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K S Gopinath Managing Director 09790761572. Mission Be a quality supplier of Automation Solution to all process industries with paramount importance for.

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1 K S Gopinath Managing Director 09790761572

2 Mission Be a quality supplier of Automation Solution to all process industries with paramount importance for customer satisfaction To emerge as a quality EPC Contractor in providing Automation Solutions to Power, Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical and other Industry verticals by 2014 Vision

3 History Incepted in 2009 in Chennai Founded by K S Gopinath and T S Kumar Gopinath has worked with Emerson Process management for 16 years and Honeywell Process Solutions for 2 years in various aspect of their business such as Proposal, Sales, Project sales, Commissioning and more

4 Gopinath has single handedly engineered and proposed successful automation solution to various plants such as Nagarjuna group and refineries. With acquired experience in engineering and proposing Instrumentation solutions for various industries, Maxima is determined to achieve their Vision and Mission. History......contd...

5 1.Manufacture: Enclosures, Junction Boxes for various applications such as Electrical, Instrumentation, Foundation fieldbus, Panel Mountable devices etc. 2.Products : Supply of Control System & Field Instruments and Wireless System 3.Services: System integration, Erection & Commissioning of Instrumentation and Control System, Wireless Instrumentation & Field Instruments, Product Designing, Engineering (Basic & Detailed) Maxima – Activities and Strength

6 Industrial Enclosures Enclosures-Junction boxes (Weatherproof to IP-66 and SS Exe boxes) 1. Manufacture Specialties Highest Quality Steel Certified for IP-66 and Zone 2 Exe Electro-polished / Buffed International quality standard Integration service

7 2. Products Partners Gas Detector s Wireless solution HMI and Wireless HMI solutions Industrial Video Solutions Isolators, Barriers, FF interfaces, HMI, Wireless Gateways Control System, Field instruments, Safety Solutions (Smoke, Fire detectors, Gas Detection & Access Control System),

8 Actuators Pressure, Temperature, Level Transmitters Contd… Honeywell range of Products

9 Contd… Flowmeters VortexMagCoriolis Mass Indicators & Controllers Honeywell range of Products

10 Contd… Recorders pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (Liquid Analyser) Honeywell range of Products

11 Gas Analysers (Sodium / Hydrazine) Contd… Silica, Phosphate and Hydrazine Analyser Fixed System Portable Analyser Honeywell range of Products

12 Contd… Honeywell range of Products Wireless

13 Modular Control system Contd… Honeywell range of Products

14 Contd… PLC System Hybrid Control System Honeywell range of Products

15 Contd… OPC Connectivity Solution

16 DXc4 DXc2 DXc1 Active Or Passive Repeater option Active Or Passive Repeater option Visualeyez Graphical Interface S/w I/O Modules Loop 1Loop 2Loop 3Loop 4 Loop 1 Loop 2 Loop 1 Fire and Smoke Detection System I/O Modules Active Or Passive Repeater option

17 For Large Area (1500 M 2 ) Up to 100 M Combined Emitter / receiver Unit Reflector 7.5 M Max Maximum Total Area of Protection 100 M X 15 M = 1500 M 2 Beam Detector System

18 Highest performance fixed flammable and toxic gas detector with a choipece of communication outputs, accessories and installation flexibility. Apex Transmitter with Sensor World renowned infrared open path flammable gas detector offering unrivalled performance and sensitivity. The Searchline Excel is the Worlds best selling infrared open path gas... Searchpoint Optima Plus including HART® Point Infrared Gas Detector Searchpoint Optima Plus is a market-leading Point IR (Infrared) gas detector offering high performance detection of a wide range of Hydrocarbon gases. Searchline Excel Open Path Infrared Gas Detector Series 3000 Mkll and Mklll Transmitters with Sensors The Series 3000 range of transmitters provide comprehensive monitoring of toxic and Oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres. Honeywell Analytics – Gas Detectors Fixed Type

19 Market leading, very flexible portable gas detector, capable of monitoring 4 gases at once.. Simple operation, 2 year, no calibration single gas detector. Honeywell Analytics – Gas Detectors Portable Type Impact / Impact Pro / Impact IR Multi-Gas Detectors Impulse XT Disposable Single Gas Detector

