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Presentation on Payworld Business An initiative from Sugal & Damani Group of Companies.

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1 Presentation on Payworld Business An initiative from Sugal & Damani Group of Companies

2 About Payworld Business Overview Operations Overview Payworld as Technical Solution Technology @ Payworld Overview Overview

3 About Payworld

4 About Payworld Payworld is an initiative from Sugal and Damani group of companies. Sugal & Damani is having group turnover exceeding INR 7000 crore and is in the business of Online Services, Lottery, Engineering, Technical Education, Share Trading, Real Estate, Hospitality and Jewelry. Pay world's mandate is to provide online services through electronic terminals which include verticals like; Prepaid recharges Bill collection Online reservation Loyalty programs Online financial transaction At present Payworld is having more than 40,000 electronic terminals and is present in 16 states.

5 PayWorld – Key Highlights Indias largest E-pin distributor and aggregator. Strong financial standing with debt free operations. Quality conscious: ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Payworld aspires to mark its Global presence by providing its Tech Solutions to various overseas entrepreneurs.

6 Business Overview

7 Business Overview: Online service Industry – Market Size Telecom The estimated Indian pre-paid recharge market is approx. INR 70,000 Crore/month TV Recharge The estimated TV recharge market is approx. INR 10,000 Crore Online Reservation Air: INR 30,000 Crore/annum Bus: INR 15,000 Crore / annum Rail : 9,00,000 tickets / day Bill Collection The estimated Bill Collection market is INR 1,50,000 Crore

8 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld Pre Paid Products All Prepaid products like Mobile recharge, Domestic & International Calling cards, TV recharge, Cash cards etc… Pin based (E-Vouchers) Pins-less (E-Top up) Services Tie-up Mobile GSM - BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, IDEA, LOOP, MTNL, Aircel CDMA - Reliance, TATA Calling Cards - MTNL, Reliance, TATA, Vodafone TV Recharge - Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun TV, Big TV, Airtel TV

9 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld

10 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld Contd.. Online Reservations Rail Reservation PayWorld has direct Tie-up with IRCTC for online booking. PayWorld is in top five players in E-ticket booking. PayWorld is booking approx. 40,000 tickets / month.

11 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld Contd.. Online Reservations Airline Reservation Doing e-tickets for both Domestic and International carrier.

12 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld Contd.. Online Reservations Bus Reservation Doing reservation for all the major bus operators through aggregator such as Red Bus & Ticketvala. Coming Soon Movie Tickets Astrology Classifieds

13 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld Contd.. Bill Collection Electricity Telecom Post paid Tax Collection Insurance premium

14 Business Overview Services Offered by Payworld Contd.. Services Coming Soon Loyalty We are planning to offer Loyalty program for small retail chains and retailers through our terminals Electronic Fund Transfer We will be entering this segment as and when government deregulates this market, at present we are exploring the possibility of foreign remittance segment.

15 Operations Overview

16 Payworld is present in 16 states of India such as: Delhi and NCR Punjab Haryana West Bengal Orissa Assam Uttar Pradesh East Karnataka Tamil Nadu/Chennai Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Rajasthan Jharkhand Himachal Pradesh Gujarat Maharashtra/Mumbai Goa Payworld Operations in India

17 Payworld Office / Call Centre Circle/ StateCall Centre LocationRemark Mumbai MaharashtraPune MaharastraNagpur MaharastraNashik MahrastraAurangabad PunjabLudhiana West Bengal / KolkattaKolkatta KarnatakaBangalore Tamil Nadu / ChennaiChennai UP EastLucknow National/ SW CallsDelhiFor Tech software Problem

18 Access Terminals PC POS EFT POS Mobile Phones Web Portal: Windows based PC Embedded Linux, 32bit 128/128 MB, QVGA, 2 thermal receipt printer, Mag swipe, smart card, USB, Wireless. EMV Co II. Wide range of CDMA and GSM phones on GPRS connectivity

19 Payworld Channels Existing Pay world Channel Lottery Channel Retail Chains - National, Regional, City Specific National E-Governance program - CSC Schemes Corporate Retailers Home based retailers API business associate

20 Payworld Channels Contd.. Channel Number of Points National E-Governance program tie ups, outlets in rural areas through companies like: 3i Infotech SPANCO GNG UTL Zoom Developers etc. 18,000 Modern Trade Retail: BPCL TATA Sky MAFCOCs etc… 750 Sugal & Damani Lottery outlets in Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal 17,000 Pay World Channel8,500 Total44,250



23 Process Flow – Prepaid (E-PIN) Retailers POS Terminal Electronic PINs delivered by Cellcos PayWorld Server Purchase Order for PINs given to Cellcos Walk-in Customer Voucher is printed PIN Availability is checked Transaction is confirmed Customer sends top-up request using his mobile phone Pre-paid/ Billing System Uploaded Top-up completed

