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Get On The Bus Chris Klug – Code Ninja

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1 Get On The Bus Chris Klug – Code Ninja | @ZeroKoll

2 Who am I?

3 Assumptions

4 What is the Windows Azure Service Bus? 2 features and a kicker

5 Relayed Messaging 101

6 ClientServiceService Bus

7 Demo Creating a relayed service

8 Discovery...built into the Service Bus...

9 Demo Making a service discoverable

10 Loadbalancing Relayed Calls...just add a second service...or third...or...

11 Demo Loadbalancing a relayed service

12 HTTP API...everyones favorite API...

13 Demo Making the IsItFriday HTTP-based

14 Brokered Messaging 101

15 ClientService Service Bus Queues & Topics

16 2 Main Features Queues | Topics & Subscriptions

17 Service Bus Queues 256kb Payload limit 1-5Gb storage limit Long-polling in client Two retrieval models – PeekLock, ReceiveAndDelete Supports deadlettering

18 Queues – Message Retrieval ReceiveAndDelete – Retrieves and Deletes message in one PeekLock – Retrieves and locks message – Complete(), Abandon(), Defer() or Deadletter()

19 Demo Using Service Bus Queues

20 Topics & Subscriptions Service Service Bus Topic Service Bus Subscription Service Bus Subscription Client

21 Topics & Subscriptions Create a Topic Publisher sends messages to Topic Service Bus forwards messages to Subscriptions Subscribers retrieve and handle messages from Subscriptions

22 Topics & Subscriptions – Cont. Builds on Service Bus Queues Relies on BrokeredMessage – Supports same features Deadlettering, retrieval mode etc per Subscription

23 Demo Using Service Bus Topics

24 Subscription Filters Filters Topic messages based on SQL statement Declared at Subscription creation time

25 Demo Adding a Subscription Filter

26 Deadlettering Poison messages – MaxDeliveryCount EnableDeadLetteringOnMessageExpiration – BrokeredMessage.TimeToLive –.DefaultMessageTimeToLive Deadletter – MyQueue/$DeadLetterQueue – Client.FormatDeadLetterPath() Queue must be emptied!!!

27 Demo Using deadlettering

28 Autoforwarding Client Orders OrdersEurope Region=Europe OrdersAsia Region=Asia OrdersUsa Region=Usa AsiaEuropeUsa MrZog Supplier=MrZog MrZog Supplier=MrZog MrZog Supplier=MrZog TopicSubscriptionQueue

29 Demo Using autoforwarding

30 Service Bus Notification Hubs

31 Thank you! Any Questions? Chris Klug | @ZeroKoll

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