20 IP Security Surveillance

21 Sophisticated Honeywell Surveillance System Protects George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas IP Security Surveillance Airports

22 IP Security Surveillance Airports

23 IP Security Surveillance Industrial Specialty Materials Facility Geismar, Louisiana

24 IP Security Surveillance Commercial Complexes

25 Retail Store Gains Increased Securityand Marketing Effectiveness with Honeywell's Remote-View App IP Security Surveillance

26 Access Control System System Overview

27 Honeywells Access and Video Systems brings the power of integration together like never before. By combining Honeywells new WIN-PAK 2005 or NStar access control software with Rapid Eye Multi Video Systems, we offer Digital Video Integration from a single, simple-to-use platform – giving you greater capabilities and the power to interface seamlessly. Integrating Access Control and Video Surveillance Solutions. Access Control System

28 Gas detectors Partnered exclusively with Compur Monitors, Germany. Who are the inventors of Gas Detectors way back in 1978 in association with Bayers - Combustible and Toxic Gases - Fixed and Portable type - State of the art products - Service set up in Chennai Fixed Type detector Multi-gas Portable detector Portable detector Leak detectorService set up in Chennai, India

29 Isolators and Barriers MTL 5500MTL 7700 MTL Safety Barriers and Isolators MTL 4500 Foundation Fieldbus FF Power Supply FF Megablock FF FNICO Power Supply FF Barrier FF Surge Protector FF FISCO Power Supply Surge Protectors for Field Instruments

30 TOFINO : Defence in Depth H/W Firewall HMI for Hazardous area Ex-proof and IS Annunciators Industrial Wireless Solutions HART Management System

31 Wireless Solutions

32 Reliability and robustness is very important because of the critical processes robustness Important, because of the big aerial and the potential use of other radio systems (maybe from other suppliers) coexistence Important, because of the big aerial and far away located sensors distance Is in the range of a few Bytes up to a few hundred(s) of Bytes (for serial: a few kBytes) data volume Is very important, because the control of the process is done over remote field controllers diagnostic and ease of use is not very high, i.e. a few hundred milliseconds up to seconds or minutes speed FHSS technology uses over 600 single frequencies/channels will not be disturbed by WLAN 802.11 and Bluetooth will not disturb WLAN 802.11 and Bluetooth big distances (100m...3km..) based on extremely high receiver sensitivity efficient protocol (small overhead for low data volumes) no programming/ parametrization; easy diagnostics ideal for time uncritical analog and digital I/O signals, i.e. temperatures, liquid levels etc. Requirements and Interface Wireless Wireless Technologies

33 COMMON FEATURES:- Robust Trusted Wireless TM radio technology Frequency range 2.400...2.483 GHZ Simple installation, no programming necessary 1 analogue current signal (4...20 mA) 2 digital signals (5...30 V AC/DC) Supply voltage 12-30 V DC Ex approval for zone 2 (ATEX & IECEx) RAD-ISM-2400-SET-UD-ANT Unidirectional data transmission RAD-ISM-2400-SET-UD-ANT Order No.: 28 67 28 3 RAD-ISM-2400-SET-BD-BUS-ANT Bidirectional data transmission RAD-ISM-2400-SET-BD-BUS-ANT Order No.: 28 67 73 3 Product Range and Applications

34 I/O Extension modules 4 x analog 8 x digital 1 x analog 2 x digital Extension modules Transmitter/Receiver module (Transceiver) INTERFACE Wireless – Wireless signal transmission Product Range and Applications

35 Maximal analog I/O configuration Maximal digital I/O configuration 33AI 1AO 2DI 2DO 33AO 1AI 2DO 2DI 66DI 2DO 1AI 1AO 66DO 2DI 1AO 1AI Bidirectional data transmission System extension fast and simple power and communication bus for easy system configuration

