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CityBus Reliability Jimmy Khorshid – Daniel Richards – Nick Saraniecki – Richie Schultz –

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2 CityBus Reliability Jimmy Khorshid – jkhorshi@purdue Daniel Richards – dsrichar@purdue Nick Saraniecki – nsaranie@purdue Richie Schultz – rschultz@purdue

3 Project Objective To determine the reliability of the following bus routes: – Gold/Silver/Bronze Loops – Tower Acres – Ross Ade

4 Site Location The site location is Purdue University We will collect data from two bus stop locations: – University & 3 rd – Class of 50

5 Data Collection Plan Each group member sat at one bus stop for one hour At the Class of 50 stop we collected data for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze loops At University & 3 rd street we collected data for the Ross Ade and Tower Acres loops We used watches that have been calibrated to the website We recorded the arrival time of each bus at each stop

6 Gold Loop Results Class of 50 Gold Loop ScheduledActualΔ 11:00 AM10:57 AM-3 11:20 AM 0 11:25 AM 0 11:30 AM11:32 AM2 11:50 AM 0 11:55 AM11:50 AM-5 12:00 PM12:04 PM4 1:30 PM 0 LOST1:35 PM5 1:50 PM1:47 PM-3 1:55 PM1:58 PM3 2:00 PM1:59 PM 2:20 PM2:19 PM

7 Gold Loop Analysis On time 4 of 13 buses Largest off schedule time was (+/-) 5 minutes 2 buses showed up at 11:50 AM and 1 left on time at 11:55 AM. – This is acceptable for people at this bus stop, but is far off schedule for the rest of the bus stops on the loop There was an extra bus at 1:35 PM

8 Silver Loop Results Class of 50 Silver Loop ScheduledActualΔ 10:59 AM11:01 AM2 11:04 AM11:06 AM2 11:09 AM11:19 AM10 11:19 AM11:20 AM1 11:24 AM11:23 AM1 11:29 AM11:31 AM2 11:39 AM11:38 AM1 11:41 AM11:40 AM1 11:44 AM11:45 AM1 11:49 AM11:51 AM2 11:59 AM 0 1:29 PM 0 1:39 PM 0 1:41 PM1:45 PM4 1:44 PM1:48 PM4 1:49 PM1:48 PM 1:59 PM1:58 PM 2:01 PM1:58 PM-3 2:04 PM2:00 PM-4 2:09 PM2:06 PM-2 2:19 PM2:17 PM-2 2:21 PM2:20 PM 2:24 PM2:22 PM-2

9 Silver Loop Analysis Most buses per hour Because the buses come so often they sometimes come in as groups of 2 buses at a time – This causes a bus to occasionally miss a stop causing long delays On time only 3 of 23 times, but off by 1 minute 8 of 23 times

10 Bronze Loop Results Class of 50 Bronze Loop ScheduledActualΔ 11:22 AM11:21 AM 11:52 AM11:53 AM1 1:52 PM1:51 PM 2:22 PM2:19 PM-3

11 Bronze Loop Analysis This bus only came every half hour This caused us to not have a lot of data for much discussion From the limited data the Bronze loop seemed to be fairly on time every time

12 Tower Acres Beering Stop Tower Acres ScheduledActual Δ 3:00 PM3:03 PM3 3:15 PM3:17 PM2 3:23 PM3:21 PM-2 3:30 PM 0 3:45 PM3:49 PM4 3:53 PM3:51 PM-2 4:00 PM 0 2:00 PM2:02 PM2 2:15 PM2:18 PM3 2:23 PMDidnt Come10 2:30 PM2:33 PM3 2:45 PM2:37 PM-8 2:53 PM2:48 PM-5

13 Tower Acres Analysis Only on time twice 7 of 13 times they were greater than 2 minutes early or late One bus didnt arrive causing a 15 minute gap between buses when it should have only been 5 minutes According to data, unreliable half of the time

14 Ross Ade Beering Stop Ross Ade ScheduledActual Δ 3:05 PM3:07 PM2 3:15 PM3:14 PM 3:25 PM3:27 PM2 3:35 PM3:30 PM-5 3:45 PM3:44 PM 3:55 PM3:50 PM-5 4:05 PM4:06 PM1 2:05 PM2:09 PM4 2:15 PM2:19 PM4 2:25 PMDidnt come12 2:35 PM2:37 PM2 2:45 PM2:41 PM-4 2:55 PM3:05 PM10

15 Ross Ade Analysis Never exactly on time Arrived 10 minutes or later twice 6 of 13 buses were within 2 minutes of expected time One bus didnt arrive which resulted in an 18 minute gap between buses Most unreliable loop studied

16 Example Data Results The chart below totals the entire data It compares the total percentage on time We consider on time by being within plus or minus 1 minute of the expected time

17 Interpretation of Results Based on our criteria of on time or not we have concluded that: – Reliable: Silver and Bronze Loops – Unreliable: Tower Acres and Ross Ade – More data is needed to find a clear pattern for the Gold Loop to determine if it is reliable or not We found multiple times within the limited data that the buses were bunched up or completely missing scheduled stops Due to congestion in the Memorial Mall we feel the buses are getting off schedule We think that Tower Acres and Ross Ade can skip the mall and drop passengers off at the Beering stop

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