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2 YMCA CONSULTANTS is a management consultancy firm committed to delivery of Strategy, Solutions and Services to our clients. We operate in the UK, USA and Nigeria, using back and front-end fact gathering, we help our clients develop solutions that ultimately include: Increased and sustainable revenues from existing markets Proactive search for opportunities in emerging markets Efficient delivery of products and services Valuable investment advice

3 Professional advice on a variety of methods of raising funds for project development and project finance, which could be internal or external. Advice on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances and review of capital structure Business and market strategy expertise to put in place the business direction of any organization and also ensure that goals and objectives of the organization are achieved

4 Our Working Partners in the various sectors of interest are as follows: 1) HAK Air Ltd. – Airline and Airline Services 2) Rail and Rail Services – a long list of distinguished US Companies including Progress Rail (a division of Caterpillar Corporation) and Niemeyer & Associates, PE 3) Mass Transit and Long Haul Bus Services – Millennium Transport Services (US) and Ensign Bus Co. (UK). 4) Transport Equipment (Truck and Trailer) and Services – ACX Engineering (US)

5 Working Partners (continued): 5) Power Generation and Distribution – Ludvik Electric (US). 6) Mineral and Mining Development and Exploration – ACX Engineering and others (US).

6 AIRLINE SERVICES: Our strategic partnership with HAK AIR LTD will result in the following action items: 1) Obtaining the required Government of Niger approvals 2) Within one (1) month of signing MOU, commence operation of a Niger National Airline with two (2) Boeing 737 series aircraft to provide local, regional (intra Africa) and International flights (including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, France and UK) 3) Extra aircraft provided for special needs, e.g., travel to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and Umrah. 4) Experienced management to operate the National Airline (Already in place) 5) Assurance of service delivery, costs benefits, efficient marketing budgets, etc.

7 AIRLINES SERVICES (cont.) 6) Deployment of up to four (4) helicopters for oil field, mining and military remote site travel. 7) Hangar Services 8) Charter flights (as needed)

8 RAIL SERVICES : With our US partners including Niemeyer & Associates and Progress Rail Services Corporation (a division of Caterpillar Corporation) to construct a standard gauge railway line (both freight and passenger) that will serve many of the major cities. We are interested to plan, design, build and manage, the Rail System. The full involvement of our august team will assure responsible use and preservation of all rolling stock and road network through its optimal useful life, shedding the roads of heavy cargo, trailers or trucks.

9 BUS SERVICES : pursuant to our discussion with the Minister of Transports, to ease the transportation hardship in Niamey and other major cities of Zinder, Maradi, Agadez etc. We are in support of the effort to deliver a reliable mass transit system for the citizens of Niger Republic, through partnership with Millennium Transit Services and Ensign Bus Company Ltd.

10 TRANSPORT SERVICES : again, pursuant to our discussions with the Minister of Transport, provide new, fuel efficient, cost effective truck and trailer equipment and maintenance systems to replace Nigers aging fleet and assure reliable and environmentally sustainable transport of goods to and within Niger and to the international community

11 POWER GENERATION & DISTRIBUTION – Partner with Ludvik Electric (US) on the following: Study the electrical power generation and distribution needs of Niger Republic Provide innovative Turn-Key current and long term solutions: conception, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance by our expert engineers & technicians that will include: i. Power Generation ii. Transmission and Distribution substations and infrastructure iii. Switching Stations iv. Industrial Stations., etc

12 FINANCE and CONSULTANCY: Niger has vast untapped mineral and petroleum Wealth. We will partner in design and sourcing of finance for Infrastructure Projects (using debt, equity and multi lateral agency funds and guaranties) that will create the enabling environment necessary to attract and sustain investment for exploitation of that Wealth for the benefit of the Republic and its residents.

13 KEYS TO SUCCESS To obtain all required regulatory approvals Identify required infrastructure Identify resources available Identify financial options Based on the natural resources available and financing options including sovereign debt instruments and revenue from sale of resources, fully finance, design, develop and operate infrastructure and systems, BOT (Build, operate, transfer)

14 KEYS TO SUCCESS (continued) Research and write Feasibility Studies (to be funded by Niger) confirming essential facts and conclusions, to support previous surveys and studies and demonstrate Financial and Operational Viability of Proposed Projects.

15 Finally, our approach is to listen to our clients and understand what is necessary not to only meet their expectations but to surpass them THANK YOU

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