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TruckProtect NeckIt Anti-Siphon Devices

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1 TruckProtect NeckIt Anti-Siphon Devices

2 Anti-Siphon Comparison
TruckProtect “NeckIt” vs. BAT (France) vs. Blau (Austria) vs. Galleran (Italy)/FinSecure (France) vs. Tiss (UK)

3 BAT (France) Blau (Austria) TruckProtect

4 BAT Blau TruckProtect
(France) Blau (Austria) TruckProtect 9.5mm 5mm 9.5mm

5 TruckProtect 5.5mm 3.5mm 6mm

6 TruckProtect 5mm

7 TruckProtect 5mm+
TruckProtect’s NeckIt – the best security available. Thick aluminium & robust.

8 BAT (France) Weak Fixing Shakes Loose
Diesel Seepage BAT anti-siphon device – weak guide tabs & weak fixing tabs become loose.

9 Blau (Austria) 9.5mm 1.5mm
Blau (Magna Steyr) – requires drilling tank neck and rivets/screws to fix. Weak, thin metal. Large holes. Two thin welds easily broken.

10 Galleran (Italy)/ FinSecure (France)

11 Galleran (Italy)/FinSecure (France)

Galleran (Italy)/FinSecure (France) 6mm

13 TruckProtect Competitor
Longer device Large holes Taller head 8mm x 40mm 5.5mm 7.5mm 11mm 3mm Shorter device V. Small holes

14 Tiss TruckProtect


16 Installation & Operation Video
TruckProtect NeckIt Installation & Operation Video Or, click on the film logo at

17 Questions and Answers
Q: How long does TruckProtect’s NeckIt anti-siphon take to install? A: Three minutes with no special tools. Insert, twist, screw and tap into place the security ring. Q: What does the security ring do? A: It stops access to the fitting screws. Q: Does the original fuel cap fit onto NeckIt? A: Yes. Q: Does NeckIt cause splashback when filling? A: No, it is tested to 120 ltrs/min without splashback. Insert gun, squeeze and hold or click on.

18 Questions and Answers
Q: What is NeckIt! manufactured from? A: Robust 5mm thick aluminium. Q: Can a siphon hose be inserted into NeckIt? A: NeckIt is designed to prevent a 6mm hose penetrating. NeckIt is the shortest anti-siphon available. Q: Which trucks and buses does NeckIt! fit? A: A range of models fit all trucks and buses across Europe. Bus versions are usually internal models.

19 Other Products

20 Free rotating base stops loosening
WheelStopIt! The worlds leading, coded, anti-theft wheel security nuts to stop wheel and tyre theft. Coded Holes Replaceable Pins Free rotating base stops loosening Allen keys for pin replacement WheelStopIt! Fits all makes of truck and bus

21 AdBlue

22 EcoFuelKleanz

23 TruckProtect NeckIt information

24 Technical Information Contact
TruckProtect Anti-Siphon Devices and Vehicle Security Products Technical Information Contact

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