36 Wireless existing applications Customer : Stadtwerke Husum, Germany Electricity and gas networks today belong to different private supply companies. This means increasingly that networks are changing ownership while in operation or that network may use parallel supplies from two sources. In Husum, Stadwerke Husum GmbHs mains power lines are connected to E. ON Hanse AGs mains power lines. It is particularly important to monitor the amounts of electricity or gas used or supplied at these junction points. This is not only for charging purposes but also to enable optimum management of the load and/or network. The consumption curves of the energy supply companies provide evidence of daily peaks. Measures such as connecting to extra power supplies or switching off loads can be used to balance out these load surges. This require as precise as possible a forecast of the daily consumption and the peak load periods. Stadtwerke Husum purchases a certain amount of energy and power in advance. This supply management is based on information about the actual consumption within the network. At some point however it is difficult to determine the actual consumption using digital pulses because signal lines are not always available to transmit the signals. This is the case in the Halebull district in which Stadwerke Husum operates a power supply line with a secondary supply source. If a fault arises on this line, the power can be supplied from the other source. Since this secondary supply is from the neighboring E.ON Hanse supply network, however, it needs a separate meter. In this case, two meter signals are needed in order to determine the amount the amount of power acquired and supplied. A gas line also runs alongside the power line for which another meter pulses required to manage the supply. The transmission of the three meter signals initially presented problems because there are no signal lines from here to Stadwerke Husum. The nearest means of transmitting the meter pulses was 1.2Km away at a transformer station owned by E.ON Hanse AG in the Wobenbull district. Application : 1

37 The meter signals are transmitted wirelessly via small panel antennas from the gas station in Halebull when establishing the wireless connection, the problem of the hilly terrain in Husum was overcome using suitable antenna. The Technology Phoenix Contacts RAD-ISM-2400 wireless signal transmission system offers an extremely simple, reliable and cost – effective solution. While laying signal lines could cost approx. 60 to 100 meter, signal transmission using the RAD-ISM- 2400 radio system costs a, fraction of that. The robust Trusted Wireless radio technology even allows user to operate several systems in parallel. In this case, two parallel radio paths were set up. The two electricity meter pulses are transmitted via. One radio path while the other is used to transmit the gas pulse. The signals from the two radio paths are received by parabolic antenna at the transformer station in Wobbenbull. The unidirectional RAD- Line IO system automatically establishes the radio link after switching on the power supply. Customer Benefits: · Cost savings around 60 to 100 EUR per meter. · Optimum supply and load management thanks to continuous monitoring · Simple to install and start-up · Problem-free operation with good diagnostics system Wireless existing applications

38 38 Wireless MUX transfers IO-Signals over 800m (since middle 2005) 800m 5m Application : 2 Wireless existing applications

39 Broad Choice of Cameras Dust Proof Indoor Fixed Outdoor Fixed High Temperature Explosion Proof Outdoor PTZ Class I Div I & Div II IR w/ Illuminator Indoor PTZ Thermal w/ Video We can also provide customized video cameras and enclosures to meet unique application requirements Indoor Vandal - proof Megapixel

40 Can offer camera solutions to meet the most demanding environments Certified Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D Certified Class 1 Division 2, Groups A through D ATEX certified enclosures Mil-STD EMI Hardened Thermal, vandal-resistant, IR, pressurized, etc. Will package the best technology to solve the problem Integrated fiber connectivity High Power PoE 802.11b/g (wireless mesh networks) CDMA EV-DO; GSM Edge (Broadband cellular) Advanced motion detection Industrial Video Experts Combined software and hardware development – in-house Direct, close customer interaction - modify to customer requirements Open architecture – using COTS hardware Seamless support of multiple vendor products (best in class), multiple codecs, and third party software integration (Active-X; API; XML) World-class support Differentiators

41 VIEW STATION SOFTWARE View up to 25 video feeds per monitor – any number of monitors – any number of cameras Custom control/view panels Comprehensive alarm management Camera management such as preset view touring, programmed alarm responses, etc. Scheduling of any of the video system functions Management of custom or 3 rd party software interfaces for GPS, radar, access control, etc. CAMERAS Camera options to suit any application need We can provide custom solutions to meet demanding requirements RELAY SERVER SOFTWARE Single IP access of cameras with browser-based viewing and control Bandwidth management, storage management, and user authentication, integration of legacy CCTV systems IVC Video Systems

