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Welcome Parents! Family Worship Christian Academy

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1 Welcome Parents! Family Worship Christian Academy
2013 – 2014 School Year Family Worship Christian Academy “Changing a generation one child at a time.”

2 Mission Statement/Goals
Our overall mission is to assist each child in reaching his/her fullest potential in every area. Our goals include helping students develop good study habits, strengthening reading, writing, and math skills, developing pride in schoolwork, establishing a relationship with God, and encouraging more self-discipline in students.

3 FWCA Staff Bishop Albert & Pastor Hilda Richard
Board President/Vice President Principal – Alysia Richard Pre-K Teachers – Deana Rideaux/Teriyona Francis/Michelle Landry Assistants – Adrienne Ozene & Sandra Smith Kindergarten – Amber Jackson/Cassandra Thornton (A) 1st Grade – Cathy Hawkins/Raven Romero 2nd Grade – Sharana Wilson 3rd through 6th Grade – C. Richard/S. Daniels/A. Richard/C. Hawkins 8th – 12th Grade – S. Daniels/Al Richard/A. Richard Bible – Edith Richard Office Manager – Tisha Gallow Floating Assistants – J. Jackson/T. Ransonnet Cafeteria Manager – Carla Donato Maintenance – Andrew Redding Cook – Kimberly Sylvester Bus Driver – Jerry Red

4 Arrival Schedule for K - 12
K – 12 students may arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. each day. All students are dropped to the cafeteria until 7:30 a.m. when 3rd – 12th graders are dropped under the canopy. Any student arriving before 7:30 a.m. must be enrolled in Early Dropoff (check with the office if interested).

5 Schedule for Pre-K Pre-K students may arrive as early as 7:00 a.m. each day. Pre-K students eat breakfast with their class at 8:05 a.m. daily. Students receive a daily snack each afternoon.

6 Dismissal Schedule No student may be checked out after 2:30 p.m.
The first dismissal bell rings at 2:40 for bus riders only. The second dismissal bell rings at 2:45 for car riders. No students are loaded into cars until 2:45 daily. Parents must form a single line to pick up students from either the rear or front of the campus. Any parent who cuts the line, attempts to go around other vehicles in line, or drives more than 5 mph on the campus may lose the privilege of afternoon pickup from the campus. Any parent who loses the privilege of afternoon pickup is no longer allowed to drive on the campus to pick up a student. Instead, the parent must park across the street and walk to pick up the student.

7 Bus Procedures Bus riders must follow all bus rules in order to continue riding the bus. Parents are expected to arrive at the designated bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time for both pick up and drop off. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed on the bus. Students may not speak loudly, yell out of windows, or exhibit rowdy behavior on the bus. Students may not stand, block the aisle, or move from the assigned seat while on the bus. The bus driver and bus monitor are authorized by the school to enforce bus rules. The bus driver cannot make arrangements to pick up a child at any stop other than the designated stop without authorization from the principal. Please do not ask him/her to do this.

8 First Day Schedule Students should be dropped off at their designated location on the first day of school. Parents are not allowed to get out of the vehicle to escort a child into school. There will be staff available to assist with carrying school supplies if needed. Students should be prepared to begin lessons on the first day. Breakfast and lunch begin on the first day of school. There is no bus service or After Care until August 26th. Make sure that your information card with the names of approved persons who may pick up your child is in the front office. Check with the office if you need to make changes.

9 Campus Rules Students are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times. Students are expected to be in full uniform (see the Student Handbook) beginning on the first day of school. Students are expected to know school rules and to follow them at all times. Students are expected to follow instructions when given by any adult on campus. Failure to follow school rules will result in disciplinary action (the Student Handbook).

10 Tardiness & Attendance
Students are expected to arrive to school on time each day. Any student who arrives after the 8:00 a.m. bell must report to the office with an adult to sign in. This counts as a tardy day. Excessive tardiness may result in disciplinary action. In order to receive an “excused” absence, a doctor’s excuse must be received within three days after returning to school. Special provisions may be made for extenuating circumstances.

