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24 Oct 2002 RFP Review1 DFBX Fabrication Activity at LBNL Jon Zbasnik LBNL.

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1 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review1 DFBX Fabrication Activity at LBNL Jon Zbasnik LBNL

2 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review2 Contents of Presentation Present the Items to be fabricated at LBNL –Bus Duct Assemblies –Beam Tube Assemblies –Instrumentation Duct Assemblies For each Item will address –Requirements –Readiness Summary –Fabrication/Acceptance Outline

3 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review3 Items to be fabricated at LBNL Bus Duct Assemblies –8 each MQX, LBNL Dwg 25M857 –4 each MBX1, LBNL Dwg 25M859 Beam Tube Assemblies –4 span Q3 to cold D1, LBNL Dwg 25I855 –4 span Q3 to CERN Cold to Warm Transition Instrumentation Bus assemblies –8 each MQX2 (100 wires), LBNL Dwg. 25I301 –4 each MBX2 (22 wires), LBNL Dwg. 25I219

4 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review4 Bus Duct Requirements (1) Current Rating for MQX1 –4 each 7500 A busses –24 each 600 A busses Current Rating for MBX1 –2 each 7500 A busses Voltage Rating –7500 A busses 1500 Vdc in STP helium, 5 kV in air –600 A busses 600 Vdc in STP helium, 2.5 kV in air –Voltage is applied to single bus with all others at ground –Leakage current less than 20 x 10 -6 A after 1 min at voltage

5 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review5 Bus Duct Requirements (2) Leak Rate across Lambda Plug –Less than 0.1 atm cc/sec (helium) at room temperature –measured at a pressure differential of 0.7 atm or more 20 bar pressure rating on magnet side 3.5 bar pressure rating on DFBX side Operational Requirements –Leak Rate satisfied after 50 thermal cycles (verified in R&D) –Leak Rate satisfied after 25 pressure pulses to 20 bar (verified in R&D) –Bus bars must be stable and safe against quenching Use FNAL-developed main quadrupole busses Use CERN corrector bus wire, also used by FNAL in the inner triplets

6 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review6 MQX1 Bus Duct Assembly Configuration delivered to Vendor is shown –Protective Pipe (yellow) over DFBX Conductors O-ring seal to lambda flange Pumping/Test Port –Orange Piping Connects to Q3 –Helicoflex seal on Stub –Endcap on bellows Bellows restraint Pumping/Test Port Tooling Ball Feature

7 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review7 Bus Assembly Fabrication Readiness Lambda Plug R&D (with short conductors) is complete –R&D Plugs meet requirements –Design is finalized and verified –Plug potting process is finalized and gives stable results –Closeout and installation welding was simulated –Approved in 4 Sept 2002 review at LBNL Preliminary fabrication plan is outlined Development of fixtures to handle long conductors will start in November Final detail design is underway Fabrication start is dependent on insulated corrector bus

8 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review8 Lambda Plug R&D Results Notes: a. An excessive amount (1000 g) of epoxy was mixed and the exothermic heat generated caused the epoxy to harden before the plug was filled. b. No change in leak rate due to welding. c. We have evidence that the leak rate increased upon welding. We will check this carefully in PG-6d. d.Thermal cycling is done by plunging the assembly into a bath of LN 2, held for 1 hr, then pulled out and warmed in air for 1 hour, etc. e. Breakdown is not between nearest neighbors, so it may be due to the test setup. We are checking this.

9 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review9 Bus Duct Fabrication Plan (1) Outline is presented in the reviews URL Potting of long conductors into the stainless steel flange will be done by Supercon techs –They developed the process details –They demonstrated that the process was stable in the R&D program

10 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review10 Bus Duct Fabrication Plan (2) The Bus Duct will be completed by Techs in the B 77 area –They have performed all welding in the successful R&D program –They have performed all leak and pressure testing in the R&D program –Performed hipot testing for other programs Detailed procedures and fixtures to be worked out in Nov/Dec –We anticipate that only orbital welds will be needed

