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© Zuken CADSTAR 10.0. © Zuken Support of Version Control valid for Parts –When enabled version will update from 0 to 1 automatically CADSTAR 10.0.

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Presentation on theme: "© Zuken CADSTAR 10.0. © Zuken Support of Version Control valid for Parts –When enabled version will update from 0 to 1 automatically CADSTAR 10.0."— Presentation transcript:

1 © Zuken CADSTAR 10.0

2 © Zuken Support of Version Control valid for Parts –When enabled version will update from 0 to 1 automatically CADSTAR 10.0

3 © Zuken Support of Version Control valid for Components & Symbols –Display properties dialog in Library version numbers enabled will pop-up the dialog when saving so users can modify the Properties (like version) CADSTAR 10.0

4 © Zuken Detailed change report on Library Reload –Easily to see if Parts, PCB Components, Symbols and related attributes have been changed CADSTAR 10.0

5 © Zuken Support of user-defined Attributes for Components & Symbols –User-defined attributes like: Create by, Created date, Modified by, Last modification date, Comment, Signed off by, Sign off date etc. CADSTAR 10.0

6 © Zuken Report options on version showing what attributes have changed CADSTAR 10.0

7 © Zuken Support of the Pin Labels in PCB design CADSTAR 10.0

8 © Zuken Highlight nets using Multiple Colors –Highlight different nets with different colors in Design Editor CADSTAR 10.0

9 © Zuken Highlight net by right mouse button –Teardrops and test lands now also highlighted in PCB CADSTAR 10.0

10 © Zuken Colours - Connections –Show different nets with different colors in Design Editor (Colour By Net) –Available in Schematics and PCB CADSTAR 10.0

11 © Zuken Custom Colours –All colors are now modifiable and the color selection dialog is using the standard Microsoft one CADSTAR 10.0

12 © Zuken Authorization Selection CADSTAR 10.0

13 © Zuken Automatically run Smart Update on Startup CADSTAR 10.0

14 © Zuken Support of Rules by Area in Design Editor –Rules-by-area being integral part of Design Editor CADSTAR 10.0

15 © Zuken Intelligent Busses in Schematics –Automated incrementing when naming busses in schematic CADSTAR 10.0

16 © Zuken Active Bus Report CADSTAR 10.0

17 © Zuken Easier Copy Bus (signal names are not lost), possible to place all the signal names to the connections ending as a dangler –To copy a bus you used to have to select the bus and both ends of all the bus connections, now you can select the bus and the end of the connection connected to the bus and it copied the whole connection dropping a dangler at the other end. This applies to all copy actions involving connection (controlled by option in tools\options) CADSTAR 10.0

18 © Zuken Auto Weld Bus –When deleting a symbol or bus you can decide to leave danglers without losing the signal name (stopping nets being split unnecessarily) –When you add or move a bus on top of the danglers it will weld them together –Makes it easier to split and merge busses –When creating a bus signal names as connected to a bus are now positioned correct (left or right of the bus terminal) CADSTAR 10.0

19 © Zuken Parts information stored in the Schematics and PCB design files No Library needed when: –Running Pin & Gate Swap –Item Property will get information from Design instead of Library (faster and less access needed to library) –Transferring to P.R.Editor HSpeed and SI Verify (will load part information from the design instead of library) –Running the post processing CADSTAR 10.0

20 © Zuken Parts Library Manager fully integrated in Design Editor CADSTAR 10.0

21 © Zuken Export To File – CADSTAR Part Library –Creating project Parts Library CADSTAR 10.0

22 © Zuken Positional Symbol Rename in Schematics –Now possible to use * as the component Stem to allow all components to be renamed in one operation (applicable for SCM & PCB) CADSTAR 10.0

23 © Zuken Letter Drill Drawing optimization (consistent with NCDRILL) –Select this button to cause the system NOT to allow multiple holes at the same XY co-ordinates. The hole with the largest diameter will be selected and the rest discarded –This prevents damage to drills caused by inserting them into existing holes CADSTAR 10.0

24 © Zuken Automatic Parts Index Creation –Options are customizable: Auto, Ask, Never, On Save, On Close CADSTAR 10.0

25 © Zuken Setting – Layers – Documentation –All Layer Pairs visible –Copy Layer stack for documentation CADSTAR 10.0

26 © Zuken Setting – Layers – Column Order –Enhanced Layers Settings window (ease of use) CADSTAR 10.0

27 © Zuken Settings – Materials – Loss Tangent (dissipation factor) for a accurate lossy transmission line simulation –its the ratio of how much energy will be reflected/absorbed due to the resistance of current flow - the value is material and frequency dependent CADSTAR 10.0

28 © Zuken Function Keys –You can now assign any combination of function keys, but other keys (e.g. A) must have at least one control key (shift, ctrl or alt) CADSTAR 10.0

29 © Zuken Improved Design Rule Check –Component Placement to Component Placement –When spacing value is set to 0 (zero) overlapping centre lines of Placement outlines will NO longer create a Comp Placement to Comp Placement error CADSTAR 10.0

