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Bus Matrix… the foundation of your Data Warehouse Bill Anton Prime Data Intelligence.

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1 Bus Matrix… the foundation of your Data Warehouse Bill Anton Prime Data Intelligence

2 About Me I Love Data! …also, Microsoft DW/BI (MCTS/MCITP, MCSA/MCSE) Independent Prime Data Intelligence, LLC Atlanta BI SQL Server Users Group Twitter: Blog:

3 What we will cover today Dimensional Modeling 101 What, Why, How Common Challenges Bus Matrix What is it? How does it help? Examples

4 What is Dimensional Modeling? Facts additive amounts E.g. Sales amount, inventory quantity SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT Dimensions descriptive attributes E.g. Date, Product, Location, Customer GROUP BY,, etc

5 What is Dimensional Modeling? Star Schema

6 What is Dimensional Modeling? Denormalization Repeating Values Opposite of normalized (e.g. 3 rd Normal Form) Optimized for reads (not writes)

7 Dimensional Modeling 101 Question: What are the most common types of Data Warehouse methodologies/architectures? Kimball Inmon Data Vault

8 Question: For which of these DW methodologies should you include a dimensional model? Kimball, Inmon, Data Vault All of them Dimensional Modeling 101

9 Kimball Dimensional DW

10 Sales Production Finance Production Sales Supply Chain

11 Inmon 3NF EDW + Data Mart(s)

12 Data Vault + Data Mart(s)

13 Why Dimensional Modeling Intuitive to Business Users Simpler than OLTP/3NF Rise of Self-Service (E.g. Power Pivot, Power View) Iterative Development Agile Performance Optimized for analytical queries e.g. sales amount by product in 2013 for top 10 all-time customers And many more… See Teo Lachevs WHY SEMANTIC LAYER newsletter:

14 Intuitive to Business Users

15 How many bikes did we sell last year?

16 Do we sell more bikes to single or married females?

17 What was our most/least profitable product this year?

18 What was the Average Monthly Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) by Product Category for the trailing 6 months? Its Complicated

19 Star-Schema

20 1 Star per Fact table Sales Process Inventory Process

21 Facts are related through dimensions… Sales Process Inventory Process

22 Facts are related through dimensions… Conformed Dimensions A conformed dimension is a set of data attributes that have been physically referenced by multiple fact tables using the same key value to refer to the same structure, attributes, domain values, definitions and concepts. Dimensions are conformed when they are either exactly the same (including keys) or one is a perfect subset of the other. Dimension tables are NOT conformed if the attributes are labeled differently or contain different values.

23 Dimensions: Conformed vs Unconformed

24 Revisiting Average Monthly Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) Sum of each month ending inventory cost Profit for total time period Average Monthly GMROII

25 What was the Average Monthly Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) by Product Category for the trailing 6 months?

26 Where things start to get complex… 1 Star per Fact table Multiple Fact tables per business process Multiple business processes in an enterprise

27 Dimensional Model becomes a Galaxy of Stars Sales Finance Production HR Distribution

28 ER Diagram: Adventure Works Sample DW

29 For bigger Data Warehouses… This ^^Turns into this ^^

30 Variety of Problems to Overcome with Dimensional Modeling Communication & Strategy Whats the short term plan of attack? Whats the long term plan of attack? Documentation Whats in our Data Warehouse? Business Users cant read ER diagrams Business Users are typically only familiar with a 1 or 2 business processes E.g. Sales User vs Inventory User; Warehouse Supervisor vs CEO Conforming Dimensions is hard…REALLY hard So are changes (E.g. Impact Analysis)

31 Whats the Solution? Train business users to read ER Diagrams? Simplify Data Model? Ignore certain business processes? Dont use Conformed Dimensions? Force business users to manually map data between processes? What about a Bus Matrix?

32 What is a Bus Matrix? 2-dimensional visualization showing the intersection of facts and dimensions

33 Variety of Use-Cases for a Bus Matrix Documentation, Communication, Training Facilitate User Adoption of BI tools Communicate Expectations w/ Business New users unfamiliar with new business process Team Development Agile Prioritization of Tasks Divide & Conquer Road-Mapping Prioritization of Business Processes in a Business Intelligence Program

34 Documentation For Business

35 Documentation for IT

36 Master Bus Matrix

37 Team Development Sprint 1 Internet Sales Sprint 2 Reseller Sales

38 Road-Mapping

39 When To Create a Bus Matrix During Requirements Gathering Before You Start Development! Updated Over Time Changes to Business Processes New Source Systems (E.g. mergers/acquisitions)

40 How To Create a Bus Matrix Manual via ExcelAutomated via SSRS

41 Manual Only option when starting out ;-) Updates can be made quickly made as requirements come in Adds development overhead, but the ROI is well worth it

42 Automated Based on example from Alex Whittles Reporting pack with drill-through to data dictionary information Can be based on Cube or Relational Database (*FK required) Incorporate query statistics to visualize common usage patterns Use MDS to allow SMEs to manage business definitions


44 References Twitter: Blog:

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