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Scaling to new heights 1 STR.Grants and Our Software Solutions 123 Our Software Will Help You Meet Your Grants Management Challenges.

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1 Scaling to new heights 1 STR.Grants and Our Software Solutions 123 Our Software Will Help You Meet Your Grants Management Challenges

2 2 Scaling to new heights About STR Small business founded in 1985 Offices in Fairfax, Virginia and Baton Rouge, Louisiana Areas of expertise and experience Grants management expertise 13 years of enterprise-wide grants management system experience Thorough understanding of Federal and State grants management Software implementation COTS product capabilities Full lifecycle custom software development Consulting and Services Product implementation and support End-user and technical training Program and project management General management consulting

3 3 Scaling to new heights Federal Grants Experience Inter-American Foundation (IAF) Web Application For Grants to Latin America and Caribbean Countries U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grants database design (DGMS) Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) Developed custom grants management system Went live in June 2002, over 90% paperless within first year Interface with CGIs Momentum financial system U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI ) Five years of COTS software experience (2005-2010) (FBMS) Interface added for find and apply (OMB) Invited to provide input to committee. STR.Grants was only grants vendor invited

4 4 Scaling to new heights State Grants Experience Mississippi $3 billion in grants to homeowners as result of Hurricane Katrina Deployed eGrantsPlus three weeks after receiving final requirements Accepted 13,000 applications within first month Louisiana Largest single housing recovery program in U.S. history Accepted over 200,000 applications and managed over $7 billion in grants Tracked over 10,000 properties and actions on those properties after sale to State Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Selected eGrantsPlus for agency-wide implementation Implementation scheduled for Q1 2012

5 Scaling to new heights 5 Why Now?

6 6 Scaling to new heights Federal Grant Recipient Concerns Because budgets and jobs have been cut, There is no time to modify current systems Traditional workaround of using more people to manually gather data from legacy systems not possible Accuracy of resulting data is being questioned No systems in place to capture data to meet the new ARRA reporting requirements, like jobs created, and the FFATA reporting requirements No way to consolidate the data currently in multiple independent systems to allow data to be captured in one location Administrative delays and infrastructure limitations make internal deployment of any new system difficult 123

7 7 Scaling to new heights Recent Reported Audit Findings Supporting documentation inadequate/insufficient Internal controls lacking separate, specific, and well-documented policies and procedures for acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale/rental activities Capacity to administer its allocation of Program funds questionable Staffing (recipient and sub-recipient) overburdened Selection process for approving applicants overburdened 123

8 8 Scaling to new heights Recommendations From Audits Make changes and/or immediately return Program funds to granting agency Create and maintain policies and procedures to guide decisions to be made (Grantees need to) perform additional monitoring to ensure that the sub-recipient properly administers the funding in accordance with Federal requirements 123

9 Scaling to new heights 9 Our Software Solutions Introduction

10 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 10 Scaling to new heights Our Turn-key Solutions Are Easy to use Quick ROI Web-based user interface Highly scalable Highly configurable … Grant Programs Application Processing Workflow End-to-end solution Role-based security Capable of standalone operation or interfacing with other systems Available as subscription service or by license for internal installation

11 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 11 Scaling to new heights Grants Management Allows for standardization of business processes across diverse competitive and formula grant programs while accommodating the unique requirements of each grant program, including application and budget design, processing workflow, and post-award reporting and monitoring. Provides the information needed to meet Federal transparency reporting requirements. Post-Disaster Financial Assistance Used to process over 250,000 applications following Katrina and Rita, this software allows quick response to the financial needs of homeowners and businesses following any disaster. The software accepts applications, tracks the progress of applications including aging metrics, calculates the assistance amount to be provided consistent with policies taking into account the amounts received from other sources, and interacts with closing agencies as funds are disbursed. Property Tracking Provides ability to track properties and the actions taken for those properties from acquisition to disposition. Developed for use where an organization needs to track the ownership of properties as well as actions being taken on those properties like title search, appraisal, infrastructure work, construction, environmental review, and maintenance and security services. STR.Grants Software (Click here for demo of software features)here (Click here for demo of software features)here (Click here for demo of software features)here After you have looked at the products that interest you, click a button below to proceed Next SlidePrevious Slide

12 12 Scaling to new heights Our Goals For This Presentation Were To Outline The Significant Challenges Of Grants Management Grantee Concerns/ Pain Points Recent Audits Findings And Recommendations Show How STRs Software Responds To These Challenges End-to-end Visibility And Management Control Single Repository For Reporting Of Financial And Grants Data Easy-to-use System For Day-to-day Operation A Cost Effective, Turn-key Hosted Solution

13 13 Scaling to new heights STR.Grants Makes Sense STR Has The Experience Grants Management Software Development Disaster Relief Property Tracking STR Has The Solution Modular Financial Assistance & Property Tracking Software eGrantsPlus Financial Assistance Software eDisasterReliefPost-Disaster Relief Efforts ePropertyPlus Property Tracking Software This Is What We Do!