30 © Zuken Improved ODB++ output (DFM) –Component outlines on resist layers are now exported –Zero thickness shapes are exported –Dimensions are exported to ODB++ –Exporting dotted and dashed lines –Test land pad shapes are now written to solder resist layer as well –The design origin is now taken into account –The height defined on a PCB Footprint is now written out scaled correctly –If no symbol outline is found on the placement layer then the bounding box of the component definition is output. This includes outlines, copper and pads (NOT text) CADSTAR 10.0

31 © Zuken Improved ODB++ output (DFM) –ODB++ specific component attributes are written out as text, and also as attributes associated to the components –All Component Copper is now written out, not just copper on electrical or power plane layers –Component copper connected to the net of its associated pins –Drill positions of asymmetrical pads could appear in the wrong location –Octagonal pad shapes are now written out correctly on electrical layers CADSTAR 10.0

32 © Zuken Improved ODB++ output (DFM) –The Board outline shape is now written out to the ROUT layer even if it doesnt have any cutouts –Possible to assign the subtype Solder Resist, Paste and Silkscreen to more then two layers –The subtype ROUT can now be assigned to multiple non-electrical layers –Unconnected pins now display net named $NONE$ –True Type font text is now output correctly –No longer write drilled vias to paste layers CADSTAR 10.0

33 © Zuken Improved ODB++ output (DFM) –Component text does now appear on the appropriate layers –Added support for areas. 6 new layers are output, one for each type of CADSTAR area. They are named: –drc_comp_height –drc_comp_keepout –drc_comp_keepin –drc_trace_keepout –drc_via_keepoutdrc_route_keepin CADSTAR 10.0

34 © Zuken Advanced Design Comparison CADSTAR 10.0

35 © Zuken PDF output from CADSTAR Batch Process –Run up the Printer and Faxes configuration tool (Start\Settings\Printer and Faxes) –Right mouse click on Adobe PDF and select Printing Preferences –Click Browse next to Adobe PDF Output Folder and select the folder where you would like all the PDF files to be saved –To stop every PDF file automatically being opened in your default PDF view also tick of View Adobe PDF results CADSTAR 10.0

36 © Zuken Enhanced Search Engine –Possible to search on: –Symbol Name –Footprint Name (PCB Component) –Number of pins on component –Part Name –Part Attributes –Component Attributes –Symbol Attributes CADSTAR 10.0

37 © Zuken New additional standard libraries available with the release of CADSTAR 10 –About new parts available (collection from CADSTAR Exchange libraries) –Available on the CADSTAR 10 media CD –Available as a free download through (also available to CADSTAR Express users) –Footprints according the latest IPC-7351 standard (most, nominal and least) CADSTAR 10.0

38 © Zuken New Destination folders to install CADSTAR 10.0

39 © Zuken Support of Windows Vista Variant information will no longer be removed from the design when the design is loaded and a Variant license is not available Enabling 16 Bit Postscript Scaling (in most cases) no longer needed CADSTAR 10.0

40 © Zuken E³.logic is available as an alternative, powerful Schematic front- end solution for CADSTAR PCB Design The use of the E³.database as a back-end for CADSTAR PCB Design reduces the time spent searching for existing parts, integrates easily with any MRP, ERP or PDM systems and works with any database that complies with Microsoft's ODBC standard E³.logic can be used in conjunction with other modules from the E³.series (such as E³.cable) CADSTAR 10.0

41 © Zuken E3.database integration with CADSTAR –Reads directly the Parts information from E3.database CADSTAR 10.0

42 © Zuken E3.database integration with CADSTAR –Integrates easily with any MRP, ERP or PDM systems and works with a number of databases that complies with Microsoft's ODBC standard CADSTAR 10.0

43 © Zuken Draw Shapes With Outline Width –New option to allow shapes to be drawn with an outline width –if the shape itself contains an outline width CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor

44 © Zuken New layer dialog has been added (ease of use) –Contains a list of preset layer displays for convenience CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor

45 © Zuken Layer-less Connection Option –New control on Display Properties dialog to allow the user to change the display so that all connections are displayed even if the layer is turned off CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor

46 © Zuken Mirrored View in P.R.Editor –Option Mirror added to the Display Properties dialog –Possible to mirror in the X-axis or the Y-axis –Support for cross-probe from other tools –Limited support for Scripts –All interactive operations are available whilst in the mirrored view CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor

47 © Zuken Autorouting to copper –Dropping a via through a copper area –Drop a via to the copper in order to connect to it This functionality will only be available for copper that is associated with a template CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor

48 © Zuken Char Z Calculator –Available in P.R.Editor XR2000S and XR2000HS and XR5000HS CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor

49 © Zuken Field Solver Consistency –Dedicated field solutions (single conductor) will replace table-based lookup to derive impedance values for the following: Table lookup will still be used for crosstalk calculation Impedance calculator Dynamic delay report Impedance head up adviser Delay report CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS

