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Presentation advintec TCP-3D Calibration System

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1 Presentation advintec TCP-3D Calibration System

2 Contents 1. Product portfolio Robotics 2. System Overview
3. Applications / Features 4. Technical Data 5. Data Backup / Update 6. Additional Features 7. Customer Value 8. References 2

3 Product Portfolio Robotics

4 System Overview - Installation
4 2 3 1 Scope of delivery LEONI: 1: TCP-3D Sensor 3: TCP-3D Controller with cable set pedestal optional Not included: 2. Torch Cleaner 4. Robot Controller 5. Robot 5

5 System Overview - Assembly
Robot controller Field bus Supply voltage +24 DC

6 System Overview - Sensor
Sensor inside dimensions in mm: 120 x 120 Larger sensors available on request

7 System Overview – Controller
Mounting bracket integrated

8 System Overview – Operation

9 Systen Overview – Functional Description
advintec TCP-3D calibrates the tool electronically in 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z). In addition it is possible to calibrate the tool orientation in the rotational axes (Rx, Ry, Rz). The existing tool is referenced first, so that it is not neccessary to repeat the manual tool calibration. The robot Trajectory is automatically offset according to the measured deviation in the tool position. The tool always works in the correct position or path.

10 Systen Overview – Functional Description
Procedure – Use of master tool and working tool Start Start calibration Production process with working tool 1. Step: Working tool is saved as master tool Master tool is copied into working tool Commissioning Working tool is calibrated Working tool is corrected

11 Systen Overview – What is new?
Leoni update tool Milling option Tandem torch option Connection of 2 additional sensors

12 Applications Measurable Geometries Wire, Nozzle
Rotationally Symmetric Tools Milling Tools with Flutes Cutting Tools and Blades

13 Selectable Dimensions
Applications Calibration Modes Selectable Dimensions 2D 3D 5D/6D Additional Modes Stud Welding Sealant Nozzles Milling Tools Tandem Torches

14 Applications Additional Modes Stud Welding Sealant Nozzles
Stud Welding Sealant Nozzles Milling Tools Tandem Torches

15 Applications Activation codes for additional modes
Required information for receiving an activation code: Hardware version Serial number Where do I find the hardware version and the serial number? Version – HW Rev. B 2.2/2.0 Version – S.No. M31/42 Main Menu Setup Hardware Version Version Serial Number

16 Applications Arc Welding
Automated torch calibration and correction of the TCP in 2D, 3D or 5D incl. wire centricity check. Calibration system can be integrated directly into the torch cleaner. As an option, the system can take over the control of the torch cleaner via an integrated I/O-Module.

17 Applications Sealing Automated calibration of sealant nozzles with special geometries. Very accurate calibration of the position and orientation of the TCP as well as checking the geometry of the nozzle. Detection of material build-up on the nozzle. Image: SCA Schucker

18 Applications Stud Welding Automated calibration of stud welding heads.
Exact definition of the tool axis along the linear slide (5D-calbration of the TCP). Image: Tucker

19 Applications 6D Gripper Calibration
Automated 6D-calibration of the robot gripper. Ideal for exchangeable grippers and high-precision applications such as power train assembly. Compensation of temperature drift. Image: FZ Jülich

20 Applications Reference pins
6D Part/Gripper Calibration (Motor assembly) Automated 6D-calibration of the robot gripper by using a reference part with calibration pins. The calibration pins can also be mounted directly on the gripper.

21 Applications Spot Welding
Due to failures, welding guns often need to be replaced during production time. The average down-time per gun change in a body shop can easily amount to approximately 90 minutes. An early detection of gun defects is thus of principal interest.