42 View Station Software

43 Alarm Server Component Alarm Sources Alarm Responses

44 Converts Video into Data at the Camera - Cameras are Network Devices Flexible Communication – TCP/IP – Ethernet, fiber optic, wireless Remote Viewing and Control / Access to Any Camera from Any Location Flexible and Easily Modified Displays Scalable with Standard Computer / Networking Hardware / Multiple Level Relay Server Architecture Open architecture Avoid Specialized Proprietary Hardware – Locked into Vendor (Multiplexers, Switches, Tapes, etc) Handles multiple codecs seamlessly (M-JPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264) Easy integration with third party software / Active-X; XML; API - for use with / development of advanced features. Redundancy Capability Maintenance of Image Integrity / Quality at Low Bandwidth Click on Image to Point – Live Image and Panorama Windows Domain and LDAP Authentication Pan Tilt Zoom Precision Accuracy and Control Easily Programmable – Scheduling / Touring / Automated Response to Alarms Video Storage and Retrieval / Remote Viewing of Stored Video / Conversion to.avi Format for Distribution Complete Bandwidth Management (All points/LAN/WAN) Key Features

45 HMI solutions Rugged HMIs Applications Mobile application High brightness Remote Monitoring - Wireless Handheld HMIs with wireless capabilities Applications

46 Redundant Global Database & Historian Experion Server Investment Protection for TPS/TDC Experion on LCN Integrated Supervisory Control ACE Regulatory, Logic Sequential & Model Based Controls ML /HC900/Plant Cruise Process Manager Basic Controller Plant Asset Management Asset Manager Plant Wide Data Warehouse PHD Remote Operations Experion Station Video as a Process Sensor Digital Video Manager Casual User Secure Read Only Process Display Web Server eServer Desktop Access for Business Applications Web Browsers Web-based Human Interface Experion Station ASM Operator Effectiveness Multivariable Control and Optimization Profit Suite Field Mobility Mobile PKS Wireless Access Redundant and / or Remote I/O Ergonomic Operator Consoles Icon Series Advanced Applications Network Business Network Field Rounds Automation IntelaTrac PKS Local Control Network Video Ethernet Advanced Enterprise Wide Applications Business FLEX Workcenter POMS, OptiVISION Firewall Supervisory Control Network Wireless Transmitters SIL 3 Safety System Safety Manager Precision Measurement and Control Quality Control System Integrated Physical Security Enterprise Building Integrator Plant Simulation UniSim Integrated Process Control System

47 One Stop Shop

48 Asset Management System The MTL4850 uses blocks of 32 channels and up to 63 modules per RS485 bus.

49 Why Maxima ? Proven products (of Maximas partners) in the end to end line up Field Instruments : Interface devices : 1. MTL instruments: Isolators, Barriers, SPDs, FFPS, FF Barrier etc. 2. Phoenix Contact: Power Supplies, TBs, Lugs, Ferrules, Cable trays 3. Maxima : Enclosures / JBs Control system: SCADA: Experion Wireless system: Other Devices: Annunciators: Wireless HART: /

50 Ethernet Switch from MTL / Phoenix Firewall (Tofino from MTL) Phoenix Power Supply MTL isolators Phoenix TBs Phoenix Lugs Phoenix Terminal Marker Maxima JBs (Certified) Emerson field Instruments Honeywell / AB / Phoenix I/O Modules Experion / Maxiview SCADA Maxima JB with MTL Megablocks Maxima JBs with MTL FF Barriers Emerson field Instruments MTL Surge Protectors MTL RTK Annunciators (Exd) MTL FISCO Power Supply MTL FF Power Supply MTL Elpro Wireless Emerson field Instruments Rockwell VFD FIELD CONTROL ROOM Why Maxima ?

51 4. Erection & Commissioning Highly Skilled Manpower Committed Delivery Professional approach Neat documentation

52 Conclusion Maxima will be an ideal partner that you can count on as a single point of contact for Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of any of your Instrumentation and Automation needs

53 Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2/87, Raghava Nagar 7 th Street, Moovarasanpet, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091 Tamilnadu, India Phone : +91 44 45565025 Fax: +91 44 45565026 Mobile: +91 9790761572 Mail Website : For more information please contact:

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