50 © Zuken Interactive changes to lengthening now more intelligent –Changes to nets that are lengthened will cause existing blocks of lengthening to re-lengthen –Now possible to push into lengthening blocks and lengthening will deform Controlled using High Speed dialog box –Can be continuous or on mouse click CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS

51 © Zuken Automatic Re-Lengthening when changing the constraints –Current behaviour of Automatic Lengthening: existing lengthening blocks are retained and additional lengthening blocks are added as required –Desired behaviour : wherever possible, existing lengthening blocks should be altered to achieve the required length Original Route Routing after increasing Min Length constraint CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS

52 © Zuken Export of Simulation Library Data –Export devices, models and packages used in the current design to an.ixf file –This.ixf file can then be imported into a simulation library –Typical uses include: –Populating the project library of a different design CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS & SIV

53 © Zuken Usability Enhancements –Support of mouse wheel Hide single-pin nets Improved feedback to the User (e.g. on diff pair generation) Improved Diff Pair topology drawing in EE CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS & SIV

54 © Zuken Improved Search/Browse Dialog for Models and Devices –Filters and Sort mechanisms allow quick and efficient lookup of a needed item within the Simulation Library –Filter by e.g. Model Type, Vendor, Voltage, etc. CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS & SIV

55 © Zuken Circuit Model Editor Improvements –The limitation of a fixed array (5 x 4) is removed and the array size becomes user definable up to 16 x 12 –Any node may become an external model node –Allow path crossings –Vertical –Horizontal Circuit element symbols a harmonized to be consistent with other Lightning applications CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS & SIV

56 © Zuken Improved IBIS import –Model information in TAB window –Automatic vendor assignment (no rename forced any longer) –Support for Series Current/Series MOSFET (new TAB, only import of models for Series Switches, not full device) –Simultaneous Import of Multiple IBIS Files CADSTAR 10.0 P.R.Editor HS & SIV

57 © Zuken Configuration Editor Enhancements –Relative distance definition to simplify the set up of coupled conductor configurations –When selecting the check-box Use Absolute Offsets, all offsets are calculated and displayed from the left boundary of the drawing area as in previous versions –When changing the width of a conductor in Relative Offset Mode, all offsets remain unchanged –The dielectric constant is printed below the name of the dielectric layer in the graphic canvas to improve the documentation capabilities of CE Offset definition for trapezoidal conductors Offset CE GUI in Relative Offset Mode CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

58 © Zuken Support Back-drilling of Vias for Simulation –Extra check box in the Constraint Manager options dialogue to enable/disable back-drilled complex vias –The check box will be disabled unless complex via modeling is also enabled –When back-drilling is enabled any application that references via models will be provided with a restricted layer range –The via models that are referenced will not be changed at all –The layer range will be restricted in CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

59 © Zuken Differential Impedance Result Column –Topology and Scenario Editors Nominal Values Dialogue displays the following values for Differential Pairs already: –Even Mode Impedance –Odd Mode Impedance –For those, minimum and maximum impedance values will now be displayed in Constraint Manager's spreadsheet on differential pairs and system differential pairs as well –These values will be layer based, so each differential pair can have multiple values, one per layer Common Mode Impedance Differential Mode Impedance CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

60 © Zuken IBIS 4.2 and full support of IBIS Terminator Models and IBIS Series Elements –IBIS 4.2 parser implemented –IBIS 4.2 model processed –External model feature (SPICE, VHDL, Verilog AMS) not supported –Usually IBIS terminators act as input models with non- linear behavior and without thresholds –IBIS Terminator, new model type available in Simulation Library –Supported with full create and edit capabilities –To be assigned/accessed in CM –Supported in all SI simulation types –Time and frequency domain –IBIS Series Elements are used to model e.g. Series switches, CBT's CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

61 © Zuken Support of Mutual Inductance Elements –Improved modeling capabilities for filter elements such as ferrite beats Suppress Package for Test Load Simulation –Creation of reference waveforms under test conditions with neglecting the package influence –Ref.-waveforms are required for timing analysis (Flight time) –Important for FPGA-Designs, where constraints are given at the DIE level and packages are large with parasitic impact CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

62 © Zuken Subtraction of Waveforms –Compare two selected time domain (TD) waveforms by using a Subtract Waveform (DELTA) operation in SISS Select the first wave, mark the wave, use Measure->Subtract Wave and then select waveform from which 1st one should be subtracted CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

63 © Zuken Define the pulse-number for measurements –Avoiding initial ringing in SI analysis –User-definable pulse number (2 up to 2048) –Used in interactive and batch measurements Export Timing Values to XML –Export of waveforms will now store full timing information –Values for Flight Time (longest, typical, shortest, settled) included in XML file –No export filter available yet to further process this data Stimulus Name on data tab and Eye-pattern wizard Change default for edge trigger to Both Support dark background colour in waveform display CADSTAR 10.0 SIV

64 © Zuken. EDA SYSTEM Tel : Fax : Main Menu Confirm Exit

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