24 Process Flow – Pin Less (Flexi Recharge) Retailers POS Terminal E-recharge value topped-up on PayWorld account PayWorld Server Purchase Order for E-recharge given to Cellcos Walk-in Customer E-Recharge request sent over existing VPN network SMS Received on Customers Mobile SMS Sent SMSC Processed info sent thru VPN Billing/IN

25 Collections Workflow Billing Organization BillCustomer Retailer Central SDLA Server SDUSs Bank Bill issuers Bank Agent Payment Receipt Request Authentication Request Transaction CodeValidation

26 Payworld Strengths In House Technical development, necessary on going changes / improvement as per demand of business can be done internally National tie up with all telecom operators, availability of pins at circle levels also. E-pin and Flexi for all operators Strong network of retailers across 680 towns in India. Synergy with existing business of on line lottery, availability of existing lottery channel of more than 17,000 retailers terminals spread in remote areas at Block levels. Cash Management as in India business is done through cash for the services offered. Financial standing, manpower resources, Retailer / Distributor Management experience of 3 decades

27 Payworld as Technical Solutions

28 A comprehensive Electronic Distribution Software Application and Services. Payworld offers end to end comprehensive online connectivity from the cellular operators to the point of sale. Covers Mobile top-up, TV recharges, Calling cards, Reservations, Cash cards and much more. Supports various kinds of connectivity with the service providers. Supports extensive range of Retail POS hardware and connectivity. Database structure classified into Vendors, Retailers, Products & Denominations. Payworld as Technical Solutions

29 Payworld as Technical Solutions Contd.. Supports direct top-up of prepaid accounts & electronic voucher distribution – EVD. Payworld software is compatible to various points of sales such as EFTPOS, PC & Mobile or on Web. Type of operations: Online sales, Bulk Pin purchase, MIS & many more Reports: Stock reports, Retailer balance details, Daily sales, Print last sale etc… Indefinitely Scalable Centralized control & real time information.

30 Technology @ Payworld

31 Network overview Application overview Access Terminals Redundancy arrangements Security / Integrity Process flow E-pin / E-recharge Collection workflow Cash Card Contents

32 Network Overview Disaster Recovery Center Active Data Center Level3 compliant super redundant facility Server Cluster Security/Firewall/VPN Server Cluster Communications Layer VSAT GPRS CDMA Inet Dial-up Cable WiFi Point of Sale Terminals

33 Network Components Access Network CDMA – We use CDMA-1X modems built in FWP/FWT to access nearby BTS. PPA used to optimize signal strength. GPRS – We use Class 2, Class 10 and EDGE Modems as per the supported networks of multiple operators. Broadband – We use ADSL, xDSL modem with integrated router. VSAT – We use SCPC / TDMA based VSATs from Gilat. Transport Network Multiple MPLS VPN Networks and bridging across multiple service providers used for redundancy. Network termination using STM-1 Mux on fiber ring. Routers and Switches are in redundant and manageable configuration.

34 Network Components Contd.. Core Network Layer 3 Switching in redundant configuration. Multi-Path backbone router termination. SAN with dark fiber connectivity for synchronous replication. World class collocation with ample bandwidth. NMS All critical components of the network are SNMP compliant. Use a combination of HPOV and EGV. Managed services from Services Providers backed by in- house NOCs. Automatic Notification & Escalation.

35 Application Overview POS TerminalsRegional/Zonal/ Head Offices Retail Application Monitoring & Management RDBMS (MySql) Web Components Device Middleware LAMP Stack Architecture – Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP

36 Storage, Back-up & Redundancy Arrangements Three site redundancy – Primary, Near DR, Far DR to meet Recovery time and recovery point objectives. HP DL580 G3/G4 servers: Quad Dual Core Xeons, 8-16GB RAM, RAID, RPS. 12 Production and 4 support servers X 2 sites. Storage HP EVA 8000. Array-to-Array Synchronous replication between Primary and Near DR over dedicated dark fiber. Application based Asynchronous replication between Primary and far DR sites. LAN free automated back-up on media library, 30 levels deep. SNMP based monitoring & management (HP OV, eGurkha)

37 Security / Integrity T he ICT set-up of SDLA has robust security provisions as per the latest and state of the art technology. The focus on IT security of SDLA encompasses the following areas: Access Level Security Network Level Security Access Network Transport Network Core (Backbone) Network Authentication and Authorization Application Level Security Operational Practices involving IT Security

38 Security / Integrity Access Level Vulnerabilities Measure examples: Application restrictions Hardware Identity validation (Processor, HDD etc) Modem Identity (MIN validation using MSID/IMEI) VPN/IPSec client User Authorization Terminal Authorization

39 Radius AAA Services

40 Our Carrier Class Firewall NetScreen from Juniper Networks General Features DHCP support, DoS attack prevention, Firewall protection, NAT support, PAT support, VLAN support, VPN End-Point Security features Complete, secure access to Server resources, ensuring that the endpoint device, data in transit, and internal resources are secure. Seamless integration with broad range of authentication methods and protocols. Junipers Endpoint Defense Initiative includes native functionality and client-and server-side APIs for effective enforcement and unified administration of best-of-breed endpoint security.

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