14 14 Scaling to new heights Contact Us STR.Grants (Fairfax VA) Dean Moore, Business Development Manager Bob Kuhnle, CTO and Solution Architect bob.kuhnle@strllc.com703-460-9009

15 Scaling to new heights 15 Our Software Solutions eGrantsPlus - Grants Management Software

16 Scaling to new heights 16 eGrantsPlus Our Best-of-Breed Grants Management Software

17 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 17 Scaling to new heights Grants Management System Users Senior Management – General Oversight Grants Office – Administrative/Process Control Program Office – Project Management Applicants/Grant Recipients eGrantsPlus can be used by all of these groups eGrantsPlus provides the data and the functionality that these groups need Auditors IT Technical Staff (Technical Requirements) Reporting Team(s) – Need to extract data for ad-hoc reporting

18 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 18 Scaling to new heights With eGrantsPlus, You Can … Create and Post Solicitations Accept and Process Applications Document Selection Processes Make Selections/Awards Manage Recipients After Award Progress Reports Financial Status Reports Site Visits Claims Processing You Can Accept and Process Applications For Financial Assistance, Documenting All Processing Actions Taken and Decisions Made You Can Manage Post Award Activities And Interactions With Grant Recipients 123

19 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 19 Scaling to new heights Key Components of 2011 Release FeatureBenefit Integration LayereGrantsPlus has enhanced the interface layer to add an Enterprise Service Bus that permits the addition of new APIs and the modification of existing APIs by configuration changes and not code changes. The architecture allows for rapid integration while minimizing any costs associated with establishing and maintaining integration with other products. Configurable Financials Options Aligns processing workflow to support client-specific financial processes. Allows configurability by individual grant program. This translates into even greater flexibility for the workflow Application Evaluation and Processing Provides more comprehensive audit trail of panel/reviewer scores changes to those scores. Provides date-based permissioning to initiate application review process. Provides streamlined award authorization and approval workflow. Configuration Enhancements Provides greater flexibility for aligning progress and financial status reporting timelines to the unique terms of the award. Allows for managing correspondence in bulk or via individual grantee with the ability to tailor the correspondence message to each grantee/program. Provides more flexible review panel configuration, assignment and tracking. Visibility Enhancements Provides an added measure of security and flexibility to control of visibility of grant objects (applications, grants, progress reports and financial status reports)

20 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 20 Scaling to new heights Create and Post Solicitation Solicitation can be delivered in PDF format for distribution. 06112011 doiadmin xxxxxxxx G T 100 5000000 100000 none 2011 DOT Transportation Enhancement Grants DOT-TE-2011 07012011 07312011 The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) established the Transportation Enhancement (TE) program….. 20.205 01 02 04 None Yes FY 2011 Call for NEW TE Applications. The Department of Transportation will be accepting TE applications beginning October 1, 2010 until 3:00 p.m. June 15, 2011. TE projects must fall into one or more of the twelve eligible categories (.pdf, 95K). A Robert L. Kuhnle Solicitation can be delivered in XML format for posting to any web site, including

21 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 21 Scaling to new heights Create Application Record For formula and entitlement programs, application records can be created and submitted in a few as five configurable steps by applicants or staff Applicant organization is identified How the applicant is applying is identified The Program Office and grant program are identified Application record is created and ready for submission

22 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 22 Scaling to new heights Create and Submit Application Application content can include other highl configurable content. This is especially useful for competitive grant programs. The content of four of the tabs can be configured to be very different depending on program requirements Application is organized to it easy to navigate and complete

23 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 23 Scaling to new heights Configurable Application Components Application narratives are configurable. The user can configure the - number - title - sequence - allowable number of characters Application attachments are configurable. The user can configure the - number - title - sequence Target performance goals and the requirement for a project plan can be specified Attachment templates can be provided for completion.

