. Job OpportunitiesJob Opportunities 14. Other IMM Training Programmes (I)Other IMM Training Programmes 15. Other IMM Training Programmes (II)Other IMM Training Programmes 16. Testimonial (I)Testimonial 17. Testimonial (II)Testimonial 18. IMM LocationIMM Location Click Here To Mail Us

4 The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) Institute of Marketing & Management Our Strategic Partner Cutting-edge Marketing Knowledge Providers Click Here To Mail Us Back to Agenda

5 Who we are... Situated in the heart of Quatre Bornes, the Institute of Marketing & Management is the first CIM Accredited Study Centre in Mauritius with a reputation of combining academic attainments with personal development. What we do... The courses offered have been carefully selected for their relevance to the needs of commerce & industry and for their recognition worldwide as evidence of professional competence. How we do it... The faculty, all highly qualified in their chosen fields, offer not just their expertise but also a deep commitment to the communication of their skills to others - the students, the people who matter most at IMM. Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

6 I M M is the First C I M Accredited Study Centre in Mauritius Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

7 - the worlds leading professional marketing organisation ,000 members from around the globe - primary aim: -provide ability to apply acquired marketing knowledge on a working environment - - only professional marketing organisation to hold a Royal Charter - the ultimate status in Marketing once qualified : The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) (UK) …… C H A R T E R E D M A R K E T E R …… Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

8 Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

9 3 Good Reasons to Study CIM Professional Qualifications Become More Connected Join the worlds largest association for marketing professionals Gain professional insight by meeting industry leaders at CIM events Support your studies through discussion forums with tutors and students Become More Professional Qualifications based on marketing in practice, developed with employers Qualifications taught by Study Centres audited and approved by CIM Careers information to support you as a professional marketer Become More Informed Online marketing resources, case studies and news bites Access to the worlds largest marketing information and library service Member Magasine with the latest news in Marketing Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

10 ENROL NOW Diploma in Marketing e.g Swami Dayanand Inst. Of Management I have a first degree in any other field than Marketing I have a Degree in Marketing of any University or an MBA Diploma in Marketing e.g University of Mauritius Is this You ? I am over 18, HSC/GCE A level or SC with working experience Marketing Fundamentals Customer Communications Marketing in Practice Marketing Environment PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING Masters Degrees in Marketing Analysis & Evaluation Managing Marketing Performance Strategic Marketing Decisions Strategic Marketing in Practice PROFESSIONAL POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MARKETING (DEGREE EQUIVALENT) Marketing Planning Marketing Research & Information Marketing Communications Marketing Management in Practice PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN MARKETING Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

11 PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING WHO IS IT FOR? If you hold a junior marketing position or you are aspiring to a career in marketing, this qualification will be invaluable. You will also find it useful if you are moving into a marketing role from another background. The Certificate is also a very useful introduction for those working on the peripheries of marketing in a support role. WHAT IS COVERED? Marketing Fundamentals Customer Communications Marketing Environment Marketing in Practice BENEFITS TO YOU * Learn about the whole spectrum of marketing activity at a hands-on level. * Gain a greater understanding of best practice in marketing. * Gain a professional qualification to help you in your career progression. Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

12 PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN MARKETING WHO IS IT FOR? If you are currently managing the marketing process, or are looking to build on the knowledge gained at Certificate level with a future management role in mind, you will benefit from the Advanced Certificate. Graduates who are relatively new to marketing and need to establish a core understanding of marketing activities and their applications may also take this qualification. WHAT IS COVERED? Marketing Research and Information Marketing Planning Marketing Communications Marketing Management in Practice BENEFITS TO YOU * Gain the skills you need at an operational level to maximise on opportunities for your company. * Understand how to write and implement an effective marketing plan to meet your targets. * Gain a recognised professional qualification providing opportunities for career progression and job satisfaction. Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

13 PROFESSIONAL POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MARKETING WHO IS IT FOR? You will already have a significant level of knowledge and experience of marketing. The subjects covered are central to business success, with an emphasis on the strategic aspects of marketing management, making the Postgraduate Diploma a benchmark of marketing competence. The Postgraduate Diploma Graduation ceremony is an official recognition of your achievements by upgrading your membership and supporting you in your next steps to become a Chartered Marketer. WHAT IS COVERED? Analysis & Evaluation Strategic Marketing Decisions Managing Marketing Performance Strategic Marketing in Practice BENEFITS TO YOU * Ensure you have the latest skills and knowledge for effective strategy and planning by gaining the highest professional qualification available. * Stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of current practice. * Use your high level of competence to enhance your career and gain respect from employers. * Earn accelerated entry to a number of Masters Programs. Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

