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Is achieving this a technical issue or a business issue?

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0 Services Thinking: Driving Sustainable Composability
Doug Shoupp Principal Deloitte Consulting LLP April 30, 2008

1 Is achieving this a technical issue or a business issue?
Sustaining Service Composability — How to create collections of services that can be coordinated and assembled to form different composite services over time. Is achieving this a technical issue or a business issue?

2 It's a Time Issue Speed-to-market pressures
The need for cross-channel consistency and process integration Shareholders demanding improved ROIs Competitive pressures for cost reduction and efficiency Too much Information to manage and examine effectively Requirements change prior to implementation Getting ahead of the curve requires not just solutions — it requires spending the right amount of time and talent on the big picture, on the future. 2

3 How to design for the future?
How do we anticipate the right level of granularity? Will they be still composable when the business shifts? Will we be able to orchestrate? Composite Applications Technical Services UI-Benefit UI-Tax Workforce Business Layers Business Processes/CBS Manage Claim Intake Continued Claim Services Layers Process Claim Intake Determine Non-Monetary Eligibility Monetary Atomic Notify Customer Financial Layer Update Benefit DB Send Financial Determination To Employer Low Granularity High Granularity Common Challenges Best-in-Class Approach Business and data access logic embedded in the presentation layer Interface granularity Mixing of synchronous and asynchronous invocation semantics in a single interface Organizational structure does not support the services hierarchies Governance Ownership Development and Maintenance Framework and Decisions 3

4 It takes technology and business
Rapid reconfiguration of business solutions that includes process and talent issues, not just technology and architecture A strong governance framework to drive commitment Significant business involvement to ensure solutions are relevant and useable Reduced complexity — SOA has no ability to reduce process, organizational, and regulatory complexities Clean data — SOA doesn’t address the critical importance of clean data access and cross-organizational process management Creating sustainable composable services requires addressing the business and technical aspects of services — it means creating business agility. 4

5 Services Thinking - Driving Agility
Focuses on what capabilities each part of an organization needs to complete, and organizes those capabilities into more manageable, independent pieces These pieces enable much more rapid and effective prioritization and alignment Services Thinking helps align different interests around a unified view Services can be orchestrated, monitored, simulated, and rapidly re-orchestrated to adapt to changes in the business landscape Services Thinking embeds business process, organizational considerations, go-to-market strategy, and technology Conventional Scope of SOA

6 Services Thinking builds upon Enterprise SOA to generate business value
Traditional Technology View

7 OK — But what does that look like?

8 Let’s try that again… Services Thinking Approach Iterate Iterate
Dynamic Enterprise Architecture Implementation Solutions Phase 1 Define Vision and Drivers Phase 2 Assessment & Capabilities Phase 3 Develop Transformation Architecture, Model & Roadmap Phase 4 Define & Design Phase 5 Implement Phase 6 Operate Current State Assess & Prioritize Execute Iterate Iterate Services Thinking Approach

9 Let’s look harder at the front end
Actionable Activities Deliverables/Benefits Samples SOA Readiness Assessment Conduct SOA Assessment SOA Maturity Assessment Identifies gaps/pain points in Business strategy, Organization, Governance, and Technology that would be addressed in the roadmap . Analyze Business Capabilities Print Business Services Print Thinking Accelerates identification of potential high-level Business Services. Management Portfolio Strategic Functions Strategic Planning, Governance and Budgeting Quality and Value Management Risk Management and Compliance 2 IT Administrative Support Functions HR/ Performance Service Provider Performance Management Financial Provider Contract Physical Asset Facilities 7 Client Account Planning Demand Business Case Development Performance Requirements Management 3 Client Relationship Management Solution Delivery and Support Development Application / Infrastructure 6 Support Infrastructure Application / Maintenance Deployment Office Program Release Planning and Management Project Program and Project Management 5 Architecture and Intellectual Property Mgmt Application Architecture Architecture Compliance Technical Architecture 4 Process/Service and Information Architecture Architecture and Asset Management Build Reference Architecture SOA Reference Architecture Defines a robust Architecture baseline for the design, build, integration, and execution of solutions. Services Channels Services Management Environment Environment Governance Services Integration Env. Adapters Services Env. Interaction Env. Information Env. Process Environment Business Users Messaging Business Services Legacy Wrapper/Adapter Protocols Package Wrapper/Adapter DB Adapter Communication Environment Registry Access Manager Interceptor Access Node Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Intermediary Msg. Formatting Transformation Route/Distribute UI - User Interaction Bus. Process Mgmt. Master Data Mgmt Choreography Rules Engine Data Access Collaboration Data Whse / Reporting Constituents State Workers IT Developers Business Analyst Partners Business Modeling Business Activity Monitoring Business Dashboards Business Simulation Business Optimization Security Management Monitoring Asset Management Policy Enforcement Event Notification Self Service Automated Inbound Automated Outbound Service Repository Policy Establishment Change Management Configuration Mgmt Service Lifecycle Stds./Arch Enforcement Infrastructure Environment SOAP Server Process Server Application Server Database Server Content Server Portal Server Broker Assisted Technical Services Mediation Orchestration Components Services Development Environment Artifact Repository Modeling Discover / Build Publish & Deploy Integration Maintain Requirements Testing & Validation Partner Profile Mgmt. SOA Roadmap Build Roadmap SOA Governance Framework Defines a Roadmap that enables a value driven phased approach, focusing on quick hits as it addresses the identified gaps/pain points. 9

10 Services Thinking in action
The Challenge A large financial institution needed to create comprehensive approach for managing, marketing, and liquidating the assets received from failed companies. The Approach Identified capabilities common to every transaction Information needs Coordination of tasks Audit and controls Identified and prioritized business process, organizational, data, and technology services to enable required, scalable foundational capabilities The Results Enabled the organization to meet its immediate objectives and provide the foundation for future adjustments to the market. Bottom line business benefits Improved cycle times Streamlined processes An agile technology platform Scalable delivery capacity

11 Services Thinking — getting started
Conduct frank and productive discussions about opportunities and priorities within the organization — identify like-minded business sponsors Make a list of your organizations required capabilities Make a list of all the reasons you haven’t been able to make those capabilities a reality Identify the components you do have and prioritize for quick wins Have a plan for the future and build your capability-driven road map Include the business stakeholders every step of the way in the roadmap definition Take a multi-dimensional approach on modularity, composability, and interoperability for technical services, business processes, organization, and service delivery

12 In conclusion Sustainable Composability requires new thinking:
Cross-Domain Capabilities Dynamic Traceability Service Objects Agility Services

13 Question and answer Question and Answer

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