11 Parent-School Relationship
The school has invested in online software that allows parents to view a student’s grades, assignments, study guides (when applicable), as well as to communicate with teachers/administrators through . See the Student Handbook for more details about Teacher Ease. Parents are asked to provide a current address to teachers by the end of the first week of school.

12 Parent-School Relationship
Student planners are required for grades 1 – 12. Expect daily homework assignments and notes from the teacher to be in the planner on a daily basis. Parents may send notes to the teacher in the planner when needed. Parents are asked to review the student’s planner on a daily basis. Handouts, calendars, and/or newsletters may be stapled into the planner by the teacher when needed.

13 Parent-School Relationship
Our staff is here for you! In the event you need to speak to your child’s teacher, contact the front office to schedule a telephone or office conference. Classes are not interrupted for conferences and/or phone calls. Instead, front office staff schedules conferences during a teacher’s planning period, before school, or after school. We try to accommodate both the parent and the teacher’s schedule when arranging meetings.

14 Graded Work You can expect graded work to be sent home on a weekly basis for grades K – 7. All parents can view grades on a weekly basis in Teacher Ease (Mondays reflect the previous week’s grades). Printed progress reports are sent home by the 3rd week of each six weeks period for grades 3 – 12. We encourage parents to stay current with a student’s grades so there are no surprises at the end of the six weeks.

15 Graded Work Beginning with 1st grade, parents should expect the student to have graded assignments on a weekly basis. You should receive a welcome letter and/or calendar that indicates the dates of all graded assignments during the month or during the six weeks period. In addition, upcoming quizzes and tests are usually indicated in the planner a day or two before the date.

16 Homework Homework is an extension of classroom independent seatwork.
Homework does not introduce new concepts that haven’t been covered in class. Homework usually takes no more than 30 minutes (up to 3rd grade) to one hour (up to 8th grade). Homework is not graded for accuracy; it may count as part of a daily participation grade.

17 Our Curriculum Students in grades K – 12 are taught primarily using A Beka curriculum. A Beka is a very structured, rigorous, and thorough curriculum that addresses the core skills needed for academic success. This year’s math classes for grades K – 4 will be from the Deep Math curriculum combined with some A Beka techniques. It is crucial that students pay attention during class in order to achieve academic success.

18 Managing the Curriculum
K – 2nd graders take Phonics lessons daily. We are aware that most parents cannot help a student with phonics because it has very specific and precise pronunciation requirements. Please know that the daily lessons thoroughly address phonics and is more than adequate to prepare students for success. Parents are encouraged to help students at home in other subjects.

19 Study Guides To assist students in preparing for quizzes and tests, study guides are provided for many subjects in grades 3 – 12. Although teachers provide study guides to help students to prepare for graded assignments, these tools are useless if students do not complete them and study the information on them. Parents are encouraged to ask students about study guides and to make sure that students use them to study!

20 Bible Classes All students take daily Bible classes.
Bible is a graded subject on the report card. Lessons are taken directly from the King James version of the Bible and presented at the appropriate grade level. Bible grades are often based on Scripture memorization (K – 4) and/or content taught in classes.

21 Pre-K Curriculum Our pre-k students are exposed to a wide variety of subject matter over the course of the year. Students are taught social skills, motor skills, academic skills, and communication skills. There are two parent-teacher conferences scheduled during the school year. There is a required pre, mid, and post test given at scheduled intervals during the year.

22 Parent Attendance and/or Participation Needed For the Following:
Parent Orientation Open House Krispy Kreme Donut Drive Family Fun Day Black History Program School-wide Fundraisers Dates on Calendar or To Be Announced

23 Thank You for Being A Part of Our School Family!
Family Worship Christian Academy “Changing a generation one child at a time.”

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