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LGR-ELFUN 13 th Annual …Lets Go Night Racing Event NASCAR Bank of America 500 October 12, 2013 Frequently Ask Questions…General Information 1.Who do I.

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1 LGR-ELFUN 13 th Annual …Lets Go Night Racing Event NASCAR Bank of America 500 October 12, 2013 Frequently Ask Questions…General Information 1.Who do I call if I have questions not answered here?? Call Devin Martin, 864-254-5130, located in Barnwell or email: Or call Chris Thompson, 864-254-2148, located in the RDC or email 2.Who can participate, purchase tickets?? Open to GE employees, relatives, friends & site contractors. 3.When is the deadline to purchase tickets?? SEPTEMBER 13 th. Best to place your ticket order as soon as you can. Plan is to take 4 buses to the speedway. Last year we took 224 people to the track, largest off site ELFUN event. We expect a similar sized event this year. Again, place your order as soon as you can. 4.Why is PayPal, credit & debit card payments the preferred payment method?? Over the past year GVL ELFUN events have been utilizing online payment plans to eliminate bookkeeping, handling cash/ check transactions…helps to simplify tax reporting to the IRS. ELFUN is a non- profit organization, detailed tax filing & back up records required. Use of these online payment tools helps to reduce book keeping effort while reducing potential for errors. Makes it easier on you, order online…makes it easier for volunteer team- not handling and accounting for cash & checks 5.But I like to pay with cash or check…does that mean I cant buy tickets?? You can still pay with cash or check. However, the event volunteer team is no longer handling cash or checks. Please pay at the main plant Payroll office. They will accept your money & issue you a receipt. 6.Tell me more about the alternate payment method by cash or check: Go directly to main plant Payroll office, 1 st floor near main plants south cafeteria. Fill in the ticket purchase form & present full payment money- cash or check- to Payroll. Make check payable to Greenville ELFUN Chapter. The Payroll office will give you a receipt…youre good to go! Payroll office hours: Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday & Thursday: 8:30 am to 12 pm...and…. 2pm to 4 pm Friday: 7am to 12 pm …and… 2 pm to 3:30 pm

2 7.Can I bring children?? Yes. Although the vast majority of participants will be adults, you can bring children. Please be mindful of your surroundings…this will be a long day…starting before your arrival at the GE parking lot Saturday 10 am then returning to Greenville ~2:30 am Sunday. Everyone must have a ticket. Charlotte Motor Speedway will not allow anyone in the track without a ticket. A special free ticket is available for children less than 2 years old that sit on parents lap during the race…must request special free less than 2 yr old child ticket when you place your ticket order. 8.When do I get my tickets to get into the Speedway?? You will receive a race owner package when you arrive at the main plant parking lots registration table the morning of the race. The package will include race tickets – seating location indicated on ticket, event agenda & conduct guidelines, tailgate party wrist band, hearing protection, key phone numbers & track facts. If you have purchased multiple tickets you will be responsible for distributing them to your race team guests. Registration & package pick up will be ready by 10 am. 9.What if it rains, will the event still take place?? NO REFUNDS bus trip & tailgate party rain-or- shine. The NASCAR race will be re-scheduled (typically the next day), your ticket to the Speedway will be honored…you provide transportation to & from the track, Charlotte Motor Speedway. 10.Can I bring a cooler into the Speedway?? Yes, Bring your own food, beverages for inside the Speedway (maximum cooler size-14 in any direction)…no glass containers allowed. Usually theres left overs from tailgate party, please take what you want for inside the Speedway or home. 11.Any special rules?? Race Ticket Subject to Charlotte Motor Speedway Track Rules. Act & have fun responsibility. Everyone must have a buddy to ensure the volunteer event team knows where all participants are before & after the race. 12.Where will the buses be parked?? Our LGR-ELFUN bus parking is right next to the track at turn #2, near the water tower (good landmark to remember our parking location when in the track). Short walking distance to the track. Turn 1 Gate #8 is a closest to most of our seats…see information on your personal track pass ticket you will receive at registration to enter the speedway. LGR-ELFUN 13 th Annual …Lets Go Night Racing Event NASCAR Bank of America 500 October 12, 2013 Frequently Ask Questions…General Information

