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Real-Time Passenger Information Systems

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1 Real-Time Passenger Information Systems
Introduction: Jon How Universities Are Using Systems Like NextBus and Transloc to Improve the Passenger Experience

2 Real-Time Passenger Information Systems
Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Arrival Predictions and/or Location on Map Mobile Alerts Back Office Management Overview: Lee or Jon?

3 Benefits to Transit Riders
Better trip planning Arrival Times System Alerts (Detours, Changes, etc.) Confidence in system Safety Convenience Jon

4 Benefits to Transit Providers
“It keeps everyone honest” Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD) Route Planning Fleet tracking Know where your resources are Performance Reports On-Time Stats Idling Times Play Back Reports Respond to complaints Review incidents Lee

5 University of Virginia - Transloc
Previous system: Connexionz ( ) Launched Transloc in March 2013 Integration with Zonar

6 University of Virginia - Transloc
Real-Time View of Routes 10 Second Updates User Location Bus Arrival Predictions Online Mobile Apps SMS/Text Alert Notifications

7 Alert Notifications




11 How Passengers Access System
Jon: Heavy mobile usage. Reference VCU Blackboard Mobile integration.

12 Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD)
Jon: Management features, reports, dispatching.

13 Reporting

14 Positives Easy to use and modern Popular apps Web-based system
Frequent refresh rate Alert system Cellular data Low equipment profile Integration with Zonar

15 Negatives Bumpy beginnings Route designing
No connection with City Transit System

16 James Madison University - NextBus
“It’s all about ridership” Reviewed several systems: Route Match Avail Martha Transloc Trapeze Syncromatics Connexionz NextBus Evaluated short listed vendors: Criteria on spreadsheet Surveyed other universities. Issued RFP’s and reviewed proposals Held live or webex demos and Q&A sessions.

17 James Madison University - NextBus
Selected NextBus Advantages: Numerous customers – small to large Very solid technical base Excellent implementation histories Seamless operations Add-on functionality Concerns: Price “Closed System” Implemented test mode Fall Semester 2011 Went live Spring Semester of 2012

18 James Madison University - NextBus
Real-Time View of Routes 10-30 Second Updates Bus Arrival Predictions Online Mobile Apps (live map) SMS/Text IVR QR scans Alert Notifications

19 James Madison University - NextBus

20 James Madison University - NextBus

21 James Madison University - NextBus

22 James Madison University - NextBus

23 James Madison University - NextBus
I don’t know about this one since it is not our system.

24 James Madison University - NextBus

25 James Madison University - NextBus
NextBus data feeds are used for other applications: “Bus Finder” (a real time trip planner) Mobile phone apps

26 Other Systems

27 James Madison University - NextBus

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