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Sunday we went back to Donaueschingen. From a satellite photo you can see the Furstenberg Palace. Along the road to the left is the Furstenberg Brewery,

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1 Sunday we went back to Donaueschingen. From a satellite photo you can see the Furstenberg Palace. Along the road to the left is the Furstenberg Brewery, and further down on the corner is the place where we ate pizza a few nights before. Running along the edge of the Palace grounds you can see the Brigach River.

2 The Palace was undergoing a face lift but this is what it should look like.

3 This is a well on the Palace grounds that marks the beginning of the Danube river which flows clear to the Black Sea.

4 This was so declared by the Roman Emperor Tiberius. He was almost correct.

5 In 1959 it was finally determined that the water from this spring goes into the Brigach which unites with the Breg river about 2/3 of a mile farther down and for the next 2810 kilometers is known as the Danube.

6 This map shows the river as it flows from Germany across the continent into the Schwarzes Meer or Black Sea.

7 Because of the construction we were not allowed onto the grounds or inside the palace, but this is a gate leading to the grotto.

8 This is a view of the front of the palace. As you can see there are huge scaffolds going up the face of the building.

9 Another very fancy entrance to the palace grounds.

10 Next to the palace is a, guess what? A cathedral with twin towers and onion spires.


12 The green boxes in the foreground are covering statues which will eventually be returned to the top of the building when the repairs are done.

13 This is their garden area. In the background you can see the horse stables.

14 Everybodys favorite, the Furstenbach Brewery. This beer is seen everywhere. I even drank some of it myself.

15 We had to dress because we were having company.

16 Finally got to meet Evie and her family. Manfred, Max, Evelyne, Vicki.

17 Max and Vicki play hockey and attend an academy where they go to school and train. Vicki is a goalie on the National Team and hopes to make the Olympics next time.

18 Max wants to play professionally. Manfred is a Lt. Colonel & chief neurosurgeon at an Army hospital. As you can see, nobody else got the message about the dress code.

19 Kathy and Evie on New Years Eve.

20 Midnight finally came and we watched the fireworks from the hill above the house and drank champagne. These skyrockets were all shot by citizens all across the town.

21 Entering the village of Geislingen. You can just make out the Hohenzollern Castle on top of the mountain.

22 Here it is again as we get closer.

23 And closer.

24 We took a shuttle bus from below up the path you see at the bottom of the picture. From there we climbed a spiral cobblestone path, making 3 complete circles, passing through a tunnel and crossing 4 drawbridges before we entered the courtyard. This is actually the 3 rd castle built here. The 1 st was built in the early 1000s but was eventually destroyed and torn down in 1423. In 1452 a 2 nd one was started and stood until it fell into ruin. In the 1800s the royal families all kicked in money to rebuild

25 Heres Kathy & Uschi preparing to cross the first drawbridge

26 Heres a look at some of the walls as we are circling up the path.


28 Looking downward from the castle as we are climbing.


30 Crossing the drawbridge we passed through two huge wooden doors. If you break down the 1 st door, we can get you from the top while youre trying to break down the 2 nd one.

31 These statues are above the next gate. Those folks threw snowballs down at us.

32 A small courtyard where you can get some sun without leaving the safety of the walls.

33 A look outside through a window in the wall.

34 Were still climbing up to the main building.


36 This is not a black & white photo. Its just a wintry day in the Scjwarzwald. Now you know why its called the Black Forest.

37 Were almost there.

38 Behold! I am the master of all I survey. How many villages can you count?

39 Finally made it into the main courtyard.


41 Note the cannon in the foreground.

42 Now how many villages can you count?

43 Inside the Ancestral Hall. Note the family tree on the walls. The red is the Swabian branch. The blue is the Franconian branch.

44 The Counts Hall. Italian marble inlaid floor. The columns are solid marble. Charity events are held here twice a year and all the chandelier candles are lit.

45 The library. The opposite wall has small reading booths under the windows.

46 Margraves Parlor Kings bed chamber Frederick the Great

47 The Blue Parlour

48 Statue of St. George St. Michaels Chapel (Catholic) The only remaining part of the original castle. Glass window showing the Hohenzollern coat of arms

49 Christs Chapel (Protestant). Note the tombs of Frederick the Great and his father Frederick William I. They are no longer buried there.

50 In 2001 these secret tunnels and casemates were discovered under the castle. Antique dishware Stairs down to the casemates or dungeons

51 The Armory. We werent allowed to take pictures, but I got this one and the next one anyway.

52 Royal Prussian Crown. Those are snuff boxes below.

53 Kathy & Lyle preparing to leave the castle.

54 Wild venison & bread dumplings. 10 Euros. I took this photo because Knodel was a name in Sues family who lived near Stuttgart, which is close to this castle.

55 Steffi & her horse Othello.

56 Jolene on Othello


58 Finally got some snow.

59 The sisters. Moni, Uschi, Kathy

60 And finally, the Swiss Alps as seen from the Zurich airport at sunup.

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