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Mike Simmons Senior Transportation Manager August 7, 2013.

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1 Mike Simmons Senior Transportation Manager August 7, 2013

2 Transportation Reporting Cycles 3,5,6 &7 Bus Fiscal Accident Data Transportation Personnel Supplemental Transportation Bus Safety

3 Bus Fiscal Permit Number Inspection Results State (Pass/Fail) Mid-Year (Pass/Fail) Sticker Number The 4 digit number on the sticker issued by the state inspector. New buses prior to inspection should be 9999.

4 Bus Fiscal Bus Description VIN Number – Last 6 digits.

5 Body Make 01=Amtran 07=Thomas 02=Ward 08=Couchette 03=Blue Bird 09=Collins 04Wayne 10=Other 05=Carpenter 11=International 06=Superior

6 Body Model Year Listed on Certification Plate Primary Usage 1=Route 2=Spare 3=Activity

7 Capacity The Manufacturers rated capacity (Certification plate) 15 (or less) 59 16 65 23 71 35 77 41 83 47 89 53 Closest available option on list.

8 Fuel Type The type of fuel the bus is currently designed to burn: G = Gasoline P = Propane D = Diesel C = CNG

9 Primarily for Handicapped (Y/N) Indicates if the bus is used primarily to transport Handicapped students. Wheelchair Lift Indicates if the bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift.

10 Purchase Details Purchase Method Purchase Amount Date of Purchase Fiscal Year Data Daily Route Mileage Bus Damage Amount Destroyed Property Damage Amount Total Accidents

11 Fiscal Year Data (Contd) Student Fatalities Driver Fatalities Teacher Fatalities Other Fatalities Student Injuries Driver Injuries Teacher Injuries Other Injuries Out-of-service Date

12 Fiscal Year Data (Contd) Receiving Center Type of Transportation Provided Students Transported Distance One Way Deletion of an existing bus: If you no longer own and maintain physical possession of a bus, you may delete it from the system.

13 Personnel Driver Information Social Security Number Name CDL Number Physical Driver Record Criminal Background Check Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Test In-Service Training Date

14 Supplemental Transportation Act 609 Transported – (School Choice) Act 214 Transported – (Transfer Students) Special Education Transported Non-Public School Pupils Transported

15 School Bus Safety Bus Safety – Compliance with mandatory Emergency Evacuation Drills.

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