14 JOB OPPORTUNITIES * Marketing Director * Marketing Manager / Assistant * Advertising Manager / Assistant * Sales Manager / Assistant * Public Relations Manager * Marketing Research Manager * Direct Marketing Manager * New Product Development Manager * Product Manager * Brand Manager * Events Manager * Marketing Executive / Assistant * Sales Representative / Executive * Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) * Showroom Supervisor / Coordinator * Merchandiser * Sales Coordinator * Field Manager * Business Analyst * Product Support Assistant * Marketing Consultant / Officer * Commercial Executive * Guest Relations Officer * Agent * Self-employed * Call Centre Agent * Market Research Officer * Customer Service Officer * Marketing Coordinator * Communication Consultant / Officer * Sales Administration Executive * Chef De Produit * Guide and Hotel Representative * Business Development Manager * Marketing Services Assistant * IR Administrator * Direct Sales Manager * Project Manager Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

15 Training Programmes Available on Demand: Developing Powerful Brands E-Marketing Customer Relationship Management / E-CRM Knowledge Management -The Innovative Sustainable Competitive Edge Fundamentals of Marketing: - Marketing for Non-Marketing People Effective Communications Skills Effective Marketing Strategies: - Mastering the Five Stages Thinking and Creativity Skills for the Marketer Click Here To Mail Us Tel: / Back to Agenda

16 Visioning for Preferred Future Know Your Market: Make Better Decisions Integrated Marketing Communications Internet Marketing and Web-Strategies Measuring Marketing Performance New Product Development: From Concept to Launch Customer-Focus Culture Internal Marketing Business to Business Marketing - How to Develop a Structured Approach to Business Markets Effective Customer Service Selling and Sales Management Fundamentals Training Programmes Available on Demand: Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

17 CIM has provided me with the resources, tools and support my marketing career has needed to progress, the constant advice and wealth of knowledge available is always up-to- date and useful. My association with CIM has certainly helped me to gain the professional success and career satisfaction I enjoy today. Richard Bradley Operations Director, CISCO Systems Ltd When recruiting, I would always consider candidates with a CIM qualification to have a distinct advantage. I believe it shows a person has a serious commitment to enhancing their career. Robin Riddle Northern UK Sales Manager, The Economist Professional development, career progression and support, practical knowledge and credibility in the market place are fundamental to any professional marketer. Membership of CIM provides this unique opportunity and houses all these benefits which are accessible to its members. Peter Jackson UK Sales Director, KPMG After completing an MBA, I decided to study for the CIM Postgraduate Diploma because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of marketing, and in particular the planning process. Richard Gloster Marketing Services Director, Hamilton Laird Consulting A marketer with professional qualifications demonstrates a commitment to achieving the highest standards in Marketing. Neil Hoare Marketing Manager, Abbey National TESTIMONIALS Tel: / Back to Agenda

18 TESTIMONIALS Since gaining a CIM qualification in Marketing, I feel that I am now really getting the recognition I deserve. It is important for me to gain credibility in my field of expertise, such as when working with professional accountants and bankers. Karen Blanchford HR Officer- Kleintwort Benson Private Bank Membership has helped focus my attention more directly on marketing activities and on what other organisations are doing in the market place, along with emerging trends in marketing techniques. Sarah Cameron Category & Project Manager, ExxonMobil The Chartered Institute of marketing is justifiably one of the most highly regarded and respected industry bodies in the UK. CIM champions the cause of marketing across the world, providing professionals with extensive support to further their career and setting the standards by which all marketers should be measured. The CIM qualifications are quite simply the benchmark for career progression. Indeed, many leading marketers have at least one CIM qualification under their belt. For anyone who is serious about marketing, membership of CIM is a pre-requisite to success. Dianne Thompson CEO, Camelot Group plc, President, The Chartered Institute of Marketing Tel: / Back to Agenda Click Here To Mail Us

19 Director: Mr. Shyam Seebun, FCIM, MBA, MSc 8, Avenue des Capucines Quatre Bornes, Mauritius Tel : (230) , Fax: (230) Institute of Marketing & Management Click here to mail us : Mauritours Bourgeon Royal Empire Gym From La Louise St. Jean Road From Rose Hill Fook Cheong Supermarket Hong Kong Bank Municipality Pharmacy St Jean Ave des Capucines From Sodnac Caltex Bus Stop Bus Stop Back to Agenda

20 Tel: / The 3 As for Recognition in Marketing 1. Acquire cutting-edge marketing knowledge. 2. Apply best practice marketing techniques. 3. Achieve Chartered Marketer status. Click Here To Mail Us

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