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Metro Area Express Light Rail Project WASC 2013 Dave Thomas, Project Director 16 May 2013.

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1 Metro Area Express Light Rail Project WASC 2013 Dave Thomas, Project Director 16 May 2013

2 Overview Introductions Background - draft Public Transport Plan for Perth MAX project overview Current progress MAX planning context Discussion

3 Draft Public Transport Plan for Perth in 2031 Trains Fast spines On-road transit Light Rail Transit Bus Rapid Transit Bus priority Bus network Urban coverage

4 Central Northern Corridor selection

5 Why light rail?



8 Project outcomes An integrated public transport system that: Helps to mitigate against increasing traffic congestion and pollution through the provision of an additional, attractive mode of public transport Links key activity centres including the CBD, hospitals, universities and major facilities Coordinates with land-use planning, enabling revitalisation and new developments along the alignment – catalyst for city change

9 Proposed project timeline

10 MAX project scope The Project Mirrabooka in the north through the Perth CBD before splitting into two branches to: QEII Medical Centre, and The Causeway Possible future extensions QEII to UWA The Causeway to Curtin University The Causeway to the new Perth Stadium QEII to Glendalough and Stirling stations

11 MAX vs Melbourne Trams

12 Proposed MAX Network Mirrabooka Dianella QEII Medical Centre Victoria Park Transfer Station North Perth ECU






18 Funding committed to planning phase

19 Whole-of-government approach Project team has cross-portfolio expertise: Department of Transport (lead agency) Public Transport Authority Main Roads WA Department of Planning Treasury Department of Housing and Department of Lands

20 Stakeholder & community engagement Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Plan Individual meetings and briefings Workshops, information sessions Market research Website Project information sheets Public information hotline and email enquiries Social media and other online engagement tools

21 Planning & urban design context Not just a transport project Land use and transport integration is a key component of all Department of Transport plans Key objective is activation of corridors and centres Alignment with Directions 2031+ and spatial planning activities Department of Plannings Strategic Project Implementation Team is directly involved in MAX Working closely with councils on integration with town centre planning

22 Legislation Legislation for project construction and operation needs to be in place in 2014 Proposed legislative regime for light rail and bus rapid transit will draw on existing powers within current WA Acts to build and operate public transport infrastructure such as railways Recommended policy proposals will go to Cabinet for endorsement as early as possible in 2013

23 Total of 31km as well as 100m down all side streets surveyed to date Base survey carried out using a combination of theodolite & terrestrial and mobile laser scanning Fixed GPS used for some control points Heights from mobile GPS units deemed too inaccurate to be used for design purposes Surveying Chesterfield Road looking from Yirrigan Drive

24 3D Model – Fitzgerald Street Initial traverse triangulated to create existing surface model Street furniture modelled in place (light poles, pit lids, valves, hydrants etc.) Key Telstra pits Western Power pits WaterCorp valve locations Light poles Power poles Alignment Fitzgerald Street with alignment overlayed (purple)

25 3D Model - Wellington Street Digital DBYD information draped onto existing surface and diameter (size) applied Depths applied as per Utility Providers code of practise Clash check performed between existing utility models and proposed rail alignment

26 Wellington Street (underneath)

27 Current progress Real Potential business case due for completion in June 2013. Final business case, including procurement options, due in March 2014. Northern section initial concept designs are largely complete. East – west section initial LRT concept designs due for completion in the coming weeks. Focus on the concept design west of Perth is on confirming the alignment through the QEII site.

28 Current progress CBD alignment options being investigated. Systems design for LRT, including scheduling, about to commence. Depot location. Cycle routes and access. MAX Planning Framework. Working closely with local government to integrate centre planning work (Dianella, Mirrabooka, North Perth) and other local planning processes.

29 Anticipated market interaction Market sounding – late 2013 Update market on project Advise on procurement approach, risk position, etc. Procurement process – mid 2014 – end of 2015 Currently considering a PPP model, incorporating: Design Finance Construction Rolling stock Operations Maintenance This approach to be endorsed as part of Business Case

30 Examples of light rail Freiburg, GermanyMulhouse, France

31 Examples of light rail Strasbourg, France Amsterdam, Holland

32 Discussion

33 Contact Dave Thomas6551 6639 MAX information line1800 820 844 Email

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