24 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 24 Scaling to new heights Budget Configuration The budget can be configured in any way the user desires Budgets can be line-item budgets. For line-item budget categories, the software has eight available templates for layout of the entries Budgets can be roll-up budgets Budgets can include features of both Budgets can be annual, semi- annual, quarterly, or monthly - line-item budgets - roll-up budgets

25 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 25 Scaling to new heights Create and Submit Application Click Submit Application and the application has been submitted and received. 123 When all required data has been entered, clicking Verify Application will show that all data has been entered. Anytime during the completion of the application, the user can clickVerify Application to see a list of required items remaining to be entered.

26 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 26 Scaling to new heights Review and Evaluate Application Once the applicant has submitted the application, staff can take one of the configurable workflow actions, including scheduling the application for review. Staff and Peer Reviews are completed and documented on the Review screen. The Show Questions links display the questions that guide the scoring. Users enter the category scores and click Update Category Scores. Scores are totaled and ranked automatically.

27 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 27 Scaling to new heights Options For Processing To Award – Competitive Programs Program Office Set Performance Period Dates Set Award Amount Budget/Fiscal Office (Optional) Process Commitments Grants Office Determine Eligibility Create Header Record For Contract/Financial System (Optional) Send Final Award Document to Applicant for Acceptance (Optional) Process Obligation/Encumbrance (Optional) Complete Award Process

28 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 28 Scaling to new heights Options For Processing To Award – Formula Programs Identify Formula Factors For Opportunity Enter and Test the Formula Enter Formula Factor Values and Calculate Grant Amounts Configure Desired Review (Optional) Conduct Review (Optional) Award Grants (Batch Operation)

29 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 29 Scaling to new heights Traceability Of Actions From Submission to Award The flow of applications from submission to award is traceable using this standard report.

30 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 30 Scaling to new heights Progress Reports After funding is approved, configurable progress reports are created for submission on scheduled dates. Recipients can start to complete the report at any time. The report allows performance metrics and narratives to be included. Configurable letter or email messages can be triggered automatically to remind the recipient of an upcoming or past due report. A complete history of correspondence sent to the recipient is viewable at any time. The first tab identifies the preparer of the report and contains the quantitative performance measures that must be provided when the report is submitted The second tab contains the project plan that was provided in the application. The recipient must provide an update of each goal before the report can be submitted The third tab contains the narratives configured for the grant program that must be provided when the report is submitted The Documents tab can be used by the recipient to attach documents

31 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 31 Scaling to new heights Financial Status Reports After funding is approved, configurable financial status reports are created for submission on scheduled dates. The FSR is organized by tabs like to grant application and the progress report.. The first tab contains information about the recipient organization The second tab identified the submitter of the report and any appropriate remarks The third tab allows the user to enter data about the financial transactions during the period. Data from previous periods is automatically transferred to the Previously Reported column Like the PR, the Documents tab can be used by the recipient to attach documents to the FSR

32 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 32 Scaling to new heights Calendar Entries Once the award has been made, the reports and any site visits scheduled for this applicant appear on the application calendar

33 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 33 Scaling to new heights Site Visits eGrantsPlus provides a very convenient way to schedule and document site visits and generate the correspondence to the recipient about the visit. Generation of the notification letter is a single mouse click. Once the site visit has been conducted, the observations and the items needing follow-up can be easily documented. After documenting the visit, a follow-up letter can be generated. Both the notification letter and the follow-up letter can be reviewed and sent directly from this screen

34 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 34 Scaling to new heights Reviewing Existing Claims Recipients create claims for reimbursements or for advances. Shown is a grant (0000012601) that already has two claims, claim 1423 and 1446 A user can view the details of an existing claim by clicking on the claim number link The history of the claim can be displayed or hiddenseen by clicking the claim status History link The attachment(s) from any claim line item can be viewed by clicking the Attachment link. The actual attachment can be viewed by clicking the link for the attachment name The authorization any claim line item can be viewed by clicking the Authorizationt link. The current state of the applicant budget can be seen by clicking the number of the line item and then theView Budget Summary link. Awarded, pending, processed and available amouts are displayed for each budget line-item

35 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 35 Scaling to new heights The Message on the Claim Information screen indicates that the claim has been successfully created Creating A Claim Shown is the claim from the previous slide. To create a new claim, click theNew button On the Create New Claim screen, the user enters the claim type and clicks Save The user clicks the Add New Line link to add each new line item The user must pick the appropriate budget line item After the other required information is added, the user clicks Add to add the line item to the claim At this point, the user can add attachments to support the claim and submit the claim When a user attempts to submit a claim, they must authenticate with the software to electronically sign the claim At this poing the claim has been submitted

