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Das Bus Reflection Tips to improve on future assignments.

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1 Das Bus Reflection Tips to improve on future assignments

2 Have and introduction and conclusion. – do not just jump into your thoughts, ease your reader into it.

3 Write in sentences – Yes it is easier to write things in point form, but, when you are doing an assignment for school it should be written in sentences and paragraphs.

4 Do not use contractions DO NOT USE THESE Dont Wont Wouldnt Couldnt Cant USE THIS INSTEAD Do not Will not Would not Could not Cannot

5 Write out words DO NOT DO THIS Ex. & DO THIS Example and

6 Use proper terms Do not invent your own terms when writing assignments. – Use the proper terms you learned in class. When you do this, you are demonstrating that you know how to use them properly Use proper names. – Use the proper names for characters in movies not The guy with the glasses who sat in the back

7 Use specific examples! Do not be vague – Vague: like when that guy helped her carry stuff – Specific: When George helped his wife carry the groceries to their apartment

8 Use transition words. USE THEM!!! – You need transition words to link sentences together in a paragraph. It helps your writing flow better. Some examples of transition words: In addition, Also, As a result, Firstly, In comparison, in contract, compared to.

9 ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT!! – I will help you, and I will not make fun of you unless it is something ridiculous and unrelated to Civics.

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