3 13.Can I return to the bus before the race is over?? Yes, the drivers will secure the bus while we are in the track…youre free to return to the bus at anytime during the event. Please observe track rules entering & leaving the track. 14.Can I leave personal belongings, purchased items on the bus?? Yes, be please be mindful LGR- ELFUN are not responsible for lost or stolen items during the event. As mentioned, the drivers will be securing the buses while we are in the track. 15.What do I need to bring for the Tailgate Party?? There are no permanent seats available where are buses will be parked. Important that you bring a folding chair or blanket to sit on to relax while enjoying Toms Catered BBQ Tailgate meal. Besides all the food you can eat…tea, lemonade & water refreshments will be served. If you would like to bring your favorite beverages with you to enjoy during the event & in the track, bring them in your personal cooler with ice. Follow track rules, you can only bring into the track a cooler no larger than 14x14x14…NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED IN THE TRACK. 16.Will hearing protection be provided?? Yes, comfort fit hear plug protectors will be provided in your registration kit package you will receive at the Main Plant parking lot. Please feel free to bring your own personal hearing protection or track scanner. 17.Can I rent track scanners at the Speedway?? Yes, there are many vendors that rent track scanners at Charlotte Motor Speedway. You can select from different vendors, rental prices and security deposit processes vary. Must return them immediately after the race is over to the vendor you purchased rental. 18.When do I have to be back on the bus after the race?? The goal is to get back home to Greenville as soon as possible after the race. Everyone is expected to be back on the bus in a timely manner after the race. Each bus captain takes a count of participants, on each bus, prior to giving thumbs up to leave. The intent is NOT TO HAVE MISSING PARTICIPANT(S)…buddy system intended to ensure everyone gets back to the bus after the race safely & on time. Abuse can lead to being barred from future events. LGR-ELFUN 13 th Annual …Lets Go Night Racing Event NASCAR Bank of America 500 October 12, 2013 Frequently Ask Questions…General Information

4 LGR-ELFUN 13 th Annual …Lets Go Night Racing Event NASCAR Bank of America 500 October 12, 2013 Frequently Ask Questions…General Information 19.This is my first NASCAR race, anything I should be prepared for?? BE PREPARED FOR A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Prior to the race ceremonies starting at 7 pm, you can walk around the race team souvenir trailers- purchase items if you like, participate in Fan Zone demonstrations, receive free promos item. Experience FOX TV Networks Track Side live…you may even be on TV!! Then enter the track & take your seat by 7 pm. The race will start after sunset, the fabulously painted cars shimmering under the Speedway lights. Be prepared for the roar of 43 racing stock cars outputting 37,000 horsepower circling the 1 ½ mile banked speedway at speeds approaching 200 mph!! Its loud, raw exhaust exiting from under the cars!!! The smell of sweet high octane American Ethanol racing fuel filling the air. When paint gets traded & sparks fly watch out for on track high speed wrecks! You can even walk near the fences separating the race cars from the spectators…experience the sights, sounds & fury of professional NASCAR racing. Security will keep you from staying close to the fences, move away as instructed. Charlotte Motor Speedway has the worlds largest HD Jumbotron. You will be able to see live in car video on the screen from our seats. Talk about seats…To our left is the start finish line, race cars blistering toward us & turn one. In front of us is exit of pit road, youll see all the action after race cars receive service & accelerating back on the track. Restarts after caution flags are wild…fans going crazy, cars roaring, sparks flying…highlight reel material. Check list: Check the Charlotte, NC weather forecast, make sure to be dressed for changing daytime & evening temperature conditions. Bring a sweater, jacket with you…hats are good…NASCAR team logo gear in style. Bring a camera or your smart phone…lots of fun & action to record Bring a 14x14x14 cooler & ice with your favorite beverages, snacks…NO GLASS CONTAINERS Bring a folding chair or blanket for tailgate party…good idea to ID your name on personal items Make sure you keep your hearing protection with you, supplied with your ticket purchase. Arrive at ~10 am for registration main plant parking lot…pick up your race team package Bus sitting 1 st come 1 st served…if youre with a group, work together to pick a bus & sit together, be flexible Be ready for a great time…its a terrific filled day….sleep on the way home from the track.



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