36 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 36 Scaling to new heights Processing A Claim The user can review the claim by clicking the link at the left of any claim row The user can take one of three actions with each claim line-item: - Authorize - Reject - Suspend If a user elects to authorize a claim line-item, the user must enter the payment type, select a funding source, and enter the amount to be paid Once a claim has been submitted, it is ready for processing by the staff When all data has been entered, the user clicks Authorize to authorize the payment When completed, the used clicks Processing Complete to complete the processing action

37 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 37 Scaling to new heights Submitting a Claim For Payment and Recording Payments Once a claim has been authorized for payment, it is ready to be submitted for payment by the staff Claims can be submitted individually or in batch for payment by selecting the claims for submission The Message appears when the payment has been submitted for payment. The completion of the payment may be processed automatically by interface to the financial/payment system or manually. Payments are added manually by clicking Add Payment The details about a payment are entered and Add Payment is clicked

38 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 38 Scaling to new heights FFATA Reporting Each application that is processed in eGrantsPlus automatically has an associated FFATA report record created. Clicking on the Details link displays the elements of that record in table form. Clicking on the Export exports the data in fixed length row format.

39 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 39 Scaling to new heights Management Oversight Reports Managers can check at any time to determine how much of the funds received have been approved, committed, obligated or paid out. Views are available by - Awarded year - Program Office - Grant Program - CFDA number - Opportunity or any combination of those options. Show here, a report by opportunity will be produced. Reports are available for all applications, awarded applications, or not awarded applications. Managers can also see reports to show progress and financial status reports coming due or past due. Shown here is the report for Progress Reports past due. Clicking on the link in the total column will display a list of the reports either past due or coming due.

40 40 Scaling to new heights Benefits from eGrantsPlus ® Improved customer service Applicants/Grantees 24/7 online status checks Extensive online help Immediate validation of their input Can be operated standalone or integrated with financial system Financial system and grants system data never out of sync Managerial control with complete, accurate, and real time information on all granting activities Prepare for transparency initiatives (FAADS/FFATA/ARRA) interface (find and apply) Reduction in work load through automated validation Reduction in application review costs Click a button to proceed Product List Previous Slide

41 Scaling to new heights 41 ePropertyPlus Our Land Bank Management and Property Tracking Software

42 42 Scaling to new heights Create And Maintain Property Records (Land Bank) Assign Property Owner Identify, Order, Track, and Monitor Required Actions, e.g., Appraisal Environmental Review Title Search Document Vendor Actions Review And Approve All Input Track Costs By Property, Action, Or Vendor Record Closing And Buyer Information With ePropertyPlus, You Can Allows You To Maintain A Land Bank And Track Activities And Costs Associated With Each Property Demolition Construction Closing(s) 123

43 43 Scaling to new heights Property Search Property Search screen allows search by several property characteristics. The user enters the search criteria, in this case Property ID, and clicks the Search button. The search results are returned. The user can click on the Property ID link to view the Property Details.

44 44 Scaling to new heights Property Details The Property Detail Report is the central screen of the ePropertyPlus tool. Everything about a property is displayed on this screen or the user can use links on the page to view the data. Shown here is the top section of the screen. The next slide will display the bottom section of the screen. A significant feature of the ePropertyPlus tool is the ability to make all the attached documents related to a property available from a single screen. Shown here are six of the sub-folders for document attachments. Attachments can be viewed by clicking the View link. Using the Add Attachment, Delete, and Move links, a user can upload attachments, delete attachments and move attachments to a different folder.

45 45 Scaling to new heights Property (Case) Notes In the top banner of each property-centric screen are links to the Property Notes for the selected property. A user can view existing notes or add a new note by clicking the corresponding link. Here the user is clicking the View link. The Property Notes have a filter to allow the user to search for specific notes of interest

46 46 Scaling to new heights Actions Summary The Actions Summary is displayed at the bottom of the Property Details screen on the previous slide. This section shows the Actions that are to be taken, the current state of each action, the date of that action, and the assigned vendor. Where action has been taken, a View link is available for the user to view the current data for that action. Here the user is clicking on the View link for the Appraisal action. This is a typical Action Details screen, reached when the View link is clicked on the Property Details Report screen. The screen displays the data for the action that was taken, including any entry that was made in the Property Notes and any attachments loaded by the Vendor when the action was completed.

