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Commonwealth Games Transport Planning Mardi Blanch.

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1 Commonwealth Games Transport Planning Mardi Blanch

2 2 Commonwealth Games Transport Planning Importance of planning in the early stages Complexities of Commonwealth Games transport planning Key operational lessons for Games transport planning

3 3 Early Planning Venues/ transport malls get designed and built early Timeframe needed to plan, design and construct Games related infrastructure Identify permanent / legacy work Allocation of SPACE Design / layout Minimise rework Immoveable deadline

4 4 Complexities Governance Functional areas Phases of planning Transport constituents Transport functions Security Legislation

5 5 SecurityLogistics Common Domain VenuesSport MediaBroadcastSponsorsTicketingAccreditation Catering, cleaning and waster VillagesAccommodationGames FamilyProtocol TechnologyCeremoniesMarketingVolunteersMedical Transport Functional Areas Areas

6 6 Strategic Planning Operational Planning ContingencyDelivery Phases of Planning

7 Front Of House Back Of House VENUE Spectators Staff Mag & bag Secure Vehicles Vehicle checkpoint Secure vehicle Load Zones Accredited person entry (venue specific)

8 Common Domain shared area inside the secure perimeter of a multi-venue precinct Public Domain all areas containing people engaged in the Games experience requiring some level of Games service outside of the Games Venues Beijing 2008 – Tiananmen Square public domain areaBeijing 2008 – common domain area

9 9 Transport Constituents

10 10 Other Transport Clients / Groups Accessible Sponsors Taxis / hire car / limousine Chartered coaches Rate card Operational vehicles Logistics vehicles Spectating athletes (same sport/ different sport) ENG

11 Understand the operations

12 12 Transport Portfolios Bus operations Fleet operations Venue transport operations Arrivals and departures Public Domain transport - spectator and staff transport, outside fence and public domain areas

13 13 Security Police / contract security / ADF / volunteers Threat levels Clean or Dirty? 4 colour bus classification system for buses - White - Purple - Green - Yellow Venue Access and Parking Permit scheme

14 14 Three Tiers of Security Police (supported by ADF)Contract SecurityVolunteers

15 15 1 Key Valid vehicle VAPP 2 Key Valid vehicle VAPP Driver has accreditation 3 Key Valid vehicle VAPP All occupants have accreditation Master Delivery Schedule All above plus vehicle boot and bonnet check and occupants scanned

16 16 Examples of Transport Space Requirements Vehicle security check in areas Lane closures / Games lanes / traffic management / road closures Load zones, manoeuvring Transit malls / transport interchange Fleet depots / holding areas / commissioning site Park and ride sites Sponsor coach parking / chartered coach parking Fenced and secure bus layover areas Logistics screening site Pedestrian queuing / corralling / bridges / crowd management

17 Its all about space

18 18

19 19

20 20

21 21

22 22

23 23 CGV

24 24 Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct

25 25

26 26

27 27 Operational Lessons for Early Planning Know what spaces will be needed for the transport operation Optimum size and location of space Understand how the space operates Access requirements Security requirements How to design the space Permanent features / legacy Traffic management

28 28 Operational Lessons Key learning – need to remove all conflicts! - Vehicle / vehicle conflicts - Vehicle / pedestrian conflicts - Pedestrian / pedestrian conflicts Conflicts should be DESIGNED OUT at the early planning stage, when venues and transit malls are being designed. Pedestrian crossings are an operational nightmare!

29 29 Examples of how to Remove Conflicts One way traffic and pedestrian flows Left turn access to venues Prohibit right turn movements Grade separation – pedestrian bridges Pedestrian / vehicle fences and barricades

30 30

31 31

32 Remove all conflicts

33 33 Operational Lessons Pedestrian and crowd management is imperative to success of transport operations! All transport constituents need to walk as part of their journey Pedestrian management - Front of House - Back of House - Common Domain areas

34 34

35 35

36 36 Pedestrian Management Pedestrian modelling at the early stages to understand space requirements for - Crowd management / holding areas - Walkway widths - Location of pedestrian access points - Queuing space - Corralling areas and space requirements - Need and location of pedestrian bridges

37 Thank you Commonwealth Games Transport Planning comes with a lot of complexities, and effective planning in the early stages can assist in making the transport operation a huge success.

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