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May Liaison Report Date: Authors: May 2010

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1 May 802.19 Liaison Report Date: 2009-05-19 Authors: May 2010
October 2006 doc.: IEEE /1560r1 May 2010 May Liaison Report Date: Authors: Eldad Perahia (Intel) Matthew Fischer (Broadcom)

2 Abstract May 802.19 liaison report May 2010 October 2006
doc.: IEEE /1560r1 May 2010 Abstract May liaison report Eldad Perahia (Intel) Matthew Fischer (Broadcom)

3 802.19 TG1 March Meeting Achievements
May 2010 TG1 March Meeting Achievements Call for Proposals IEEE /57r2 System Design Document IEEE /55r3 Process Document IEEE /29r3 Timeline Document IEEE /56r2 WG approved a motion to investigate the possibility of holding a workshop in conjunction with July 802 plenary meeting. WG approved a motion to request a tutorial slot at the July plenary. Call for proposal widely distributed IEEE 802 WGs, ECMA TC48-TG1, IEEE SCC41, ETSI RRS, CEPT SE 43, WISPA, Google TV WSDB Group, IEEE TCCN, DySPAN and 3GPP RAN Eldad Perahia (Intel)

4 May 2010 Conference Calls Discussion Topics Call for proposals July workshop Terminology Liaison statements Eldad Perahia (Intel)

5 Working Group Organization
May 2010 Working Group Organization WG WG Chair – Steve Shellhammer WG Vice Chair – Ivan Reede WG Secretary – Mark Austin Coexistence Assurance Standing Committee Chair – Steve Shellhammer Task Group 1 TVWS Coexistence TG Chair – Tuncer Baykas TG Vice Chair – Mika Kasslin Eldad Perahia (Intel)

6 802.19 May meeting Technical contributions during 802.19.1 time slots.
Preparation of the “Coexistence in the TV White Space” tutorial Monday 12 July 2010 Preparation of the Workshop on TV Whitespace Coexistence Friday 16 July 2010, 12:30PM – 5:00PM (July meeting) FREE Registration will be available soon… Joint meeting with and Eldad Perahia (Intel)

7 Timeline of the 802.19.1 Standard
May 2010 Timeline of the Standard 2010 1 3 5 7 9 11 Task Group formed x System Design Document completed Call for Proposals issued Contribution presentations with straw polls Proposal presentations Contribution: A submission on an issue relevant to the task group that may be in Powerpoint form. Contributions are expected to be submitted on issues that contributors are planning to submit as proposals later on in the draft development process.   Proposal: A submission that provides a solution proposal to a clause as defined in the System Design Document. The proposal shall include a document in Microsoft Word format that contains draft normative text proposal for a clause. Eldad Perahia (Intel)

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