47 47 Scaling to new heights The user enters the property ID and clicks the Search button. The expenditure data for the property is displayed as a single row as the search results. The user can click on any expenditure total to drill down to the details about this total. Expenditure Data The user can search for expenditure data associated with a property. In this case, the first level of drill-down shows the expenditure totals by month. The user can further drill-down to see the specific details by clicking on the amount link for the month of interest. In this case, there is a second level of detail available to show the individual line-items that contributed to the total on the previous screen. In this case, the user has clicked on the February total to see the details. 004445 123

48 48 Scaling to new heights Standard Reports ePropertyPlus comes with a full set of exportable standard reports. The user uses the Report Type dropdown to select the report of interest. In this case, the user has selected the Buyer Race and Ethnicity report. With the report type selected, the user clicks the Export button to export and view the data.

49 49 Scaling to new heights Property Disposition and LMI Dashboard Distribution of Properties by National Objective Category Distribution of Properties by Method of Disposition

50 50 Scaling to new heights Benefits from Benefits from ePropertyPlus Improved customer service Vendors have 24/7 online access and status checks Extensive online help Immediate validation of their input Can be operated standalone or integrated with other systems Managerial control with complete, accurate, and real time information on all property related activities Reduction in work load through automated validation Reduction in costs to retrieve and review property related data Click a button to proceed Product List Previous Slide

51 Scaling to new heights 51 eDisasterRelief Allows Submission and Processing of Applications for Assistance After a Disaster

52 52 Scaling to new heights Accept And Process Applications Associate Unlimited Attachments With Each Application Document Eligibility Criteria Interface With Other Benefits Sources Insurance Companies FEMA SBA Document And Make Selections/Awards Manage Recipients After Award Process Adjustments Recapture Funds Incorrectly Paid Review And Close Records With eDisasterRelief, You Can 123

53 53 Scaling to new heights Home Page & Aging Reports Staff home page shows the current distribution of applications by status. For each status, there is a link to show a report of the aging of applications in that status. For each day range, the link provides a list of reasons why applications are stuck in a status and cannot be processed.

54 54 Scaling to new heights Applicant Data Report The menu system has been designed to allow users to quickly find and access the necessary data. A user can click on a menu heading and then on any item on that menu to display the requested screen. The resulting search screen allows a user to search for a specific application (shown here) or applications in a particular status or from a particular geographic area (county) or processed from a specific service center. 06HH003700 From this screen, the user can view all data about the application by clicking on the application ID link. The user can see the option entry report by clicking the View option. The user can view the Case Log by clicking on the case log view link.

55 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 55 Scaling to new heights Applicant Report Applicant Information Co-Applicant Information Relative/Friend Information Eligibility Information (Questions Configurable) Damaged Property Information Estimate of Structural Damage Insurance & Lawyer Information Lienholder Information Occupant / Household Member Information Homeowner Information Tax Record ID Information Income Information Service Center Checklist Answers (Questions Configurable) Attached Files All Available From A Single Screen

56 56 Scaling to new heights Attachment Process Attachments are grouped in configurable folders to make it easier to find documents. Double-clicking the link opens each folder to allow contents to be viewed. Within each folder, the attachments are grouped by configurable document types, again to simplify searching for documents. The document name is a link that allows the user to open and view the attachment. Attachments are stored in the database or in an external document management system. Location is transparent to the UI user.

57 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 57 Scaling to new heights Approve Grant Amounts Screen Users can retrieve the screen that allows review of the eligibility and grant calculation information. To search for information for a specific application, the application ID is entered. 06HH003700 From the search results screen, a user can navigate to the Approve Grant Amounts screen by clicking the Application ID link.

58 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 58 Scaling to new heights Approve Grant Amounts Screen Details Property Information Applicant/Homeowner Information Title Search Information Appeals, Lawsuits, and Duplication of Benefits Information Eligibility Information Frozen Values From Letter(s) To Applicant Information about Disbursed Amounts Information About Amounts Currently Eligible Data Feed History (To and From Closing Agency)

59 Proprietary & Confidential (STR.Grants, L.L.C.) 59 Scaling to new heights Calculation Information Option Letter Values Values Frozen Before First Closing Sum of All Previous Closings Pending Adjustments (If Any) Current Eligible Amounts Net Amounts – Taking Into Account Any Return of Funds

60 60 Scaling to new heights Benefits from eDisasterRelief Improved Customer Service Applicants Have 24/7 Online Access To Check Status Of Application Immediate Validation Of Their Input Can Be Operated Standalone Or Integrated With Other Systems Managerial Control With Complete, Accurate, And Real Time Information On All Application Related Activities Reduction In Work Load Through Automated Gateway Checks Reduction In Costs To Retrieve And Review Data Application Information Visible From Single Screen Grant Calculation Information Available From Single Screen Click a button to proceed Product List Previous Slide

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