11 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review11 Bus Duct Acceptance Testing Thermally cycle bus duct 2 to 5 times to LN temp Pressure Test magnet side to 370 psig ( warm & cold) leak rate through lambda plug less than 0.1 atm cc/sec (helium) –(both directions) Leak check magnet piping, –leak rate to be less than 1 x 10 -9 std cc/sec (helium) Hipot test –5 kV dc (air), with less than 20 microamps leakage after 1 minute –2 kV dc (helium on magnet side), with less than 20 microamps leakage Dimensions are within tolerance Conductors are properly labeled

12 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review12 Bus Duct Production Schedule Supply of Corrector Bus is on Critical Path Other parts are readily available –Cable conductors are at FNAL –Bellows on hand at FNAL –G-10CR Insulator Blocks are machined –Weldneck flanges are on hand, 2 more need to be ordered –Elbows are standard, some on hand –Pipe sections readily available –Helicoflex seals and clamps need to be ordered LBNL Manpower is available to do the job

13 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review13 Beam Tube Requirements Bore to be cleaned per LBNL UHV Cleaning Spec Cooling jacket around the bore to keep the temp less than 3 K Bore tube inner diameter greater than 74 mm Design Pressure of Cooling Jacket 20 bar Design Pressure of Bore Tube 5 bar Leak rate of Jacket to Insulation Vacuum < 1 x 10 -9 std cc/sec Leak rate to Bore Tube < 1 x 10 -10 std cc/sec with the Jacket at 25 bar Helium Pressure

14 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review14 Beam Tube Fabrication Readiness No R&D needed Final Design is Complete Preliminary Fabrication Plan Outlined (see Review URL) Acceptance Tests Outlined 316LN Bore tubes to be delivered by CERN via BNL

15 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review15 Beam Tube Fabrication/Acceptance Plan All operations to be done in B 77 Area Fabrication Steps outlined in Review URL No show stoppers seen Acceptance Testing –2 to 5 thermal cycles of weld regions –Pressure test Jacket to 370 psig –Pressure test Bore to 75 psig –Jacket Leak Rate < 1 x 10 -9 std cc/sec (helium) –Bore Tube Leak Rate < 1 x 10 -10 std cc/sec (helium) with Jacket at 370 psig –Dimensions within tolerance Shipped to DFBX Vendor under 3 psig N 2 Pressure

16 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review16 Instrumentation Duct Requirements Provide wires for magnet cold mass instrumentation –MQX2 requires 100 good wires 32 each 30 AWG for low voltage sensors, 600 V dc rating 36 each 26 AWG for voltage taps, 5 kV dc rating 32 each 18 AWG for heaters, 5 kV dc rating –MBX2 requires 22 good wires 8 each 30 AWG for low voltage sensors, 600 V dc rating 6 each 26 AWG for voltage taps, 5 kV dc rating 8 each 18 AWG for heaters, 5 kV dc rating Low heat leak to Superfluid bath Pressure rating of 20 bar Leak rate to insulation vacuum < 1 x 10 -9 std cc/sec Provide for thermal contraction of about 30 mm

17 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review17 Instrumentation Duct Fabrication Readiness Final Design is complete Development work is being done by FNAL Strawman fabrication steps are outlined in Review URL Work to be done in the B 77 area

18 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review18 Instrumentation Duct Acceptance Dimensions within tolerance Welds thermal shocked to LN 2 to 5 times Pressure tested to 370 psig Leak tight to < 1 x 10 -9 stc cc/sec Suitable number of wires are installed –Give proper void fraction inside the conduit –For MQX2, the Hypertronics connector on the magnet side is loaded –Stripped ends on the magnet side of MBX2 –Continuity check passed –Hipot test passed –Wires on DFBX side are labeled per wiring diagrams

19 24 Oct 2002 RFP Review19 Conclusions We have completed the R&D on the Lambda Plug and are ready to commence work on incorporating this in Bus Duct Assemblies for the DFBX Schedule may be impacted by delivery of insulated corrector bus - we can use assistance from the USLHC-PMO in getting the bus delivered in Dec 2002 Beam Tube Fabrication is ready to begin Instrumentation Bus can commence after FNAL has completed the necessary development work We expect to deliver the LBNL Items to the DFBX Vendor 2 months before they are needed

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