22 Applications Drilling/Milling
Automated calibration of Milling tools and drill bits including tool breakage detection. Ideal for use with an automatic tool changer. Stores the dimensions of multiple tools and verifies whether the correct tool is loaded in the tool changer. Image: Fink Plexiglas

23 Applications 6D Blade Calibration
TCP position, orientation and cutting direction of a blade.

24 Features Available Interfaces DeviceNet
CANopen Interbus Profibus Profinet EtherNet/IP Ethernet TCP/IP EtherCAT ModbusTCP ModbusRTU Powerlink Additional interfaces on request. The controller can manage up to 10 different tools. The TCP Calibration System is fully independant of the robot brand. Tools with a diameter of 0.3 mm – 35 mm can be calibrated (larger tools on request)

25 Features Calibration Times 2D-Calibration < 3 Seconds
Calibration of the translational axes X and Y 3D-Calibration < 5 Seconds Calibration of the translational axes X, Y and Z 5D/6D-Calibration < 10 Seconds Calibration of the translational axes and the orientation X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz 6D Gripper/Fixture Calibration >15 Seconds depending on the application

26 Features Various calibration modes can be combined for the same tool.
Example: A welding torch can be quickly calibrated in 2D for small deviations during the production cycle. A more precise 5D-Calibration can be carried out after a tool change.

27 Technical Data - Overview
advintec TCP-3D advintec TCP-5D advintec TCP-6D Sensor type 2 Channel Infra red 880 nm, pulsed 2kHz Interface Seial or field bus (DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, etc.) Accuracy 0,02 mm Calibration Time 3 Sec. complete 2D calibration, 6 Sec. complete 3D calibration 9 Sec. complete 5D calibration > 15 Sec. complete 6D calibration Protection class IP67 Useable in dirty environment Yes Enclosure Aluminium Dimensions 2 or 3 Translations 5 (3 Translations, 2 Rotations) 6 (3 Translations, 3 Rotations) Automatic correction of tool data Applications Arc Welding, Stud welding, Spot Welding, Laser Welding, TIG Welding, Sealing, Milling Gripper Calibration, Calibration of Fixtures, Power Train Assembly, High Precision Applications CE-Mark Operating Voltage 10-34 V DC Connectors IBS Plug, 5-pin, PE leading

28 Data Backup / Update With the LEONI Backup Interface the system settings can be backed up and restored. In the event that a controller needs to be replaced, the settings of the old unit can be transferred to the replacement unit.

29 Data Backup / Update Update Tool
With this tool it is possible to perform a software update or install custom software onto the TCP-Controller The system settings are retained during an update Power

30 Additional Features Remote Configuration
The configuration can be carried out via the field bus interface. Thus all settings required for the commisioning can be made via the teach pendant of the robot. Initial calibration of a tool Automated initial calibration of an unknown tool. To this end only the starting point for the initial calibration needs to be recorded. The system then automatically calculates the tool data and transfers it to the robot controller.

31 Customer Value Advantages at a glance
Simplified Integration in the production line due to the small footprint External system, the calculations are made in an external processor and the results are transferred to the robot controller High process safety No external PC required Logging of calibration data Data analysis possible at all times No more touching up due to tool wear or change 100% Quality assurance, that is higher process safety and better productivity due to the elimination of manual intervention or position related faults. Calibration is carried out without contact or orientation movements Short calibration times Small footprint Integration in close proximity of the torch cleaner advintec TCP-Sensors are unsensitive to anti-spatter spray, as they make use of infra red technology Reduction of costs due to reduced scrap and rework Elimination of possible sources of error due to dependance on own exact calibration values Easy to use and set up

32 LEONI TCP Systems Worldwide
Customer Country Site Total TCP Germany Sindelfingen Bremen Gaggenau 420 Worldwide VW Wolfsburg VW Hannover VW Kassel VW Coaching Emden VW Mosel VW Poznan Poland VW Slovakia Bratislava Skoda Mlada Bolislav Audi Neckarsulm VW Portugal VW Mexico 297 Belgium Genk 50 Others Germany France 100 LEONI TCP-Systems installed: > Status

33 Thank you for your attention
End Thank you for your attention

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